St. Paddy's Day!


Ah now, thar's a bit o' leprechaun in us all, ain't thar'? 


Aunty Belle said...

Is any of y'all Irish? ( oh sure now, Aunty is part Irish! )

Will ya have corned beef an' cabbage today? Green beer? Dance a jig? Wear Green? Tuck a shammrock in yore lapel?

Hope thar's a rainbow in yore day.

darkfoam said...

I might have a hankering for some corned beef and cabbage. I do have some Irish in me. However, fergit the green beer. The German in me says no to that.

Happy St. Paddy Day.

Caroline said...

Leprechauns in your garden, aren't you the lucky one :o)!

R.Powers said...

Cajun chicken and sausage gumbo.
Irish beer ... good.
Irish cooking ... not so much... it's the real reason millions of Irish immigrated to the US.

Aunty Belle said...


Irish German compromise...it works.

Whar's ya been? How's yore spring comin'? Mayhap thar's wee ones in yore garden too.


Heh...lemme ASSURE ya' Aunty far prefers gumbo to corned beef! Youse on to the right combo.

BlazngScarlet said...

Irish Stew is more traditional, but my family wants corned beef & all the trimmings.
I'm very Irish ... and very proud.

Aunty Belle said...

HEy Blaz! Whar's ya been?

You do yore Irish proud...Irish stew!! ( wif' lamb?)

Debora said...

Love that leprechaun Auntie, and your flowers too! Checked out your link to see more posies. They were so pretty, but it looks like the 'blight' got ahold of your blog. Spammers! Better go weed em' out!