Tha's why there's 600 plus banks in the Cayman Islands."

Y'all, Auntybelle reckons many of us never made it to D. C. For the national prayer breakfast--oh but this year,we shoulda been thar'!!

The speaker were a world famous pediatric neurosurgeon 
( successfully separated twins joined at the head )' who jes' happens to have been raised by a single mama like Obama, an he's black, grew up poor, etc. etc.....but but--Dr. Carson knows what time of day it be an' he tells Obama the score....

like, "Political correctness is very dangerous"  an' the national debt is immoral. Priceless. Price Less.

Pay attention to the face of Obama, jes' 5 feet away, oh this is choice stuff. Worth every minute,I promise. Post it to yore face book or twitter things, folks need to see this. Really.


Aunty Belle said...

"Think yore way out of it"
What a mama that man had!!

Anonymous said...

Aunty Belle,

Thank you for posting that speech.... invigorating!


Aunty Belle said...

Anon, glad ya' approve....ain't it a great juxtaposition ?

fishy said...

I loved the positive approach to this message .... like the story of the bird needing both the left wing and the right wing to work in order to fly not fail.

And the parable on attitudes.... the destroyer vs the lighthouse.... reminds me of the old adage about being "dead right". Arrogance may not be one of the seven deadly sins, but I am one who believes it can bring down a nation.

Good of you to share this message.
Blessings on you.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

A fine speech. All points I agree with. Particularly turning off the TV. Mrs. K and I were talking about it last night, turns out she worked with Dr. Carson, when she was at Hopkins. She had nothing but good to say about him.

chickory said...

i backed the pickup truck into the satellite dish. Ive never bothered to fix it. That was a fun video. wont change anything, but nice to see the good doctor fearlessly lay the situation out. he's probably on the kill list now.

Aunty Belle said...

Yep,dead right. Heh.

The Mrs.'and her Sir shure move in interesting waters.


Heh...ya' mean the doc might get droned??

moi said...

Good stuff! It falls on deaf ears on politicians, I'm sure, but it would be cool if every high schooler could see it.