Clan Dawgs

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Y'all, it's been a tough year fer our clan dawgs. We done lost two beauties--a black lab lady dawg, a sweet ole soul, from a tumor that began in her jaw.  A second, a teen boy yaller lab of high spirits and a heart full of love, to liver damage.  

Now, we's nursin' a third, a handsome black lab whose fierce luv fer his family knows no bounds. Also liver troubles--we's all jes' so broke down 'bout this. 

Heah's a funny video clip of his obsession-if he doan steal yore heart, doan tell me.

Apologies fer slim pickin's 'round heah. It's mah busy time--speechifyin' heah an' yonder, a bit of scribblin'....thangs will tame back down directly.  Hope y'all is well.


Karl said...

Morning Aunty Belle,

My condolences. It's obvious, how much you love your dogs.

BlazngScarlet said...

Oh Aunty, I am so very sorry for the loss of your 4 legged children.
I am sending all kinds of positive energy for a speedy recovery for the 3rd.
And for you.

Don't trouble yourself over us dear, you just take care of yourself, Uncle and that sweet dawg.

fishy said...

Stole my heart fershure!
It is a terrible grief to lose a family member; no matter how many legs they have.
I can read you have a weary sore heart 'bout this news.
Godspeed to you and the clanfolk.

Jenny said...

Oh, Aunty, I'm so sorry. :-( I worry about all of these diseases our animal friends are getting..... I did a lot of research when Stella was sick three years ago and animals are getting as sick as humans from all of the toxic things pumped into the environment... but it really doesn't matter when your heart is breaking because of this loss. Peace to you all and to your sweet dog. xoxoxoxo

R.Powers said...

You had me at "dawg ", but then Labs.... and then that photo of the handsome boy who could be my Bear.
My heart is with your clan. I so hope he beats this.

darkfoam said...

So sorry sweatpea. Loosing beloved pets is terribly hard. Watching them suffer is equally so. I lost a cat to a timorous cancer this year.

moi said...

I'm so sorry, Auntie. What a beautiful fella. Looks a little like our dearly departed Beaux, who we lost five years ago to stomach bloat when he was only 11 years old. What is the prognosis? Thinking of him, and you, of course.