Headed out to git some work done. Be back, I reckon. May git a moment to check in on folks iffin' connections is decent, an' time permits.

Y'all hold the fort, now, K?



Doom said...

Uhrm, isn't "holding the fort" racisssss to say? :p

Travel well, be safe, eat something good, and don't let them grind you into hamburger, foie gras perhaps, but not hamburger.

fishy said...

Godspeed on your travels.
I think you figured a good gig for a lady who likes to travel. Be in a business where someone else pays for the wanderlust. Smart. Very Smart!

Wherever you are headed,
may your heart dance with joy.

BlazngScarlet said...

Be safe in your travels Aunty!

moi said...

Bwahahahahaha to Doom.

Travel safely, Aunty. I'm not posting yet, but am checking in on folks.

Doom said...

Get back, safely and soon, then post! Please. Your post title is infecting my brain with Willy 'buck toothed*' Nelson's song. Gah!

(*No offense meant to those who love Weedy Willy. Serusly!)

Aunty Belle said...

I'se home, Sweet Thangs--jes' fightin' a fire. Will post soon.

Anonymous said...

Is the smoke gone?

darkfoam said...

Uh oh!