Posts I Have Rejected

    Guess what else Mayor Bloomberg woan let ya' drink in NYC?? Ether Capacious (side bar)

I seen this photo of a woman gazin' out onto a scene we cain't see.  Mebbe she is akshully lookin' out but thinkin' inward. Her cawfee is near gone, yet she remains.  It made me think of the writin' life.  I wish't the photo had a pen an' pad on the table.

Writers, including bloggers, edit edit edit. Or, censor censor censor.   Thar's more of what ain't said than of what is born in ink.

Over these bloggin' years, I rejected more posts than I published...my blogger dashboard is now purged of many draft posts. Some of them drafts may find life in another venue. Some were time sensitive an' their moment came an' went.  Some, written in a flurry of pique, are best zapped to the digital grave. Some wuz jes' gelatinous.  

It's a mercy that I spared y'all.



fishy said...

You suppose that woman is wondering what you wished you had written about but didn't? I reckon if you write it I will read it

R.Powers said...

"...Jes gelatinous. "

I love it.

chickory said...

there is wisdom in waiting before hitting "publish".

moi said...

Silence is very often golden. But your posts are never a waste of ink, Aunty.

Aunty Belle said...


youse too sweet--thanky. I'se thinkin' to tell y'all 'bout some chracters around heah--story like posts--what dies ya' think? I worry they be too long. Folks wanna see a quick read when they load blog pages.

heh.... perfect word fer some of the bilge that can ooze loose iffin' yakkity types like Aunty git wound up.


oh Sweet Pea, if only ya knowed what all din't make it--


Brevity ain't mah style, but I admires it from afar. I have a 1500 word deadline today--an' that makes it tough--2000 is so much easier.

I done a survery of some of the top rated blogs in a certain subject areas. They's informative , but not communal. One example be zillions of "life style" blogs. I enjoy them as bon bons--but they lack juice, iffin' ya git mah drift.

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

There are many issues I find to write about. However it's more my nature to research and read on an issue, instead of spouting off about it. A Mark Twain quote comes to mind: It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Aunty Belle said...

Karl, Sir Fair,
heh...well, I shure wish ya would write on some of them issues--Mark Twain t'were right mostly, but youse long since shown yore wisdom--please favor us wif' your thoughts.

czar said...

What I've started doing for catharsis? Writing emails and comments, and then deleting before sending or publishing. Not that I want to keep my opinions a secret; I just don't have time for the resulting discussion. And that's a terrible thing to admit.

Anyone who complains that liberals and socialists are just lazy wags looking for a handout needs to spend a week in the bunker.