Blogger Blues Plus Travel Photos

 Moi is our hostess fer Haiku Monday this week--her theme is Vengeance. 

In her post announcin' this week's theme, Moi mentioned how this blog community has been in slacker mode--mebbe it's on account of work, or bizzy family situations or any number of personal reasons.    

But is that all?  Ain't we always been workin'? An' most ever'body has been dealin' wif personal time drains at some point in our blog history. Please come participate in Aunty's Blogger Beef survey at Ether Capacious.

Meanwhile, from mah wanderings in other gardens (since mah own is droopy from heat, mountain gardens t'were the antidote)



 Meanwhile iffin' youse in the mood fer grist, the
Back Porch discussion of euthanasia an' Obamacare continues...


fishy said...

Beautiful pictures Aunty ..... Looks like the Virginia mountains.

We are still in a dreadful drought status here so my own gardens look peaked. I did have some beautiful peachy lillies this week though.

On my way to the survey.
Maybe you can get this blogger drought quenched. Nice to see you back on the blogs.

Sharon Rudd said...

Lovely photos, Aunty. I'm trying to pull myself out of slacker mode. If'n you be in the mood for peaches, tomatoes, blackberries, squash blossoms, and a little piggy, stop by my place for my latest post. SO glad our weather here finally broke.

xoxo, eggy

moi said...

Ouch! I hurt my nose trying to sniff those roses through the screen!

R.Powers said...

My garden is currently tired blueberries, vigorous datil peppers, struggling tomatoes, and that is about it.
Oh there are some muscadines coming and I have two new mulberry trees to plant, but there's no bumper crop of anything ... save for the datils.
I'm changing the whole thing over to a permaculture patch though, so I am hoping for better times out there.

czar said...

I come to Aunty's blog because she does crackerspeak a hell of a lot better than Ezra Pound, writing to James Joyce about Ulysses:

"By December, Joyce was able to send Pound the first episode, 'Telemachus'. Pound's response was typical: 'Wall, Mr. Joice, I recon your a damn fine writer, that's what I recon'. An' I recon' this here work o' yourn is some
concarn'd litterchure. You can take it from me, an' I'm a jedge.'"

darkfoam said...

Looks like Asheville. I'm only a couple of hours from there. Plus I have a son who lives there.

BlazngScarlet said...

It's been so hot my herb garden looks more like a DRIED herb garden!

There's always next year .....

Anonymous said...

Nice batch of photos Aunty.

Ya' know, I think part of the problem with some bloggers not "bothering" to comment on other's blogs may be what you said on Curm's. There you wrote me a note because WordPress is mean to Aunty. "P.S. Serendipity--hey hey ! I'd come ter yore door, but Wordpress ain't hospitable to Aunty--makes me sign out to comment, woan take no Aunty comment. But I did wanna say I enjoy yore posts mightily. (Can read, jes not comment)"

Now. that is a heck of a thing to have to send me a message on someone else's blog. Now, in the meantime, if I am using Google Chrome as a browser, I can't comment on many of the Google-based blogs. Go figure why Google is incompatible with Google. So anyway, I try to comment. Write a comment, post the comment and it disappears never to be seen again.

So now to be safe, I copy what I wrote so I can save it and try again. I have the problem on Curm's site, Blaze's, Rafa's, I am hoping I can still comment on yours.

I have to now make up a bunch of new bookmarks in Internet Explorer just to comment to my blog haiku friends. This happened about a month ago. Why you can't comment in WordPress when logged into Blogger, I know not, but suspect it has something to do with Google's control thing and personal information mining they have been doing. That is why I went with WordPress for a blog service. (Watch them censor this comment - ha!)

Could be that some other folks are having these problems and others. Certainly several of you have lost your entire blogs for periods of time since I have been following you. That can make a person jaded and feeling put upon. And then I keep seeing references to Pinterest, and can't help but think that folks with limited time may be using it there instead. Probably a combination of things. I know some days when I have been on the computer All day, I lack interest in spending all evening on it too.