Fred Flintstone?

 The news last week from the caves of  northern Spain is very close to Aunty's heart--y'all know I'se jes' been thar', an had a  heart wrenchin' realization that these cave dwellers wuz very much like us'uns.

More touchin' still is the discovery in Sima de los Huescos (another part of Spain) of "cranium 14" a girl chile's skull that tests indicate is over 500,000 years old--an' she were profoundly retarded ( stenosis of the skull) yet....she lived to be about 5 years old.   Hmmmn....the barbaric pre-humans loved and cared fer her despite her deformity.  How primitive. 

What we are humbled by is the very human need to create, to express an' record their experiences, to examine an' study their world....I wuz very humbled standin' in a pitch black,massive cavern half a mile deep into a mountain cave on an Atlantic  bay, when the lights wuz turned on to display incredible human ingenuity.


Doom said...

What might also be pleasing, to those of us who subscribe to the real possibility that if the end of days aren't coming, the end of civilization might be, is a particular aspect of the tale. What happens when the whole world has become Mayan? Caves! Yipee! Oh... sorry. Why not find some little joys in all things? I'll pout when I'm dead. Hm, probably not even then, come to think of it. It's just... a real mancave! Heh...

Caroline said...

Petroglyphs, cave art, and handprints in particular, totally fascinate me. The human connection with the Ancients is profound.

Aunty Belle said...

Chile' them ancient fellas had a cave palace--no foolin'. Cain't say iffin' it were so back then, but today it has runnin' water--a creek that runs through the north side provides a swimmin' pool--din't see no digital hook ups, however. Fer Auty the big problem would be light--the claim is they musta figgered out how to use animal fat to make lamps--hope3 so, it were the darkest dark I'se ever experienced.

Caroline! Hey hey!

Very endearin'--to stand thar' an recognize they had same emotions and desires we'uns have--to mah mind, the urge to express themselves--little hand prints too, like kinneygarten chillen--admit that I teared up.

Aunty Belle said...

y'all, Uncle an' Aunty be in a Southern City on the gulf coast fer a weddin'--it be June, ya' know?--so I might need to wait till I gits home to visit around to visit wif' all y'all.

Hope ya' have a terrific weekend.

czar said...

I believe there was a Flintstones in which Fred ran out of gas while driving (courtesy of his two feet?). Presumably Dino hadn't sufficiently ripened yet.