Gizmo Gadgets Every Man Secretly Wants

A LaserSaber. ( it could be fun to agitate Uncle wif' it.)

 An I-Poop

 The less said, the better.

Back From the Future-- A Sound Capacitor


"40 Farad Digital Hybrid Super Capacitor New Amperage Meter 24VDC Surge Rated PCB with Blue LED Display Charging Status Indicator 36 Status LED's Metal Mounting Bracket Extruded Aluminum Housing Chrome Die-cast end Caps Chrome Plated Rectangular Low Profile Case Plexiglas Viewing Window Ring Terminals Wooden Display Box."
I doan know what any of that means but I bet it doan mean much to my next breath.

In the most superfluous category, an I-Grill bluetooth BBQ thermometer. 

  An Unencounter: The BodiPod - a "Telehuman" for a "more immersible experience."  Chillen, I jes' cain't go thar'---

 Calling Howard Hughes: THE DEATH RAY GERM BLASTER, a UV scanner-zapper---the answer to the bedbug epidemic?

 Rechargable Infrared Active Shutter Glasses-- snooooooze

 Admit it guys--ya' want this stuff.

Thar' be four other mega gadget thangs, but Blogger wouldn't load 'em. Doan know if thas' a over-capacity issue (is thar' a size limit per post?) or a bug that woan let ya snatch the photo of the VOICE ACTIVATED USB FLASH DRIVE or...what?


 Not a gizmo but one heck of a gimmick --Houston  Herman Memorial Hospital will ltweet the first ever brain surgery tomorrow--not sure whey the PR crew of the hospital thinks this is  kosher, but if ya' like gore--go for it. Pictures in real time.  Star of the twitter surgery? Dr. Dong Kim, part of Gabrielle Giffords neurosurgery team.


darkfoam said...

I want the light sabers! We do actually have some pretty cool light sabers already. Not the cheap plastic kind. They, of course belong to the boys ... err, our young men. Now I want my own.

Anonymous said...

maybe we could take up a collection and get one of those super ray germ blasters for Chickory before she climbs into another petrie dish to NYC for the summer summit.

Aunty Belle said...


Uh..me too--jes' too fun to pass up. I seen yore comment back on FIGS post. Ain't it funny how this lore gits started? I did some minor research--seems the trees do best planted near a house in most places because they need the protection from cold--next to a brick/ stone house in the northern limits of its growth zones.

Hey hey! LOL, yep ever'body needs a purse sized UV Ray germ blaster. Not a bad idea, akshully.

SophieMae said...

>>I doan know what any of that means but I bet it doan mean much to my next breath.<<

I understood 'wooden display box'. 8-}

I want a light sabre, as well! But what good are they if you can't use 'em anywhere, anytime, anyhow? Seriously, why is the ad all about fencing if you can't actually fence with 'em?

As for tweeting brain surgery... *sigh*

I was just saying to Duller how disgusting we are. No wonder so many others think Americans are stupid and lazy. What set me off this time... LIMITED EDITION disposable diapers... and matching wipes...


Anonymous said...

Does Sophie Mae actually call her husband "Duller". I love this woman!
And right this minute I am claiming the term "Dimmer"

SophieMae said...

LOL! Yes, I do. All my friends were using the term 'dh', short for dear husband, but I translate it as 'Duller Half'. Love 'Dimmer', as well!

Pam said...

These aren't the things I'd want ... but I'm not too gadget oriented. Where's the gadget to change the cat box? Now that would be useful.

Aunty Belle said...

Sophie Mae?
Limited edition diaper wipes? The End Is Near!

Fishy Anon,

Sophie Mae is a certified Real Woman of the Right Kind.

An' Fishy? Do ta plan to call Blowfish "dimmer" to his face?

PamOKC, we'll git right on that technology!! Wait--we's almost thar', ain't we, wif' that UV germblaster?

I'se sorta hopin' some fellas would drop by--thought these gadgets to be male toys.

grins said...

quit it. I left a message on my blog. anyone who want to leave me a message and obviously you know where I am, I don't know what I did but I started getting fifty emails a day. and comments up the wazoo. When I made a new blog every thing went back to normal. I just gotta quit following peoples blogs I guess. I haven't got my friends listed up on my new one.

grins said...

Infrared glasses sounds cool. I used to sell for Hammacher Schlemmer, so I'm hard to impress. I'm not a tekki.

There is no one on your blog I'm worried about.

That's an old post, I'm sorry your foot hurts but sounds like the other is better.

grins said...

PPS Anyone want my blog addy Make a request to be a user on my old blog. I'll confirm it by email, and my new addy is on there.