Hasta Luego, Amigos

Avila, Spain


moi said...

Enjoy, travel safely, and send photos!

Doom said...

Isn't travel a love hate thing? By the time you get on the plane are you ready to sleep? Never mind, you are probably over the hate part until the return flight. Now for the love? No running with the bulls though. That's what Uncle is for!

R.Powers said...

Vaya con dios, sweet pea.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Enjoy Auntie!!!

Buzz Kill said...

Did you turn off the iron? Just throwing that out there. Don't forget to have a nice glass of sherry.

grins said...

Have a blast.

Pam said...

Have a great time, Auntie! And if you run into a cute blonde guy from Oklahoma in Santiago, tell him hello from me! Can't wait to hear more about your travels.

Anonymous said...

mercy< I'se havin' troubles--chargers and wifi headaches--but oh chikken, it is glorious--skippin' Madrid an' the economic meltdown--but in the other parts ofSpain--oh be still mah poor captivated heart. Love this land. Love.

Very green at the moment--poppies everywhere. And windmill farms, ( Bless you Don Quiote!) an' sheep--an' delectable sheep cheeses. The juxtaposition o medieval farm buildings to modern biofuel plants, the music, the smell of wood smoke from all the cochinillos on the spit, cafe con leche, oh mah mah mah...but, losing battery power--gotta go--wish all y"all wuz heah>

Debora said...

Wish I was there too!

SophieMae said...

What? You're not back yet? ;-} Are you anywhere there's a Cristianos y Moros festival going on?

When you do return to the real world, here's something you might find interesting. Ferry Morse shuts down
So, reckon I'm officially a conspiracy theorist now, coz my first thought was to wonder if there was a Monsanto connection. 'Specially since nobody's talking. Hey, it could happen.

Travel safe, sugar lump!

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

Enjoy your trip and travel safely.

The Walls of Ávila
Visigoths stronghold until
Raymond of Burgundy

Yes, Bless you Don Quiote!
Tilting at windmills novel
But...Energy policy?

I don't know if your home or you have time to play. However, Haiku Monday is at the Korner this week. Please come if you can.

SophieMae said...

Quick follow-up... can't find any solid info yet. Plantaion Products (Ferry Morse's new owner) says, in their FAQ's:

Q: Are your seeds genetically altered in any way?

A: You can be assured that none of the varieties we sell are genetically enhanced through biotechnology

Is it just me and my 'everybody lies' worldview, or is that a strange way to phrase the answer? Also, FWIW, the page was published in 2006 and I see no indication of updating. Deeper research will ensue.

SophieMae said...

First Super Weeds, Now Super Insects -- Thanks to Monsanto

darkfoam said...

Ohh, how lovely. Enjoy to the tilt!