Headed to Spain in a week--wish y'all would come.


Aunty Belle said...

I'se at warp speed tryin' to git mahself out of town, so I'se gonna be scarce fer a spell. If I can manage it, I'll post from Spain.

Y'all hold the fort!

Steve Finnell said...

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darkfoam said...

Te deseo un buen viaje pero quiero ir tambien!

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

Safe travels, hope you enjoy your trip.

Pam said...

Can't wait to hear more about it. You stay safe walking that road, now, hear?

grins said...

Asta banana! You're one rambling gal.

Doom said...

Enjoy! Just... don't put your money in their banks... for this trip... :p

Try something, edible, that's interesting, while there. For me? The more adventurous (though safe) the better. I skip the safe part sometimes, but I don't recommend it for others. Perhaps roast lamb's head?

BlazngScarlet said...

Have a fabulous time Aunty and please be safe!

(I may just be a wee bit jealous too!)

KeoweeDesigner said...
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Friday's Design List said...

I have never been to Spain. Sure hope you will be able to post along the way. I am sure it would be fun to be your internet tag along.

Caroline said...

Have a wonderful time, that photo itself would be worth the trip.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Be safe and have a wonderful trip!! Can't wait to hear stories when you return.

SophieMae said...

vaya con Dios!
yo quiero paella!

Here's a quick pic you'll find interesting:
Monsanto corn
I haven't had a chance to hunt down the story yet.

Aunty Belle said...

thanky so much. An' if youse wonderin' why Jesus cursed that fig tree--check out Ether Capacious.

please come--Spain will never be the same. Ahahahaha!

Thanky Sir--Europe is melt down--riots in many capitals--including Madrid, so I appreciate the safe travel wish.


I ain't walkin' that much this time--plantar fasciitis ain't a pinic. This ain't another pilgrimage, tho I'se gonna cross some of that territory. Hope I can blog some of it.


heh...I has a touch of wanderlust in mah heart, cain't deny that.

ahaha! last time, pulpo--octopus. gag!


ya can hop a bird an' come on over!

they has some amazin' horses, ya know??

that photo is Segovia --thar's a Roman aqueduct thar too.

Sandcastle Momma
oooh, I'se gonna store up stories jes' fer yore amusement

Sophie Mae,
iffin' I had $$ I'de hire ya fer Researcher in chief--awesome!

Ever'body--- I'se heah fer a few days yet, but little time to blog.
Y'all hold the fort!!

Doom said...

Yeah, I am probably with you on pulpo. But I don't care to much for boiled weird stuff. Me, I'm more for fried calamari. That is some yumlicious right there. Still, it's great to see you up to bat with new things. And, honestly, once a trip is enough, especially if it didn't turn out so well. I'm proud to say some food has scared the heck out of me and kept me on a straight menu for some time.