Preparation is Key

Just as in the garden a good preparation is essential, so too wif' personal internal growth. A little yearly clean=up of the weeds thas' accumulated, makin' sure ya have the tools ya need fer the year ahead ....I'se amazed every year how much "weeding" I need to do to make the mah pathways cleaner!

When I 'member that Lent is 40 days of preparation similar to the preparation work done fer makin' good thangs grow, why, I'se cheered by the prospect that some pretty flowers might soon sprout in me. Ain't sayin' thar' woan be a few thorns....jes' less weeds.

Hope all y'all is well.

From the archives is this Lenten thought on discipline fer all us non-saints.



sparringK9 said...

Just the reminder I needed - presented in a sweet and wonderful way. Aunty, thank you.

Jenny said...

how lovely. I read this on a day when I needed it, too.


Sandcastle Momma said...

Like k9 and Boxer this is just what I needed today! thanks!

darkfoam said...

Ditto the others ..

Pam said...

Aunty, a wonderful thought and lesson for us all. I needed this message as well. Have been working on this in lots of ways. ((HUGS))

BlazngScarlet said...

It's important to tend to ones 'garden'.
Peace to you Aunty ... and everyone else as well.

fishy said...

Well now Aunty,
I will look forward to you Springing forth right after Easter!
Peace be with you :-)

Debora said...

Great analogy Auntie! I'm sure there'll be a glorious patch of posies in your garden.

grins said...

Yay!! You're back from your fast. I been jonesin for your cracker speak!
I feel better already!

Nisbett said...

how lovely. I read this on a day when I needed it, too. xoxo