Haiku Winner!

Well, we's gonna have a real surprise --

As I type I still ain't quite settled on the winnin' Haiku, so I thought mebbe if I see some thoughts in print a decision will crystallize? Heah goes.

First ain't it a thrill to have such a terrific turnout to start the year anew? We have some new players--welcome all! Please keep coming--the more the merrier. We missed a few regulars, but i 'twere a holiday weekend...but we miss y'all.

I'se sorry to make this short--gotta git somehwhar's afore 8 am. Would love to do a fun write up fer y'all. Ok, think I'se decided--mayhap it's jes' mah mood, but I think I got it--an' it's real tough 'cause thar's so many good phrases that make ya sit up straight! I 'specially favor the deep thinkin' Haikus as a rule , an' many were very very good this run.

But distilled down, I can admit the rhyme or reason fer the final choice is sheer whimsy--I'se goin' wif' a tickled funny bone, an' also admittin' I'se been played by a cleveah blogger.

But first-- yes! I'se a tease--first is special mention to perhaps the newest blogger?


As the sun rises
Chasing away the shadows
One can dream again.

Anya, very lovely!! So glad youse playing Haiku Monday.

An' the winner of New Year's New Beginnings Haiku is:


Black eyes, greens, and ham
prosperity and luck....Come!
New Year, Southern style

Thanks to each of you--this week wuz such fun to host.


Anya said...

Congratulations Scout! That was a very lovely haiku. And thanks Aunty for mentioning me and for leaving a note on my blog. I still don't believe I am good enough because it's only the second time I play, but I will keep writing haiku and playing each week until I get better:)

BlazngScarlet said...

Congratulations Scout!
Very clever .... and something I miss about living in the south! lol

Good job Aunty! =)

darkfoam said...

There were so many good haiku to choose from. It is good to go with one's gut feelings. Congrats to scout!

Scout said...

Aunty! I am so glad I ticked your funny bone - and thank you very much for the high honor! Guess my Haiku was prophetic as my luck surely did come! Well hosted - your commentary was spectacular, and we had a lot of engaged players this week! Welcome Anya - please play with us each week and have fun!! I will announce next week's Haiku Monday theme at my blog site by Friday!

fishy said...

Hooray for Scout!
This is a fine win in a field full of good ones. You brilliantly expressed our Southern culture and traditions for New Beginnings :-)

Buzz Kill said...

Congrats to Scout. You know the accompanying picture really made your haiku.

grins said...

Can't remember when so many good haiku were up. Tough field. Congratulations.

Oh, Auntie, didn't mean anything bad about Fla or Southeast. I'm Texan NW and Co. Very dry, and I've been miserable any time I go near Water. I don't even like reservoirs or lakes.

moi said...

Welcome, Anya, and congrats, Scout! Can't wait to see what theme you come up with.

Pam said...

Congratulations Scout! Great Haiku and very appropriate even in my part of the world. NY Day always meant black eyed peas. This year, we just listened to them on the tv's party music station instead.

Jenny said...

yeah! The haiku circle grows larger and what talent! Congrats to Scout. My bidness spent New Years in Mexico and his host prepared the traditional southern recipe. He had never had it before, but he said it would bring good luck and who doesn't want or need that? Congrats to Scout.

Fleurdeleo said...

Yay, Scout! Way to go--very seasonal and delish haiku.

Fleurdeleo said...

Aunty, I love your teasing way with announcements!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

Thanks for letting us muddy up the floor, sure was a fine time.

Congratulations Scout! Looks like you're good luck dinner paid off.

Anonymous said...

Zing - off subject here, but what if Scout added tofu to her very attractive dish? Boxer would she win the smack-down? You could have tofu with real food in the same dish, couldn't you?

Congrats Scout!

Aunty, when the a haiku speaks to you, the author did the deed properly. Thanks for letting us play on the porch.

'K Scout, there have been some pretty good themes lately. Pressure is on now.


Aunty Belle said...

Thank you one an 'all!! ( Guess ya can see I wuz in a playful, flippant mood--sorry to those whose Haiku wuz really stellar--I jes' reckon the tickle got the spot this time around)

An' now, Scout, the HAM, we's waitin' to see yore theme--hooray!

chickory said...

YAY! go Scout. A very good haiku. I am looking forward to your hosting next week. maybe we will even see your dad play next week!! Thanks for hosting aunty!

Jean said...

Aunty, you were a mahvelous host and your choice for this week is yummy.
Congratulations, Scout!

Scout said...

Okay guys! New theme is up at Preserving the South! Please let me know if it's been played recently - hopefully not because I thought long and hard about it! Thanks Aunty for hosting - you were fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Scout!