Haiku Monday: New Beginnings + Florida Keys prize


Folks, do yoreself a big favor an go read Annie's "O Christmas Tree" post.
It is one of the best posts I'se read all year. It's a delight.

Also, a new story an' menu on Ether Capacious.


Haiku Monday continues below:

* "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."
---------- Seneca

Thanky to Curmudgeon (whose sweet side we's all seen now, no hidin' behind gruff exterior fer him no more--we got his number doan we? ) Aunty's been given the first Haiku Monday theme fer 2012.

Welcome to all new comers--'tis a time fer new-ness, so please invite others to join us--an' those who already belong to this blogger circle, but doan Haiku, please take the plunge!! ( y'all jes' click the linked phrases to see easy tutorials on Haiku.)

Natcherly, it seemed fittin' to choose somethin' tied to New Year's resolution. Mebbe use yore Haiku to fill in the blank:

"My New Year's Resolution is found in this Haiku: _______________."

Onliest trouble wif' that is that Aunty still be workin' on her 1993 resolution. Now I doan "resolve:" I have dropped back to a more modest "aiming to" stance. Mayhap that describes y'all too. ( if not, doan tell me how virtuous ya' is--it might upset me some an' I'se only had one cup o' cawfee.)

Still, the New Year is a good time to hit our reset buttons. Hence, New Beginnings is our theme fer Monday Jan 2, 2012.

Aunty is charmed by the intent of Haiku: "Imagery[that] presents a "Zen snapshot" of the universe, setting aside logic and thought for a flash of intuitive insight."

High marks toward the winnin' Haiku is given to lines that offer us "a flash of intuitive insight." An' Aunty be partial to the standard Japanese structure that features a Kireji ("cutting" word) and kigo (seasonal reference), though it may be indirect.

Otherwise the simplest rules of haiku apply: based on seventeen syllables contained in three lines divided into 5-7-5.

Submit as many entries as you'd like, but identify the two that ya' want judged. Entries posted in this comment box by Monday at midnight PST are eligible. Visuals optional, but a delight! More, they serve as a tiebreaker--post visuals at your own blogs an' tell us "I'm up" here in the combox.

An' now....drum roll!!! trumpet blare!! --TA -DA!

Write some terrific Haiku an' ya could get free livin' in Key West fer two weeks!!

ches! Palm trees! Snorkeling! Conch fritters! Jimmy Buffet! Mojitos! Fishin'!

All this time ya' though writin' Haiku be a lark--but now it may pay off. Looky at this prize from the Robert Frost Poetry Contest! An' to top it wif' whipped cream an' a few nuts, iffin' ya win this Robert Frost contest ya' git to invite Aunty down an' take her to a Conch Fritter lunch!! Mebbe Troll will come too.

Aunty an' Uncle take this opportunity to wish one an' all a very Happy New Year! Wishin' ya' much mirth an' wunnerful new beginnings in 2012.

"So many fail because the don't get started-they don't go. They don't overcome inertia. They don't BEGIN!"
-----W Clement Stone


Jenny said...

I'm in. I try to not make resolutions because they rarely stick, but your "reset" is a good word. I use this time of year to PURGE things; I've been to Goodwill this week and my dumpster at work getting fuller every day.

And yes, I'm beginning to agree that Curmudgeon is only a name. ;-)

Jenny said...

p.s. I'm back. My break was broken by something small. Very small.

Anonymous said...

New Year's Eve Plan

"10 to 12? Let's go!
Life begins at conception.
Let's make the year's first!"

Doom said...

It is only a
blank page should you only have
a blank quieted mind.

In your vernacular, I'se thinkin' 'pon it. :p

Unknown said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Aunty Belle said...


So HAPPY to see ya'. An' yous IN!!! Oh--wow--purge would be a great theme. Heh.


Goodness! Is ya makin' an announcement??? an' in Haiku to boot? Woo hoo!!


Hiya'. Yes, "blank" is a relative term, ain't it? An' yore comment is a great Haiku--these is early entries??

welcome to the Front Porch. I'll be around directly to see what yore blog be about. Thanky fer the invite.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh...Boxer, sorry yore break wuz broken : )

Covnitkepr1 said...

You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower. I didn’t see a follow widget on this site, but if you put one up...I will gladly follow you as well.

moi said...

I resolve not to resolve, either. Too much pressure, as Tweak on South Park would say. Which doesn't of course mean I don't have goals. Or things I want to improve.

Great theme. I'm in, because I do so needs me a beach-type vacation right about now.

Doom said...

*gulp* I was being goofy. Is that actually something that could go into the contest? I just wasn't quite sure what the ROEngagement for this contest are? But, if you think it could go into the pot, sure. Though, my guess is, if I stop being silly, I might come up with something better.

Is the theme literally "New Beginings" (sic)?

troll said...

Aunty has educated me on the mechanics of pregnancy, so I'm rewriting my entry:

New Year's Eve Plan

"10:00? Let's go!
Life begins at conception.
Let's make the year's first!"

So, 3 minutes to complete the act. And 1 one hour fifty-seven minutes for all the other stuff to occur.

Sharon Rudd said...

I agree with Boxer’s appreciation of your use of the word “reset,” Aunty.

I don’t do resolutions – especially of the “I shalt not” variety. But I do find myself formulating whisps of new goals this time of year. As much as I enjoyed this Christmas, I’m ready to free myself from those deadline-driven to-do lists in my personal life and do a little dreamin’ about where I want to go (figuratively and literally) in the coming year. In the chilly nawth here, it helps to have a little inspiration to keep you warm during Jan. and Feb.

Whether I end up haiku-ing or not remains to be seen. But being part of this bloggy circle is a treasure, and y’all are a well-spring of inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Good Evening Miz Belle,

One flew to mind.

Tattered Feather:

Sandhill cranes shed all
Red-stained feathers for new blue.
Migration flight pends.

My visual will help to interpret.

Happy New Year,


Scout said...

Hi auntie! I will remember to remember that Monday is Monday this week! Great set up for the first competition of the new year! Luv, Scout

grins said...

I just realized something I hadn't before. I bet you are an English or journalism major! My wife is a typesetter and you are the only other person with perfect punctuation and structure, and it's done effortlessly. Wish I could do that! I don't even try. Georgia, speachifying, Flanery O'Conner, vocabulary, hmmm. Don't try to deny it. I know. When I granulated I did my theses on "Yikes! Them pins is pointy." You can't fool me.

I will admit to shedding my snakeskin and being something new, but it was just for Christmas. I'm back to being my usual cantankerous self now.

grins said...

Midnight denizens
raucous alley rhapsodies
spawns small furry loves.

I'll throw one up now and try to get back with a better one

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy do, welcome to the porch.

I thanky fer the invite an' will stop by soon.

As fer following--thar's a feedburner thang on this site, but when I tried to troubleshoot its current status it responds that the feed file is too large--reckon I might need to delete old stuff or somethin'...but I ain't much of a techie. Sorry fer any inconvenience.

BTW, of course youse most welcome to sit a spell on the Front Porch, have some lemonnade--but now that I'se seen yore topic interests, mayhap ya' might find the BACK PORCH archives to be the heavier sort of topics youse most interested in readin'. Thar's a link on righthand side bar to the Back Porch, or, http://auntybelles.blogspot.com

Do it! Submit a Moitastic Haiku to the Robert Frost folks and come to Key West--we'll git us a good thang set up--La Diva? Troll? Aunty & Moi??? we could kick up some sand.

Happy New Year, Moi, Cherie.

Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aunty Belle said...


Yes, the theme is literally New Beginnings.

I knows that first one wuz jes' a funny comment in Haiku form- youse still eligible to enter two "official" entries. Hope ya do!


Youse a stitch, Sugar Plum. I thought fer a moment that Trey J and Troll wuz makin' an announcement--baby Trolls need a doting Auntybelle.


Me too--I mean, the guilt an' ire when jes' six hours into Jan2 I done busted up mah resolution? No more--now I prefer a general directional adjustment. Heh.

Eggy PLEASE play Haiku wif' us--youse certainly displayed yore entertaining writing on Eggy to Go --c'mon, it'll be fun. Happy New Year, Eggy!


Sandhill Cranes! Gorgeous--we do git some. An' that Haiku is a beauty! One done, ya' can submit two...Happy New Year!


Ha! Well, I'll come ring a bell at ya' on Monday iffin' I ain't seen ya by dark-thirty. It's easy fer the days to git mixed up when its non-stop football fer a whole week.

Wow, new red furries? I think we's got us a theme developin'--Troll and Curmy on the same wavelength. Must be a man thang? Strong Haiku.

Heh...well, how does ya recognize perfect structure/ punctuation iffin' y'aint English major yore self? Or do ya' mean that Hon is readin' along too?

But, no. Doan wanna scare nobody off the Porch; I'se Psych, not English. Trouble be, I'se allergic to Freud an' Rogers an' Rollo May --I pursued other paths. Few years back, by utter accident, I met an editor who also reads Flannery
--the rest is history as the sayin' goes. I dabbles in journalism. I put it to Flannery, her bein' Georgian an Aunty bein' Floridian, she gits the blame.
Happy New Year, Curmudgy!

Anonymous said...

I'm UP with a very different and, I think, better one with better visuals.

Changes In Latitude

Stone Lighthouse Beacon:
"Welcome to the New World." And
slavery distilled.

darkfoam said...

I will see what I can do. Coming up with 17 syllables is sometimes harder then one might think. Hope you have a wonderful new year, belle. I think you should enter that competition and then invite us!

Anonymous said...

Spring's Green:

Spring’s aspen buds open,
Unfurling delicate green.
Season start's anew.

Visual is up.


Anonymous said...

Oops, how did that apostrophe get there?

It should be:

Spring's Green

Spring’s aspen buds open,
Unfurling delicate green.
Season starts anew.


Karl said...

Happy New Year Aunty belle,

Pressure building up.
The bang starts the Universe.
Anyone to hear it?

Scout said...

Aunty - here I am making up for my tardy last week! - had some time and some wine on my hands. Images up!

light consumes the dark
fresh fire, a new start, receive!
The Lamb, white as snow

black eyes, greens, and ham
prosperity and luck....Come!
New Year, Southern style

Fleurdeleo said...

The heat is on already!

I am up:

Your old love letters,
souvenirs of mad bliss burn
to feng shui my heart.

grins said...

Pale light ignites sight.
Freezing bones plead "Fifteen more!"
Oh! Today's the day!

grins said...

Red furry thing of mine is sixth pic down on Christmas card unconsciously eating as usual, and working on a new belt.

grins said...

BTW no Florida for me thanks.

Aunty Belle said...

Folks, Thar's so much whoopin' it up goin' on around these parts Aunty ain't hardly slept a wink--so I read some blogs I wanted to catch up wif', see how them other blogger folks were doin'.

Edifice Rex is a homesteader in Alabama. She is a carpenter, an artists, a potter and chicken-keeper--an' her post
" O Christmas Tree" is one of the best I'se read this year.

Please give yoreself a treat an' read this post:


Anya said...

This week's theme is great, but unfortunately my inspiration ran away...so these are my haiku for this week. I am not entirely satisfied with them but it's the best I could come up with:)

New horizon

As the sun rises
Chasing away the shadows
One can dream again.


Red, blue, green or white
Fireworks are our new guide
To a brand new start.

I loved all the haiku that others posted. Good luck to everyone.

fishy said...

Nature's Etch-A-Sketch
Each wave erases sand art
Game on! Endless beach.

A Sunday New Year!
Millions praying as one voice.
Blessings on us all!

Jean said...

with any minute
of any day in our life,
we can start anew.

every midnight ends
one and begins another.
repeats endlessly.

I'll be UP with visuals very early Monday.

That RF contest is sooooo tempting.
I love the Keys.

Jenny said...

I'm up with a visual but here's my first:

Innocent soul begs
wary human does resist
love triumphs, onward!

czar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
czar said...

Good lord. That'll teach me to read the others first. I see a few here that I couldn't match in this lifetime. But if the moving finger writes, I'll be back with an entry.

Jenny said...

Aunty - my post didn't post, but now it's up. Happy Haiku Monday! :-)

Aunty Belle said...


There are so many good haiku offered that mah haid be jes' a spinnin'!

I'se impressed--what? no post NYE fuzziness? heh.

Wunnerful entries--an' I thank each of ya fer yore efforts.

The entry time is until midnight PST, so thar's still plenty of time remainin' to add Haiku--jes' lemme know which two ya' want judged. Also, invite yore bloggy buddies who have been lurkin' to give Haiku a whirl.

Good luck everybody!!

fishy said...

Lightning jolt wake-up
I leap from bed to window...
Welcome! Twenty twelve

Empty nest syndrome?
Reclaim interests postponed!
Renewals beckon.

Ev'ry tradition
Like all wonderful journeys,
begins in good faith.

czar said...

I'm up.

Twelve Steps, Traditions:
Way to thaw soul's winter works
One day at a time.


moi said...

I'm up with two:

Winter garden sealed
in sleep until spring’s surprise.
What comes, birth or death?

He/she could be yours
if only you were . . . Chop, chop!
True love’s labor costs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miz Belle,

This is not in the competition, but I can't resist a kudu haiku for Boxer.

Ooooh, Henry.

Bright light with new life.
Chihuahua puppy comes home
With soft-hearted gal.

BlazngScarlet said...

So many AH-mazing Haikus!
I've been trying to come up with one .... but it's just not happening!

czar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
czar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
czar said...

[AARRRGHH! Sorry for the deletions.]

I'm up, #2.

Shave beard and mustache.
Have past seasons been benign?
Hmm: I’m now Dad Czar.


Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

Gee Whiz, what a turnout! Happy new year everyone. A most impressive effort.

I will throw in 2 more, that only a father could love.

Eight thirty OK?
Yeah baby, I will make it!
Caesarean schedule.

Two weeks past twenty.
A tiny foot, piercing yell.
Nicole's entrance

Jenny said...

bless you Serendipity! That made me tear up. Thank you!

Karl said...

To prove I'm not playing favorites.

No one to cover.
Someone's in a hurry.
Griffin's entrance.

darkfoam said...

First snow falls right Now...
Blowing sideways ... Swooshing fierce!
Embers glow inside..

chickory said...

On winter branches
pale pink buds swell and burst; bloom
on spring's first whisper

man, there are so many great haikuers now i might have to resort to hiring a 1300 SAT student to ghost write for me. grerhahaha

Happy New Year!

Aunty Belle said...


Y'all has outdid yoreselves!

Ya' kicked off the New Year's Haiku challenge in grand style--I thank each of ya fer joinin' the fun. Thar's many good Haiku here--judgin' cain't be done on the fly-

Thar's a good bit to review, as ya' see, an' I has a crammed full day wif' that other life I lead, so please bear wif' me; the winner will be announced early tomorry.
Good Luck all!

Meantime, iffin' ya wanna see how I onc't tried to kill Uncle, click over to Ether Capacious (right hand sidebar) or

Scout said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scout said...

Aunty - that's a GREAT story about Uncle and the dime!! Loved it - you are a super story teller!! So glad it all worked out in the "end"!

Jenny said...

bwahahahah to Chickory.

Pam said...

Hi Aunty, sorry I missed Haiku Monday. We had a new beginning in our lives this year but Baby Caleb has been obvious material in recent haikus. I promise to be better at haiku-ing. Totally missed it this week due to the holiday. My apologies. And I thought that quote was from a song lyric. Must get myself better educated.