You CAN Survive 404 !!

Fer 12 hours or so yesterd'y, The Porches were floatin' in outer space somewhar--an'
I apologize to y'all that came to visit an' din't git yore glass o' lemonade.

But I survived the dreaded error 404!! Page Not Found. ( akshully worse--This Blog Was Removed) Whew!! Fer a moment thar' I thought Aunty wuz a goner.

Imagine, youse goin' about yore own sweet bidness, an' poof! All yore blogs become part of some cyber magician's disappearin' act. I howled, NOOOooooooo!

The universe isn't fair! How can this be? What are the rules?
Where are the rules? Who rules??

Four years--4 years!!-- of material an' comments lost in outer limits of the cybersphere. I wuz sick. S I C K. ( insert photo of grown woman on floor in fetal position keening in high decibel) Ruint mah entire day--an' who has a day to forfeit wif' jes a week to go afore Christmas?

What I learned is how Blogger uses a spam-bot to scan fer false blogs, or blogs that violate the Terms of Service (TOS) agreement. I doan know iffin' these Porches wuz one or t'other--ya' git NO info from Blogger a'tall. I could not even git to mah dashboard cause the password to the blogs wuz shut off: "Access denied."

Read reams of Blogger Forum comments--scared the petticoats offa me--an' begged various gurus to please hep me--yeah, me an a zillion other poor souls floatin' in Blogger purgatory. No kiddin'--a 2001 Space Odyssey feelin' of the floating dead.

I wondered if ole Christopher Hitchens wuz jes' lettin' me know he made it an' wuz havin' a bit of fun....heh.

Jes' like they went, they came.

Came back. Came back in a
poof! No rhyme nor reason. The Great Unexplained. The gurus say it warn't them that done it. I doan unnerstan', but this is now what I'se done:

At yore dashboard, in settings, click "export" blog--save it to your hard drive-- or export it to an asteroid shell ya create in another blog galaxy (yeah, I know, Wordpress is cumbersome, but jes' hold yore nose an' do it) whar it will SPIN quietly until ya" need to clone it to restore yore Blogger Blog. Jes' think of it as cryogenic insurance against the vagaries of a cold cruel cyberspace whar' innocent bloggers is sucked into the Death Star wif'out cause or notice. Thas' the cyber reality, folks.

Meanwhile, back at Warm an' Fuzzy Central, PLEASE come add a verse or two to the Christmas Book we's writin' fer Boxer an' Moi!! Come write a wee ditty 'bout two of our most funnest bloggers!


Aunty Belle said...

note to self:

lesson learnt? Is ya spendin' too much time in cyber world instead of real world?

moi said...

Aunty: I'm glad you're back! Can't imagine what went wrong and isn't Blogger oh-so-helpful? NOT. To me, the cyber world is a real world. You write about real things and real people read them. Not much different from a cocktail party, only some of us can do this in our PJs.

R.Powers said...

What? Ether Capacious?

If I have to choose either Capacious or the Front Porch, I plan to sit here, if'n that's okay with you.

I can barely get around to visit unibloggers, much less multitaskal rascals like yo'self.

I am delighted you and your clever, thoughtful, and funny Porch peelins are back together again.

Good advice on the asteroid storage too.

fishy said...

There are some posts I would loathe to lose. I must check on this back up procedure. Thanks for the heads up.
So Glad you were able to uncoil from the fetal position and go forth to banish this unjustness.

No Porches?

Jenny said...

I never understand bloggers who delete their blog because of what you said; years and years of content gone in a second. Losing your blog without doing it on purpose is something I never want to experience so I'm backing it up today. Thank you Aunty and I'm sorry you had to go through a day of trying to find out what went wrong.

Doom said...

I honestly think they are just jerking with people to see if their system works and if people can somehow get through, somehow, to the handlers. It sounds like the government is about to try censoring the internet, companies are planning to comply. This is their mechanism. Just a taste of Zero's planned future. Though I suspect most politicians hate the internet, it messes with their narrative and the truth can go viral.

Glad you are back.

grins said...

Just the other day you asked if I had two blogs. This is why. I have it on disks, facebook, my mail acct, hard drive and thumbs. I lost mountains of stuff once. I think five hundred some odd pages of writing and accounts. My wife's resume' is mostly graphics and type setting so she rents a special backup space of some kind and I put my stuff there too.

Serendipity said...

Miz Belle, glad to see you got it all back! I knew there was a big problem when I tried to stop on the porch to answer your question on bighorn flavor. Figured yesterday was a real nightmare!

Backups are certainly a blessing - if you have them.


BlazngScarlet said...

Life wouldn't be the same without a nice porch to set for a bit with a cool glass of sweet tea.

I agree with Moi, cyber world is the real world .... mostly.

Glad y'all are back! =)

Fleurdeleo said...

OMG, you must have been frantic! Glad it's fixed, dear aunty.

Aunty Belle said...


Cyber world is real? I take yore meanin'...I reckon I meant that the world whar' obligations an' tasks take precedent is real--an' the cyber world is --fer Aunty-- a partial escape/ entertainment. But any world whar' PJ's is acceptable attire is the world fer me!


Heh...ya doan fool me none--reason y'aint got multiple blogs is cause youse too busy wrastlin' snakes or stalkin' gators.

I is always pleased to git a visit from FC!


oh ya' bet--back up the Pond.SOme thangs would be a pity to lose.


I know--an' lots of olks do that--I can name half a dozen missin' blogs--they jes' yanked them.

Is ya' still thinkin' of makin' a blog journal--the keepers? Nifty idea.

Aunty Belle said...

ya know what--that crossed mah mind too--is they testin' the waters ? But then--thar's so many bloggers how would a random poke help them?

I can tell ya' that one of the requirements was to verify mah password to the blog--by PHONE. The options were ONLY home or cell phone--not an email address. The second I hit send on the form, google dialed mah number--I mean one second lapse. Wow, scary. So now google may be collectin' phone numbers.


Yes, I did...an' now I see yore wisdom. I may become a little paranoid now.


It were a hideous nightmare...but, ya din't say, what IS the Bighorn flavor??


How ya feel Puddin'? So pleased ter see ya' out an about in blogworld. Thar's always some tea fer ya heah.


I was SO frantic--pls back up yore blogs folks.

Fleur, forgive me fer missin' all the fun wif' SPIN. PROMISe not to be so derelict next time.

Serendipity said...

Aunty - didn't want to add to your heavy traffic after the blog-vaporization so answered on my blog. I moved the answer up to the brown trout post.


Doom said...

I didn't mean they were randomly doing it. Basically what I meant is they are setting up the software and it is still untested, really buggy. They are letting it run and sorting it out on the fly. Beyond that, it will make mistakes even when it is 'fully operational'. Uhrm, you didn't know Google was collecting information, and other very bad things? They are thought to be as cut-throat as Microsoft.

Sharon Rudd said...

Trying to get caught up with my bloggy friends in the midst of my pre-holiday travel stress. So glad you are back up and running, Aunty! I just checked my own blog and realized I didn’t get my usual email alert that you’d left a comment on 12/18, which I’m guessing was when you were in blogger never-never land . . .

I am far too crazed this week to think about trying to tackle exporting my blog to unknown (to me) territory right now. But I did convert a handful of my favorite posts from this year into an actual book as a gift for my dad. Because there’s nothing like holding a book in your hands . . . Although it seems kind of ridiculously meta, I’m hoping to share it via my blog if I can figure out how to do so before I run out of time and have to hit the road. Hoping to auto-launch (as Buzz would say) for the 25th. (Where is our Buzz?)

Speaking of books, not optimistic I’ll find the time to come up with something to contribute to your xmas book for Boxer and Moi, but I will look forward to what everyone else comes up with.

Merry Christmas, Aunty, and many thanks for your friendship and inspiration!

xoxo, eggy

Anonymous said...

Miz Belle,

Further comment on bighorn, elk and grouse-ick under the ram photo on my bolg. Any way for gator not to be chewy?