He Knows When You've Been Sleeping




Aunty Belle said...

I like that Santa din't always wear red.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I especially like the ones where he's not wearing the red suit and specifically the one with the donkey foal.

Anonymous said...

I like that you talked Santa into using his workshop to make duck decoys for Uncle Aloysius.

BlazngScarlet said...

I like the one where's he's dressed in the plain brown robe ... no ornamentation.
It's very earthy and natural. =)

Anonymous said...

I think Santa had to start wearing red because of his close proximitey to reindeer...and hunting season.

Merry Christmas

moi said...

Aw, I like the one with Santa and the puppies and kitties.

Aunty Belle said...


Hey--me too! Luved that donkey--more nativity -like.


Ha! Not toy ducks,huh? I see!! Hilarious.


Feelin' OK?? Santa au naturel --works fer me! Please click over to Ether Capacious an add some verse to the Christmas book we's writin' fer Boxer an' Moi. We need ya!!


Hey you! We's been worriet 'bout ya' around here --hope youse well. Thanky so much fer comin' up to the surface.

LOL--yep, deer hunters need a red flag--clever take.

Buzz, we NEED yore creative input--write us a line of verse for the book for Boxer and Moi--click over to Ether Capacious an add yore own creative verve!!


Ain't that a cutie pie picture??
( BTW, ya can write a line or two in the CHristmas book fer Boxer--an' she can return the favor.)

Pam said...

I love these images. Couldn't pick a fave if I tried. Love the traditional pics. Merry Merry Christmas to you, Aunty, and to Uncle also. Hope ya'll are having a wonderful Christmas time and I did leave a little something on the write-a-story page. Weak effort, but effort none-the-less. Blessings to you!

darkfoam said...

love the ole timey santas!

chickory said...

Where is Krampus? He travels with Father CHristmas you know...doan act like thar aint no bad chiles.

I added verse on the EC site. it aint my best work aunty but Im out of bloggin practice -whut with having to make money and all (for a change)

I was telling Moi how much I liked being a broke ass artist - more time for garden and bloggin

Santa and me -we tight. Im not worried.

Aunty Belle said...


Not weak effort a'tall! Lovely!! Charmin' an FUN.
HAve a most merry Christmas!


Snuggle in wif' yore folks---Merry merry!!

Jenny said...

I love these and wish people who make new Santa cards/etc would remember the simplicity of old Santa.

and I agree, I like that Santa didn't always wear red. Or had Rudolph around.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas Aunty!! xoxoo

fishy said...

A lovely homage
to our much beloved
Saint Nicholas.
A visual present Aunty
and maybe a lesson or two
God Bless you and all the fine Clanfolk this Christmas.

LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Aunty,my faves are Santa in green sleeping by the hearth and of course the puppies and kitties sleeping on his big belly!

Sorry if I've not been 'around' lately but you'll be happy to know I've been very busy with my work and am busier than ever. Not even had time to write my own blog!

I wanted to wish you and Uncle the Merriest of Christmases and hope your weekend is filled with fine food and good company! All the best to you in 2012.


moi said...

Merry Christmas Eve, Aunty! Just wanted to wish you and Uncle a very Merry Christmas. Whatever your plans, I hope they are filled with joy and the blessings of the season.

Karl said...

Merry Christmas Aunty Belle,

Hope you and uncle enjoy your full house and have a wonderful time.

I like the one in the green.

grins said...

My wife says I look like the last one most of the time.

R.Powers said...

Merry Christmas Aunty, Uncle, and the whole clan!

Doom said...

I just enjoy my traditional, to me, Santa in red. I have so few traditions otherwise.

Merry Christmas.

Princess said...

Dear Aunty,
May your Christmas be joy filled.

I think Santa's red suit became more prominent when the "red can cola company" adopted him as part of an advertising campaign where a grey haired old man with a beard dressed in a red suit started appearing on the sides of their delivery trucks...

I love these cards without all the hype... but please... give me a nativity scene any day!

Aunty Belle said...

Sorry I skipped ya--we posted at the same time--Merry to you, wee Pup. I can see why you an Santa are tight. Youse been off the naughty list now fer eons--or if not neither me nor Santa wanna know. Gerhahahahaha!


A joyous day I hope y'all have--mebbe Santa left somethin' in yore stockin'? Uncommercial cards--it's a trend we can start!


Speaking of visual presents, bring us loads from that gracious city, Charleston. Merry Christmas to you, Mermaid an' Blowfish.

La Diva C!!
Chile, is ya hustlin' yore bustle? I can jes' see ya flyin' around Mee-ah-mee. Reckon Santa ought bring ya some skates!! Merry Christmas to La Diva an' her DJ!

I hope the snow be sparkly, soft an' pure, your birds not ice-sculptures, the dawgs content, an' new boots in yore staockin'. Merry Christmas to Moi, Cherie an her SB!


Sir, I thanky, an' return the felicitations wif' glee--hope all yore loved-ones are wif' ya' for the merriest Christmas ever!


I suspected that--a tender fella under that red furry avatar is shure to be loved by creatures, the great an' the small. Merry Christmas, Curmudgy.


Hey hey--youse wif' us today--or, were last night--you'll never believe--I found some stuff, a sauce? no...uh, a dip? nooo...a mustard? mebbe--but but--looky, it be called "Dat'l Do It" an' it's "Minorcan made" in St. Augustine!! Filled wif' yore peppers--natcherly, I thought of FC!! Merry Christmas to all yore assorted critters adn creatures, most especially the bipeds.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Oh the red is fine, it's very cheery. I hope yore Christmas Day is peaceful, content an' full of JOY!

La Princessa!!

Yes, the rotund fella is a dear, but I join ya' in preferrin' a serene Nativity--that God would submit Himself to mankind at all, much less as a tiny babe--mah dear, THAT is the biggest mind-blower of all. Merry Christmas, Princess.

Aunty Belle said...

All, Aunty wishes each of ya' amahvelous day--hope ya git yore fill of goodies and laughter.
Impossible to say how much y'all me to me. Thank you fer yore visits to the Porch.

I'se gonna be off on Christmas rounds-- but will come 'round to check y'all's blogs tomorry--I wanna see what's yore stockin's, ya know?

Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miz Bell and Uncle -

Hope you are having a lovely Christmas day. Interesting the different traditions and timeframes the cards you show represent.

We are having a blindingly bright blue sky day with plenty of feathered ornaments on the snow, and reindeer passing through.

Happiness to all.