Spring Surrounds the Porch


chickory said...

astonishing tree! we dont have those up here. But we have native azalea...big trees of them.

Im very bothered that the comment i left for you on your lenten post isnt there. FIshy and Boxer said they have lost comments too. have you?

I want you to know how much I am think of you and yore Granny...and i send a lot of love. Loved the peacocks as well.

moi said...

So pretty! I love yellow in the garden. I indulge S.B. by planting it next to purple. Which is a little silly, but there you go; the things we do for love.

Hope all is well and that your spring flowers are bringing you joy.

Aunty Belle said...


yes, I'se thinkin' comments are dropped--I know some I make at yore place an others is missin'--blogger can be unstable some days--ever write long comment or post an' have blogger balk?

Thanky fer yore sweet thougts. Granny knows thar's a world of bloggers "out thar'". Pray fer her iffin' ya doan mind--she is strugglin' --thang is, tribe child due any minute, an' Granny done said she ain't leavin' this world til that new young'un arrives. Reckon she meant what she said?

Moi! Thanky, so much. the cheery yaller flowers do make me smile in spite of thangs--that Granny loved gardenin' when she could makes the spring all the more poignant.

As fer the yaller wif' the purple, we git that. Ganny's brothers are Tigers an' live in Red Stick, always have, as Granny's own Mama did, so Tiger Townies is given due accord 'round heah--until it comes to tangle wif' Gator Nation.


moi said...

When I first met S.B., I'm sure you can imagine my utter horror at discovering that half the furnishings and accessories in his home were purple and yellow. He had a SHOWER CURTAIN emblazoned with a Tiger Head the size of a VW bus! I can't even described how disconcerting that was. When I moved in, well, you can imagine what happened THEN :o)

Also, just to let you know, in case you have time next week, I will be hosting Haiku Monday on Monday, complete with prizes, and the topic is: LEMON.

Jenny said...

In my part of the world we have big beautiful rhododendrons, but they are never yellow, which is too bad because I think it's one of the best colors in a garden. So I have to be happy with my tulips.

Sending you and your Granny good thoughts. xoxox

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Your season so far along, it all looks so green and lush. Ours is just starting. The Crocuses started blooming about a week and 1/2 ago and the Daffodils just started blooming last weekend.

Give Granny I hug for me.

As far as comments go. Karl's law #8: The likelihood of a comment disappearing into the cyber void is directly proportional to the length and complexity of the sentiment being expressed. I often find it prudent to copy a comment before hitting the publish button.

darkfoam said...

very beautiful! i've had so many comments dropped lately .. it's been pitiful.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful, cheerful yellow waving to you !
A timely present sent by God to cheer your every morning?
Might even inspire a haiku for Moi come Monday ;-)
We missed you last week. The read above explains your busyness.

It's the rhythm isn't it ?
A new love comes, an old love departs?
Blessings on your clan, so sorry for your Granny news. I 'spect all us bloggers pray for you too Aunty, not only for your Granny.


Pam said...

Auntie, so glad to hear an update on Granny. I reckon she means what she says. And can I borrow the use if the term "Tribe Child"? LOVE THAT. Glad it is Spring, it has been a long time coming this year. I'm glad it is coming with a tribe child. And that you still have a granny hanging on.

darkfoam said...


Jenny said...

Aunty - I have a new place:


When you're ready, please visit.