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What is yore favorite internet tool/add on/ widget /search / thingy-do?

I is puzzled over this stuff 'til mah puzzler was sore.

I need some hep figgerin' out the pros an cons of off site storage, thangs like Drop Box
or Flickr, Itunes, etc. Huh? I'se supposed to let the whole world look at mah vacation? How I wash the dawg?

Y'all know I'se paranoid. Ain't anybody worriet that these social twitting an' file storage an' who- knows-what=else techie thangs make it easy as peanut butter pie fer a massive dossier to be stored on each of us? I has skype. I hate web cam skype--doan folks git it? Part of the fun of the phone or bloggin' is ya can be in yore nightgown--not wif' web cam skype--so I turn that thang OFF. How does ya KNOW THEM IMAGES OF YOU AIN'T BEIN' LOGGED AND STORED, HUH? HUH? HUH? Admit it now--thas' a real scary proposition.

All these cookies is leavin' a heck of a trail so that the witch in the woods can follow ya home..do anybody care?

I wanted to load music onto mah blog, but first I had to go git the music, find a sharing platform, yadda yadda yadda--which I declined to do.

An now comes news about somethin' called Spokeo that purportedly lists all yore facebook images, your credit ratin', your last divorce decree, how much income tax ya paid, your collich GPA, all things bright an' beautiful.

Ah, yeah.

I think the world is passin' us paranoiacs by.


Jenny said...

While researching photos/things for the NYE, I caught two viruses, luckily they were caught by my virus protector. So, I'm not only paranoid about what I'm sharing, I'm also leary about someone else wants to share with me. I make nothing public that isn't public. There's a whole generation behind us that doesn't seem to care..... but will they someday? My oldest nephew will be applying to colleges next year and he's already been told by his advisor to be aware of what he does with his Facebook/etc. He will be watched. ***shudder***

I don't care if parts of technology pass me by. I'm really OK.

Aunty Belle said...


I also wuz snagged by viruses, that were caught, durin' NYE. Alarmin'.

I'se ok wif' less, but I has been told that every browser version is more invasive than the last an' when ya doan update browsers, pretty soon the old one doan work wif new content.


Buzz Kill said...

I was told by my office IT security people that if you take pictures with the new Iphones, Droids or other smart phones with GPS capability, that information is encrypted into each of the pictures. It's the GPS coordinates of where you take the picture - like in your house. I had no idea about this.

Take a look here.

R.Powers said...

I don't Tweet, so that is not an issue.
Don't Facebook either.
My phone is GPS capable, but not activated.
When Google asks about linking GPS to my photos, I decline.

It's a tradeoff between utilizing all this amazing techware and keeping some bit of privacy.

Boxer is right about a person's Facebook postings haunting them forever.
A lot of future parents are going to have some squirmy explaining to do when THEIR as yet unborn children are crusing the internet and find Mom or Dad's college party postings.

Aunty Belle said...


That nephew may git hisself a shock--see FC a bit down the combox.

Ya's scarin' me. I know two folks who take the battery out of their phones when havin' a serious conversation face to face on any topic of import. But I din't know that thang about snappin' a photo--eeek!


Hey, youse been scarce as hen's teeth. Hope Mama is OK?

I doan tweet or FB either. And won't. Heck I woan even git a Sunpass. But what I hate is how the technology is arranged so that ya almost HAVE to conform to it in order to function. We had an insurance company tell us that we can ONLY see the premium statements online--everybody plans to go paperless. When everthing is online there will be no privacy.

fishy said...

I could add my horror stories but instead I thought I would mention there are online courses available about maintaining privacy for pc users.

yeah ... online courses.

Since it can be foolhardy to go online fishing for security classes, the better way is to enroll in the what you don't know can hurt you pc security classes via your local technical college.
Once you take the basics, sign up to take all the updates as technology changes.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

Where are you guys looking for photos? If you're picking up viruses, you should stay away from those sites.

I don't use the Internet for banking personal or business. I recently had a discussion with a banker who stated "If someone's account is hacked and the bank can prove their password was somehow compromised, the bank won't be responsible for the loss". So if someone figure's out how you setup your passwords and your life savings disappears. It's your problem not the banks.

If you must use services like insurance or bank online using a hardened username and hard passwords are essential. By hard I mean 8 to 10 characters, no words, upper and lowercase letters numbers and the upper row characters. I would suggest if you are going to use an online storage site, the same should apply. I don't trust online back-up services either. You have no way of knowing how secure their servers are. For pictures and things like that, finding one that has settings for who may view may be your best bet. Again follow username and password protocols.

The Geotrackers in phones and cameras really are potentially dangerous there are also tracking software's that can be used on photos you post on the Internet that can find the origination source. You should check your new camera's instructions carefully.

I have two phones one is smart (GPS off), the other has no camera, no Internet connectivity. I switch the sim cards back and forth between these phones depending on where am working.

One last comment for a comment that has become entirely too long. If it's on the Internet and someone wants it bad enough, there's a good chance they'll get it.

fishy said...

I received a warning insert in my last bank statement. The purpose was to inform online banking via a smart phone is NOT as secure as via your pc. In fact, they recommend against as the data can be obtained from your phone while you are online banking.

For those companies eliminating paper, they will take a credit card by phone or you can pay in cash at their local affiliate office.

My policy is I have a single card, with specific limits and an address other than my home address which is the only card I use for online buying/payments. It's probably false security but it helps me sleep.

Aunty Belle said...

good idea--mayhap I will take mahself off to the local CC.


now I'se really scared.

We does not bank online. I doan use online back up/ storage/ file sharing.

Onc't some folks I know was goin' on a boat fer months while they had their house painted, floors redone, etc.

They stored some of their stuff in a Storage-R -US facility. The facility had a fire, the people had not taken photos of what they stored and could prove nothing for insurance purposes.

That was real, but the same idea is true fer virtual--how does I know that the online facility won't crash/ be hacked or whatever??

Privacy will soon be a quaint memory.

Karl, leave as long a comment as ya please, any time ya please.

sparringK9 said...

about spokeo. what they do is let you type in your name and then it shows you a dossier they have on you. The idea is to scare the crap out of you so that you choose the "privacy" option to take your name off. But you have to give them your email to do this. clever. now they have an address to spam and to verify that indeed the info was close enough to unnerve you. they also offer a service to remove you off this data complier - thats what its all about.

so they take the google street shot of your home and present that. I looked at the spokeo - i wish i was as rich as they say! they think V is a woman. its just them crawling the net finding what they can and using it to scare you into buying a protection service. obviously i didnt click the link or do anything.

They are under a class action suit right now.

Like Karl said, i do a lot of online banking but i change my passwords often and they are indeed weird combos of numbers and letters with case sensitive shifts.

the fact is that if you have ever been in a phone book, registered a car, applied for a drivers license, or registered for anything on the net that info was archived. Lots of crimes have been solved by GPSing cell phones and placing people near the cell tower of a crime.

i would never use online storage for my essential data -i use if for image storage. I have seen theft of my illustration work over the years. I google search my stuff every so often. Most the time its not critical to me...they arent making $ off it.

a criminal who is motivated wont be deterred. As far as somebody tracking me down based on internet slackness -im not worried. Most people get killed by somebody they know.

the DHS is the greatest threat to privacy that we face. Under the guise of safety they will compile your every move.

on facebook - i dont post very often but when i do its mostly dog and chicken photos. I have never written anything on there that is significant: no politics ever.

Ive never caught a virus but im mac based and 98% of malware is designed for PC's.

moi said...

Like K9, I'm Macintosh all the way, which is virtually foolproof against viruses. Never caught one, knock wood. S.B., who is PC, has firewalls and virus protection that make the CIA's security look like a rent-a-cop, and about once a year catches something nasty.

I also don't Tweet or have much of a Facebook presence; I don't store anything online and only just recently started online banking, although it makes me extremely nervous. I'm continually changing passwords.

It's a Brave New World, that's for sure. I shudder to think of all that data floating around . . .

Jenny said...

Came back to read comments/etc and my hair is getting grayer as I read. Karl's comment about switching sim cards is interesting (and just adds to his mystique but I digress.)

Mr. Boxer and I have never been in the phone book and his last name is the name of the family bidness and I've never liked that for many reasons. Recently, a quick search on his name not only delivered our home address, but other vital info I never knew was available. Because I have a different last name I seem to be a little more invisible. Plus, his name isn't common, mine is.

@Buzz - thanks for the iphone info. too.

Great post, Aunty!

darkfoam said...

yeah, this is a great post. not to long ago i removed myself from something (can't remember what) because when i googled my name it listed my address right away. it is creepy out there.

oh, i've been dismantling with help from one son today.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

I did some playing around with photo storage sites. Flicker and Picasa allow you to choose security settings that should eliminate anyone viewing or using what you store on their site. I believe Picasa is the default picture storage for blogger. So if you don't want outside eyes viewing your racy pictures you can set your settings so that they're only visible to you. Although my previous statement about username, password and server security still apply.

Boxer Boxer Boxer, what am I going to do with you you're reading too much into things. The sim card issue comes about simply because of some places don't allow camera phones, that's all.

Aunty Belle said...

thanks fer analysis of spokeo--
DHS is the major threat. But let's doan make it easy fer nobody to truss us like chikens.

Wait, that'd be non-Chickory chickens, of course.

does y'all keep a LBB? How does ya 'member all them passwords youse a changin' all the time?

I doan git virus much--doan go to tripwire sites, an' I has a decent viral snagger. But the horror of anxiety about it real.


heh...lots of disinformation is another tactic--nosy so in so's desrve to git an earful of "redirection".


it IS creepy out thar'. See comment to @Boxer.

Dismantling in progress, huh? I'se nearly done--a few misc to pack away. But I ain't got a sweet boy to hep me. Jes' an ole curmudgeon. Youse got the better deal.


why thanky fer checkin' on Picassa an' Flickr. Mah racy photos consist of naked tomatoes--the foliage have frozen right off 'em.

As fer switchin' sim cards, a certain East River behemoth confiscates a workin' lady's camera/ phone/PDA/ voice recorder/
but permit you to eject sim card to yore safe keepin'.

Anonymous said...

SS number easy to bust from innocent info given online


Jenny said...

@Karl - bwahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...


I begin on internet with a directory