The Feast of the Epiphany is celebrated early this year in the US.

I doan like that.

The nativity scene lives in the living room fireplace permanently, as they's jes' to heavy to move.

We takes down all the Christmas only after the Epiphany...so now I'se bein' hurried. So much to dismantle. The family room tree, two living room trees....what? ya' think that's excessive? It's cheaper, an' a hair less bloody, than a divorce. Christmas trees is a flashpoint fer some folks (me) an' he gits one big one in the room wif' the box, I git a matched pair in the quiet room.

I'se anxious--ain't y'all? --to git on to the tasks ahead, to sweep thangs clean. We enjoyed rich foods, good wines, but now? It's the beet greens an' mint water I'se drinkin' to clear the blood of whatever doan belong thar'....

Magnificent fruit, not hot bubbling, cheesy lasagna. ( I has mixed emotions on this point.)

As some of ya' heard, we had two back to back freezes an' so the yard is full of brown skeletons, the garden too--but kumquats an' camellias provide bright spots nonetheless.

Looky thar'--some organic potatoes sproutin' an' in need of plantin'...an' all that needs puttin' away--the boxes an bags, paper an' tags, scissors an' glue, mor'n a few--

The weather is warm again, an' I'se itchin' to plant some seeds, but it is still too soon--see what the freezes done to the tomatoes?

No need to chance that again, even fer us'uns in Florida, so I'll have to content mahself wif seed trays fer an early git-goin'.

I'll be busy fer a few days wif' all this. While I put away 2010, I'se meditatin' on 2011.

Please check the BACK PORCH in a few days fer a surprise--somethin' I found in the attic durin' a purge last week.

Hope yore first few days of 2011 is one of reflection, lookin' forward to all the good that is to come, courage to try a new direction if that is yore urge. But most of all, I'se trustin' that all us'uns an other of our fellow citizens choose a life of more meanin,' less neon, family an' friends not fantasyland, the good, not the mediocre, the responsible, not the easy expedient--in short, a resourcement --a return to our founding philosophy, the stuff thas' in us, if only we trust it.

* * * * * * * * *
Sorry fer the poor quality photos--still hadn't decided to keep the Canon S 6000, so it weren't even outa the box--these is jes' phone pics. Thinkin' I might keep the camera. Gotta do better'n this.


fishy said...

Good Morning Belle on this first fine Monday of 2011.

Like you, my schedule today is about packing the holiday decor, taking down the trees and thinking on what were the lessons of 2010 that prepares me for 2011? Did I learn, grow, create, support, acknowledge?

Sigh, the Pond house is a big one, with decor needing packing in at least 9 or 10 of the rooms so i will have plenty of time for thinking. Peace be with us both on these missions.

chickory said...

yes indeed keep the new camera. these phone pix have got to go. because, dag aunty, look at the beautiful subjects you photographed. the mantel with the angel and pine cones is lovely - i wouldnt mind having a clear look at that. i even liked the plate of eaten beets. These photos all speak to a live well lived.

Sorry about the Epiphany coming so early - seemed Christmas snuck up on me...dont know how. I took our tree down on new years day. it was very dry and very brittle.

Im ready to rock January. Got my studio cleaned and ready to mess it up again.

happy week to you aunty

chickory said...

life well lived

moi said...

Amen to your closing sentiments.

But, Aunty, beet greens and mint water? Seriously?

Buzz Kill said...

I had to look up "ressourcement" - I thought that was one of the made up words from you NYE Word game. Bwahahaha

The Mrs got up on New Years Day and started taking everything down. The tree was bare by the time I woke up. I still have to take down the outside decorations (after they dry out) and pack it all in the crawlspace. The party is definitely over.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

Your photos look pretty good to me.

To me the past is to be learned from, not reflected on. Look ahead, always look ahead.

We had one last function to get through yesterday. So today's the takedown day.

R.Powers said...

Beet greens and mint WATER?

Well, I never!

... perhaps that explains things.

Seriously, are we talking water infused with beet greens and mint?

Great post with much to savor and think about.

... 'cept for beets of course ... hard to savor such a thang.

Aunty Belle said...

# Beets are a unique source of phytonutrients called betalains. Betanin and vulgaxanthin are the two best-studied betalains from beets, and both have been shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support. The detox support provided by betalains includes support of some especially important Phase 2 detox steps involving glutathione. Although you can see these betalain pigments in other foods (like the stems of chard or rhubarb), the concentration of betalains in the peel and flesh of beets gives you an unexpectedly great opportunity for these health benefits.
# In a recent study from Italy, beets were shown to be an especially important contributor of two carotenoids in the overall diet: lutein and zeaxanthin. Although much of the recent carotenoid research has focused on beta-carotene, both lutein and zeaxanthin are unique as health support molecules, particularly with respect to eye health and common age-related eye problems involving the macula and the retina. For eye health, beets may eventually turn out to require a category all their own.

Karl said...

OK, I believe you. Your brew is good for you. How does it mix with bourbon? (just trying to figure out how to get it down)

Aunty Belle said...

Saute beet greens (well washed) in a bit of olive oil infused wif' garlic, zest some lemon over it an pepper.

Or put a few beet greens in a jar wif sprigs of mint--fill wif purified water,refrigerate until cold--sip throughout the day. Two days of this is a good tonic fer over indulgence.

Roasted beets: peel 4-6 small beets, splash some ghee (clarified butter) over them, sea salt, roast at 350 fer 50 minutes.

Beet salat:

grate 4 cold steamed beets. Toss in 3 tbs olive oil with zest of orange. pile 1/4 beets onto bed of baby spinach, crumble small amount blue ( or feta) cheese over them, toss in a few toasted pinenuts, drizzle wif' raspberry vinegar. serves 4.

For youse who's squeamish:

grate 4 small peeled beets, mix into red velvet cake batter, bake as cupcakes. Ice wif' vanilla frosting, put a cherry atop each.

Fer the adventurous:

Beet syrup infused cocktails

eat them, people--they's good fer ya'.

Aunty Belle said...

Karl, looky--ya taught me well.

Lemme know how that beet infused bourbon goes down--actually, I bet it is not bad in a Manhattan. Make a beet syrup an use fer the sweet vermouth?

fishy said...

Can I just take a supplement?
Drink a beet? What's next?

fishy said...

Dang it!
I fergot to mention you needs a camera. While phone pics is fine in an emergency, I'm with the others I want to see the Porches beauty! What I see is hazy and muted. Iffen you don't like the camera ya got, swap it fer one you does like.

moi said...

Bwahahahahaha to Fishy. Me, too. I'm Mikey with just about everything culinary, and I of course adore beets, but I'm having a difficult time "tasting" that particular concoction.

Jenny said...

I started my morning out with apple cider vinger mixed with warm water, because I need a full cleansing of all things I consumed over the past weeks.

Things did move quickly this Christmas season. I took my decorations down Saturday and like, Chickory, organzied my house (still working on it) for the rest of the weekend.

When you see what your beautful things look like properly photographed, you'll be happy you took the camera (or any camera) out of the box.

Why does it feel like decorations go up in seconds and then take HOURS/Days to take down?

Aunty Belle said...

people, people...the beet greens doan even hardly flavor the water--the mint is the flavor comin' through. Fer Beets sake!


it is taking hours an' hours an hours--near about defeatin' mah spirits to look at how far I has to go--so I'se up heah peckin' a keyboard--uh, yep, I'se procrastinatin'.

darkfoam said...

oops, i just got back from work and i'm munching on chips ..
no cleansing going on here.
i too have all my christmas things still up and will continue to have them up until the epiphany. and then my sons have the task of taking it all down. or else!!!!! .. :)
check your email. i'm sending you a link to the charity that also has their mailing info.

Sharon Rudd said...

Yeah, kumquats! And I'm lovin' that beet salad recipe. Best of luck getting the decorations down and moving forward with the new year, Aunty!

chickory said...

its adding the mint to it that grosses me out. theres got to be another way!

Kymical Reactions said...

Miss Aunty, did I see sweet taters? I'm new to sweet taters this year, and I'm upset with myself for going 31 years without them.

And your camera takes pretty darn good pix to me!


pam said...

I De-Christmas'd on the day after Boxing Day, which was our Christmas day, and which sounds confusing. Except for the outdoor lights, which we left up until just after NY Eve. Strange you should mention neon, it features in my post today. But yes on keeping the camera ... you and Chickieboom also ... creativity pours out of this group and a new tool for that pursuit is a good thing. Merry New Year. My resolution was to be happy with less and thankful for more.

Aunty Belle said...


Ya has it right--the 12 days of Christmas takes us to Epiphany--an the Three Kings is mah all time favorite Christmas cards--they symbolize us'uns, on a journey to pay homage to the Christ Child.

But, uh, can ya share them boys? to take down all the regalia?? I do make decent brownies.


Ha--we's still a'reelin' from that shindig, ain't we? What shall I do wif' the kumquats? All I ever do is use 'em in flower arrangements. Maybe I can make kumquat jam--or, does ya have a recipe?


confused--ya doan like mint? Looky, the mint water is refreshin tastin--an ya cain't even hardly taste the beet green water.

Today? The camera comes outa the box.


Oh darlin' I'se rea; pleased to see ya an yore Mama (wondered if travelin' this far south wuz jes' too long a travel time :) )

Yep--sweet potatoes--ANOTHER good thang fer a body to consume --Aunty is not a health nut. But, I doan like manufactured foods (GMOs) or fake foods (imitation butter/cream/sugar) Sweet potatoes is a real tasty health food that undoes some of the bad stuff ya eat.

How are ya feelin' Sweetie Pie? What is yore due date? We's all so excited fer ya...an' GrandPam too!


Poutin' heah--have been missin' ya!

What a wonderful time fer ya whole clan--know this new baby-chile has ever'body all jazzed.

I'se comin' by to read up on yore neon. An' today I WILL open the camera an give it a whirl.

Mah hesitation has been that it is one that has to be charged. Mah beloved (an' mysteriously missin') Coolpix took batteries--meanin' all ya need do is pop in new batteries an' keep on shooting--but wif' a camera that has a battery that to be charged? ya could git caught short on an important day.

Then--duh! somebody told me to git an extry battery fer the camera an keep that charged an ready to go. What a dimwit I is.

The new one is a Canon S 6000, if anybody has one, I'd appreciate what ever ya think 'bout it.

So happy to see ya Pamokc,

SophieMae said...

OK, I started readin' your explanation of the benefits of beet greens and my eyes kindly glazed. I know they's good fer what ails ya, so I'll leave it at that.

I thunk on ya just now, as I read about the 'new, edited' version of Huck Finn about t' come out. *sigh* Reckon I'll be scouring used book stores fer copies of the real thing afore they bans it.

Hemingway declared, "All modern American literature comes from" Huck Finn, and hailed it as "the best book we've had."

Aunty Belle said...

Sophie Mae!!

Happy New Year to y'all.

Huck is bein' re-engineered? Nuthin' is sacred no more. Puddin', youse right to high tail it out to the olde book shoppe an git'cha a copy of the real thang, the bona fide. Would'ja believe I has a copy of Uncle Remus ( unabridged) an' wonder of wonders, Little Black Sambo. No kiddin'. (in which Sambo an his mama Mambo comes off as pretty smart folk fer out wittin' tigers--but the book be banned.

As fer Huck--Hemmingway may have thought all Am literature builds on Huck, but Twian hisself said his best work was Joan of Arc.

Hope youse well.

SophieMae said...

Dawgawn, I got so riled up when I read about ol' Huck, I plumb fergot t' say Happy New Year! ... and t' ask about the early Epiphany thing. (Just searched and saw some site says 1st Sunday after the new year - ?!). Tarpon's celebrating on the 6th, as always. Wish I could be there. The doves and the dive are somethin' t' see.

I'm sure I have an Uncle Remus book somewhere... only wish I still had my Black Sambo. Likely have a Huck, as well, but reckon I'll buy a copy or 3, anyhow. I also have Song of the South, but not sure it's still in viewing condition.

Anonymous said...

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