Never. Period.

I doan even allow the suggestion of a foray on Black Friday. It's mah idea
of the 4th Bolge. But thas' personal. Fer all y'all who find it entertainin',
more fun to ya'.

So I'se heah.


Uncle departed wif' glee late mornin' fer his huntin' camp. Wif' equal
glee I let the quiet envelop me. No music, no TV, no phones. No voices.

Whirled half a head of lettuce wif' unfiltered apple juice in the blender--
giv'n mah liver a break on the Day After.

I sat in a chair not really readin', jes' soggin'. The wind is from the southwest
today--it hints of rain.

In the quiet, I roam from room to room. The flowers is the onliest reminder that yesterday were a flurry of folks an' food.

Now I'se perched on mah bed in yoga pants an' a big shirt ( I doan do yoga, but they's comfortable an' ya could answer the door in 'em) wif' impossibly
jumbled titles:

Murder in the Latin Quarter (Carla Black)
Intellectuals (Paul Johnson)( a resource over the years to
the various "movements")
Novena to St. Joseph
Florida Gardener's Resource
Traveling with Pomegranates (Sue Monk Kidd)
Nullification (Thomas Woods, Jr.)
The Blue Sky Book (my Fourth Grade Reader)

( somewhar' a sis has the Yellow Sun reader. )

Peruvian Connection
Williams Sonoma
Grange Les Meubles de Famille
Pinetree Seeds

How can fightin' fer a parkin' space beat this?

What does y'all do on the Day After Thanksgiving? The Weekend After?

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moi said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend a morning—quietly and all to yourself. I did some work and then while S.B. headed out to shoot, I went shopping. Black Friday? More like grey to Moi.

fishy said...

I tries to never roll out of the driveway on this entire Maul Mania weekend. I did get my walk about in before the rains and a projected precipitous temperature drop came calling.

Watched an older movie on cable,
visited the blogs, and enjoyed the quiet.

Your flowers look fabulous.

darkfoam said...

love your flowers! love this little glimpse into your life on the day after thanksgiving. i never venture out in black friday if i can help it. i just lounged around all day feeling remarkably unguilty about it.

R.Powers said...

I Christmas shopped online early this morning from my dining room table with Bear at my feet.
Later, I walked my woods with a pruning saw playing the role of fire and storm ... makin' openings in my forest for light to get down to the floor.
Put a dent in the leftovers and put away the high dishes company stuff after yesterday's hosting.

Right now, I'm listening through open windows to the coyotes yipping and howling outside in the dark.

Just the usual.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Moi!

WHAT did ya buy?? Did ya have to fight fer it?


Maul Mania--howling hilarious!!


THanky...an youse right, "remarkably unguilty" fer the loafin' time.


Ok, ya win the prize fer BEST DAY AFTER. Ya' managed both--an it sounds lovely the way ya describe it.

moi said...

Nah, hardly any crowds at all. There was something very specific I wanted to get for S.B. and I knew exactly where it was and since it was on sale, I braved the crowds and went. We have a beautifully laid out outdoor "mall" and the day was bright and sunny, so I bought my gift, strolled around, had lunch, visited a friend who works in one of the shops. Overall, totally relaxing and not stressful at all.

Jenny said...

Ahhhhh, I so understand. Everyone left yesterday and I realized I hadn't ventured up the long driveway in nearly 48 hours. I spent yesterday (and today) happily cleaning and taking photos, went to see a movie because it's so easy do here and today? I want to read, be quiet, listen to the waves, look at the water, walk Coco and maybe blend myself the very same drink you did for yourself. I typically begin a serious heath regime just after Thanksgiving and let it take me into the New Year.

I love yoga pants too, but just can't handle the actual Y O G A.


MamaHen said...

Hey Aunty! I have tried several times to email you, at the address you gave me, but I'm apparently not getting through. Could your spam filter be knocking me out?
Or you can try emailing me at edificerex@hotmail.com

LaDivaCucina said...

What a nice way to spend the day, Aunty. I don't partake in any of the Black Friday nonsense, when did it all get so crazy? Dignity doesn't come at 5am with pushy crowds, La Diva would gladly pay more than to lower herself to elbowing people out of her way. But then again, I have no kids whining to me what they "must have...."

I didn't enjoy our Thanksgiving day, was just not my day. The next day we rode our bikes and had healthy vegetarian dinner (pasta and fresh tomatoes with zucchini ribbons) and it was peaceful.

PS. That creamy peach coloured bougainvillea is divine!