One for the Old Guys

I seen a movie recently whar' the "catch" was definitely an ole fella. An' fer ole gent, he wuz a looker. Certainly more appealin' than that Depp character--sorry Moi & Boxer.

SO I got to wonderin' if you ladies HAD to got to dinner wif' a graybeard, who would ya choose?

Someone that ain't aged too well, in mah view, is Robert Redford ( liberal politics does that, I reckon).

Jes' arbitrary, but let's define "ole" as 55+.....

( yeah, big ole' sigh of relief fer y'all who's at the 50 yard line, ya ain't ole YET, by Aunty's yardstick...heh)

An' gentlemen bloggers, what older guy is yore idea of how ya' see yore own "golden years"?

Now it doan need to be a movie type--anybody in the public eye so to speak--TV, Tycoon, Athlete, Writer, Musician...an' Okay (gag) even a

Tell me yore pick for best lookin' ole fella--and why.


LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Aunty, I'm glad you broached this subject, "mighty innerestin'!"

Without a doubt, Sean Connery! First of all his accent and the timber of his voice, is tres sexy. And the man is good lookin' without looking all jowly and droopy or worse, cosmetic surgeryized! Also, Gregory Peck and Cary Grant aged quite well too, I thought.

Guys whom I thought were incredibly sexy years ago but don't do a thing for me now include Stallone and Al Pacino and Burt Reynolds.

Which brings me to a point. I LOVE Johnny Depp. He is super sexy with his high cheekbones and slim body and excellent voice. I love John Malkovich. I love Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. I love Rudy Youngblood (Apocalypto) I love Jason Lewis (Smith from SITC) and I love big hairy guys although I can't think of anyone famous (except for my DJ Nevah L8)

So what does that say about La Diva? All I can do is point to this scene from "It's a Wonderful Life:" Mary Hatch to Violet Bick in the soda shop: "You like all the boys, Violet!" Violet replies, "Well, what's the matter with that?"

SophieMae said...

At the risk of repeating myownself, SAM 'WUBBA' ELLIOTT!!! Not only is he one of the best-lookin' geezers breathin', but he talks so slow an' purty, as well! If I HAD to go??? Twist my arm, please! LOL! Oh, and why??? Have you LOOKED at him?! Plus, he's been married to the same woman for the last 26 years and ya never hear no wanderin' gossip about him,

No offense to Depp-a-philes, but he's way too 'soft' for my taste. Gimme a manly man anyday. Don't want me no purty-boy.

BTW, thanks ever so for askin' after me. I've been scarce online of late, since I tried to crack my skull on the car door frame and stirred up my vertigo and just plain needed a break, I reckon. And now the weather is sooooooo lovely! I just need to be out there! It's nice to see you posting a bit again. Hope all is well in Belle-ville!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Don't any of you ladies like Ernest Borgine with his crazy eyes?

fishy said...

1) Sean Connery
2) Pierce Brosnan
3) Kevin Costner
4) Bruce Willis
5) Viggo Mortensen

One of the Bridges brothers but I don't remember which one. If Jeff was the one in Seabiscuit,then him.

I am not a fan of Depp as an actor nor of the characters he plays. He just does not have that physical grace and sureness of a Connery or a Brosnan or a Mortensen. Plus, he has no rugged to him.

Even as a young man, I never thought Redford in the same league as newman. Not in looks nor in acting. That being said, I LOVED redford in The Horse Whisperer.

Susan Humeston said...

All time best:
1. Sam Elliott (sigh)
2. Tom Selleck
3. Sean Connery

darkfoam said...

kevin kline comes to mind.
of course, sean connery.
tommy lee jones perhaps.
cary grant was just one heck of a good looking guy when he was old. other male actors from that era also aged quite well, but one cannot go out with dead gents ..
i think johnny depp is a fine actor, but i only found him appealing as a man when he was a pirate. something about that beard tied down the front i think .. and the swagger .. :)

but, ya know ..
my husband's beard is rather gray.
he's beats all of them.

Jenny said...

Aunty! Big discussion around the fire and my picks were NOT accepted. Matter of fact, I was MOCKED! So here you are:

1. Hal Linden

2. Anthony Hopkins.

There you are.

Big Shamu said...

Here are my pics:
Abe Vigoda
Keith Richards
Ted Kennedy
Eddie Van Halen
Kenny Rogers
Burt Reynolds
Jessie Helms

moi said...

Reporting in at 22 hundred hours from Blog Summit Chickory 2010:

No one; I likes 'em young.

chickory said...

aunty -it's Fred, from the parking lot yesterday. Boxer agreed that was definitely crushable.

Aunty Belle said...


Ladies, ain't it funny how many of us'uns has somethin' to say--but ain't a human male comment yet (Gorilla B is assuredly male!). Reckon thas' on account of this bein' a discomfortin' idea? Or jes' that they's all watchin' the Gators take a POUNDIN' by the Tide?

La DivaC,

oh yeah darlin', Connery is the quintessential male icon--and he went seamlessly into an elder statesman category with no diminishment of that certain somethin.' Malkovich creeps me out, somehow...an ain't YOungblood, ah, young? he ain't an over 50 is he? As fer Diva as Violet? Howl--I git it honey!


Lady, what is ya doin' to yore haid? tryin' to test how hard it is? Dear mercy, Sweet Thang. Ya know--I forgot Sam Elliot--yes yes yes. AN, cause Suze also hearts Sam-O, I put up his pic--he is definitely a head snappin' entry.

hirsute manliness must be a high value trait,methinks--Connery never suffered fer it--or LaDiva C's DJ Neveah L8.

As fer yore Portuguese policeman--cain't determine his hairy quotient, but he has real purty teeth fer a pleb, but ain't it too bad he couldn't sink 'em in his attacker's haughty stiff neck. How ghastly! (BTW, Welcome to the Porch!)

I can go wif' that list of yor'n, (Viggo!!) 'cept not Willis--he is handsome-ish, but somethin' of that grin of cynicism puts me off.
Brosnan is aging well. As fer Redford, the young Redford in Three Days of the Condor and The Way We Were wuz the best he ever done in the looks department.


Hi thar', an' welcome.
Yore list is a good'un. I see a pattern--one I tends to follow too.


Of course, TLJ!! He misses bein' classic handsome, but dern it all, the man is jes' so easy in his body, a natural grace. I would pass up a heap of others to dine with TLJ. As fer Mr. Foam, why does I suspect youse oh-so-right?
You an me, Foam, we's smug ladies huh? Uncle ain't takin' a back seat to no Hollywooder, either.

An has I ever mentioned that ole Pappy Cracker still swivels the ladies haids at 84?? But then, y'all all KNOW that Cracker ladies knows what's what when it comes to menfolk.


Y'all has a FIRE?? it's that cold? Luvin' that fer you summiteers. What did Shamy make tonight?

They MOCKED ya? Hrumph! They's jes' jealous they ain't got a Australian Shepherd Chihuahua. Hopkins? -wait, did'ja see Gorilla B's post????


LOL!! How about a double date? Take Ed Kennedy an' Jesse out on the town, one to yore right, t'other on yore left --what an evenin' that woulda been. Has Kobe stolen yore heart?


Doan y'all have Ephebophiliacs Anonymous in the Southwest? Who won the pillow fight??


Pup, WHICH parkin' lot??? Thought youse all savin' yoreselves fer Nephew : )

LaDivaCucina said...

I forgot all about Sam Elliot! I just saw him on TV the other night and was thinking what a fabulous mustache he has. And Viggo! Well, if I was to include ALL famous people I'd have a list a mile long...but I can't forget Dhani Jones. Like Moi, I guess I like 'em young too!

Sham: Abe Vigoda?!!!!! I thought you didn't drink the alkeehol? haha! This was fun, night night!

Pam said...

Ha, this is too funny. And Fishy needs to see Johnny Depp in "Chocolat", she might just change her mind about that man.

My vote goes to Roger Daltrey and/or George Strait. Thought I'd take the music route! But Sam Elliott could persuade me also.

Aunty Belle said...


Heeeheee--the Geezer Gallery is growin'--I put up yore George Strait--he is cute! A fella in a cowboy hat gits a nod fer shure.

Now about Depp-ity-Doo, I admit he do have handsome features,but, fer me, he doan wear 'em the right way--I'se always left wif' the impression that he's barely out of knickers. Un-jelled.

Mebbe I'se missin' somethin; but heah's what Aunty *doan* sense in Depp: that mysterious interstitial male alertness to potential danger. Ya know what I mean? Somethin' deeper than face or physique.

A fella secure in his innate maleness, so he can be gentle wif' pups, friendly wif' the neighbors, grill the steaks, tend to the humdrum bidness of bidness-but at some primal level, Baby Doll, that man is on alert. He doan ever fergit he could be called upon to defend his own from threat.

This is a man who reads trail, sees the world from an angle of view no female can read. ( an fer the record, in ole Aunty's book, the most truly seductive lady is one who gits that truth--that menfolk know some thangs we ain't wired to know, an she appreciates it)

This man doan wear his body like a costume,but commands it from his heart to do what a man has to do when the time comes.

Connery, Peck, Gable, Eastwood, TLJ, Kostner, Daniel Craig, Morgan Freeman, Josh Brolin, Clive Owen...
these guys could be cast in that sort of role, but could Depp?

chick9 said...

yeah george straight is very very.

LaDivaCucina said...

Daniel Craig! I love him too in his brutish way! See, too many men, only one monogamous life!

Aunty, what you state is why it's so wonderful to have so many different types of men for us gals. Why we need the Johnny Depps of the world AND the Sam Elliots. To every woman who's in love with her man, she sees the man of HER dreams, and thankfully, women don't dream alike.

And you are spot on about the truly seductive lady who gets that truth although I think some women will never get it (and hence why they are unhappy or alone with longing) In my opinion, there truly IS a man for every gal (or two or three!)

Anonymous said...

what would the troll say?

Pam said...

Now, I was qualifying my choices by selecting someone older than myself. I'm not sure Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Clive Owen, etc., are older than me. But if I can put anyone in that bracket on the list ...CLIVE OWEN, CLIVE OWEN, CLIVE OWEN. And what would Troll say? Well, we might put Troll on the list if he would re-appear :) ....

Auntie, I like your description of that maleness factor -- and in that regard I will put Russell Crowe on my list also. Although I watched his Robin Hood movie last night and it wasn't very good.

fishy said...

Whoooeee Aunty you struck a chord in the heart of the wimmen bloggers!

I reckon I am stubborn.
I will stick with my list and hold the line on unjelled Deppitude while giving a nod to TLJ and Sam Elliott.

But iffen you are opening this listing up to singers ...
hello Julio !!!!!

Jenny said...

Fred was hawt but Chickory saw him first. hee.

moi said...

Most excellent point about "interstitial male alertness to potential danger." Maybe I'll have to change my mind about Depp, but I believe I'll always defend his sizzliness in Chocolate.

I missed seeing Fred because I believe I was in a shoe store. Boo.

I'd put Troll on my list but I'm mad at him for leaving me. Double boo.

Clive Owen
Russell Crowe
Daniel Craig

All need to return my phone calls.

SophieMae said...

Aint B, I was thinkin' on TLJ - I really like him a bunch - but face it, Sam IS the man you described. All the others are chokin' on his dust, so t'speak. OK, Tom Selleck was WAY easy on the eyes in Quigley Down Under. And he does that lower his head and look upwardly at ya thing that just kinda turns ya into puddin'. Still, Sam is the master of that move, as well. Ya know, though, I think Mark Harmon'd fill second place right nicely.

Re the hard head... yes ma'am, I learnt it ain't near hard as it useter be. (*;*)

SophieMae said...

DAWG! How could we have not mentioned Omar Sharif?!

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

I can't think of a one.

I'm only 4 years shy of hitting your "old man status" and my beard if grown out is all grey.

Aunty Belle said...

Y'all carry on-- will be back in a day.

Buzz Kill said...

"What would the troll say? "

He would say, "Why aren't there any black guys, horses or Republicans on the list?" Bwahahaha

As a guy, I think I would like to age as well as Sean Connery, Sam Elliot, Robert Duvall, Morgan Freeman or Spencer Tracy. I won't, of course, but you have to have something to shoot for.

Anonymous said...

BUZZ, Troll wouldn't know Morgan Freeman ( on the list) was a black man?

Pam said...


Now on my official list. And I like Moi's way of thinkin'.

Jenny said...

Bwahahahaha to Buzz and Moi you were in the grocery store when Chickory made her "connection"

Sharon Rudd said...

Bwahahahaha to many of the comments here. Sam Elliott popped into my mind even before you posted a pic of him, Auntie. Just because :)

Kymical Reactions said...

Auntie, my votes are probably a bit more modern, but still grey beards... :)

1. Hugh Laurie. swoon.
2. Pierce Brosnan. swoon.
3. Viggo Mortensen. double swoon.

SophieMae said...

OK, I just have to add one more before this thing dies. Chuck Norris. I mean, really, can you believe the man is 70?! I've always had a little bit of an unexplainable crush on him. 8-}

Unknown said...

Well I'm a Mark Harmon, Viggo Mortinson, Pierce Brosnan fan myself... Feel free to wrap any of them up in a big red bow and leave them on my doorstep! Yummy!!!!!

Aunty Belle said...

Well, ladies, the votes is tallied and the brunettes (going or gone grey) take the top --sorry blond fellas.

An' I notice that with few exceptions, this post didn't jive with our menfolk bloggers--why ya think that is?? heh.

New post tomorry.