Grassy Beach? Seen it wif mah own eyes

Above Assisi, thar's a
hermitage that the Benedictines done give to St. Francis an' his friars--a getaway spot too high fer most folks to follow 'em. Even saints need some down time.

I ain't got a good head picture of what it musta looked like 800 years ago, but since Assisi is already plenty high up Mount Subasio , I knowed the drive further up oughta be amazin'--an it wuz, an' thas' wif'a nice road. Mercy only knows what it wuz like on foot or donkey back when.

But even
further up than the hermitage is a thang locals call "grassy beach". Uh-huh. TO a Floridian the sight of folks in 1/ 2 a bikini laid out on a grassy summit thousands of feet above sea level "takin' the sun" is hilarious.


Aunty Belle said...

whar' does y'all landlocked folks go to find a "beach" when ya need some sun?

Whar' s yore hermitage?

darkfoam said...

the thing is italy ain't exactly landlocked.
i think a mountaintop with a killer view is a pretty darn good spot to take the sun .. if it's not too blazingly hot. actually i'd rather hike the mountain then lay on it. just like i'd rather walk along the beach then lay on it.
speaking of beach .. that's wear i'm headed tomorrow .. i'm planning on doing a good bit of walking.

Sharon Rudd said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, Auntie. Between them and Foamy’s mention of mountain hiking, dang, I’m missin’ my Colorado (:

But given my current locale, for me it’s less about “taking the sun” and more about coping with the oppressive humidity. Just lying there in a bathing suit of whatever coverage? No can do. If I’m gonna sweat that much, must have air movement. Boating on the mighty wide Ohio River isn’t exactly a landlocked experience, but it is a treat – and about the only way I voluntarily “take the sun” this time of year around here. No boat trip invites so far this summer for a variety of reasons, but an eggy can always hope for at least one this season.

Pam said...

Speaking as a life-long, land-locked lady, I can tell you that you take the sun where you can get it. But preferably behind your own fenced back yard and beside a swimming pool. Sunbathing with no water nearby (even in the form of kiddie pool) is almost impossible here except maybe a couple of weeks per year when it isn't oppressively hot. These poor people don't even have the luxury of a garden hose with mist attachment at their disposal. I can appreciate gathering in the field/park but without a proper beach, sunbathing is much more of a private affair in my part of the world. Having said all that, drop me in Italy tomorrow and I'll join them, okay?

R.Powers said...

I squinted real hard, but those look like whole bikini's to me.

Jenny said...

In my part of the world, we don't even bother. I just down my 8,000 eu (yes, that's correct) of Vitamin D everyday and skip the trouble those beautiful rays can cause.

LOVE the pictures Aunty. What an amazing landscape. Even with the bare bodies. :-)

Aunty Belle said...

sorry y'all__I'se had a house full o hooligans of one sort or another an not a minute to spare on the computer.


Hope ya got to yore beach an' is walkin' to the horizon...an' snappin' a photo or two to share wif' us.


heh...well, Sweet Thang, I hope ya gits yore biat invite. C'mon down heah an' will git us an airboat --heh.


you bet! We'll jes parachute in an spread out our towels--no kiddin' now, it was very beautiful.


Ha! seems to me in the second pic from the bottom, that gal closest to the camera? Ain't her top off?


So happy to see you =really empathizing wif' yore recent grief. Uh, 8000 units of Vitamin D ?? mercy. But youse too true on the horrors of any skin cancer. me? rarely get much expousre meself.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

I never could understand deliberately laying in the sun. I mean, just look at a raisin. It is a neet looking view from up there.

Standing the 00:00-04:00 watch is good for both seclusion and reflection. Plus you don't have to worry about sunscreen.

Ava said...

Hello! Just droppin' in. Interesting photos. I have to admit, being from Missouri ... I don't have a beach to go to and I've been known to lay out on the grass ... but in my own yard. hee hee

R.Powers said...

Why, yes it is.
Thanks for the tip.

moi said...

Um. That's just. Slightly weird.

My landlocked state is fortunately blessed with 321 days a year of full on sunshine. And we have a swim spa here at La Casa Moi. So if I want to beach it, I just step out into my backyard. Although, I much prefer Florida or the Caribbean :o)