Movie Clip Wednesday

Movie Clip Wednesday: Who do you want to be with in a romantic comedy?

Milk River Madman is our host fer MCW

Hop on over to his place to see who others wanted to star wif' --in their dreams!

Well, I cain't do this theme--I mean, thar' is the matter of propriety. Aunty cain't seem to think of no fella in a romantic comedy that SHE would want to "be wif" though I could be the curmudgeonly editor in this film. Still, some fellas is perfect for Romantic Comedies --they's jes's cute as puppies.

Here's one--ain't he jes' as fun as a yellow Lab puppy? How can ya resist this fella's dimples? or how easy he rides in his own skin? Missin' the classical handsome features, mebbe, but cuteness and comedy is a good match. I doan wanna kiss him, but I can she why she does.

(Spanish version 'cause it has best scene selection)


Pam said...

I forgot about this movie! If you have to star with someone in your dreams, it might as well be this guy, eh? Ahem ahem cough cough. I can vote for that! Happy MCW!

Buzz Kill said...

Amazingly, another movie I've never seen. I will admit that I kind of like Matthew McConaughey because there's a certain insanity about him (like Russel Crowe or Mel Gibson) that's interesting.

Happy MCW!

Joanna Cake said...
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Joanna Cake said...

Oops sorry! Wrote Ruf instead of Buzz!

Looks shocked that Buzz could even begin to compare that wimp Matthew McC with Russ or Mel!

It was a good film but Im afraid he's a bit too wet for me Aunty and I didnt go with Russ or Mel because I think they might not be so much fun to be on set with...

moi said...

Best hair in Hollywood. I agree with Buzz that he's got a certain glint in his eye as well. Happy MCW, Aunty!

fishy said...

Aunty, You has a thing for blondes with dimples? Who knew!