It was NOT our Pork Rinds!!

The driver of a FedEx tractor-trailer rig lost control of his truck on Interstate 5 after choking on some spicy pork rinds, jackknifed and came to a stop in a muddy ditch, says a Washington State Patrol trooper.

Trooper Keith Leary says 42-year-old Edward Sutherland of Mount Vernon suffered minor injuries Monday. Leary says the man was driving his rig southbound from Blaine when he began choking and veered from the southbound lanes across the median into northbound lanes.


Big Shamu said...

Are you sure? Do you have a warning label on the bag advising against Driving Large Vehicles or Climbing Ladders While Consuming Pork Rinds, both Spicy and Plain? Check your insurance coverage just in case.

Doom said...

Wow, I feel sorry for the guy (I have had that happen, minus driving a rig simultaneously). Still, I actually feel bad for you. If it HAD been your rinds, you would have gotten all kinds of free advertising.

Who was it who said something like 'Never mind the details, just spell the name correctly!'? And, from what I have heard, it works.

Better luck next time? Well, so long as no one dies, of course.

darkfoam said...

that's it!! i've had it. i'm joining the anti pork rind party!

so.... where do i sign up?

Buzz Kill said...

Guns don't kill people...pork rinds do.

Spicey, crispy, greasy, pork rinds...mmmmmmmmmmm

moi said...

Ban la Chicharrones? Nunca! They'll have to peel them from my cold, dead hands.

Big Shamu said...

Well that would explain the greasy crumbs on all triggers of Moi's guns. It also might explain the sudden interest from a certain moutain lion, chicharrones stuffed jogger, lightly dressed in a balsamic reduction.

Aunty Belle said...


Y'all is too funny.


But WHY pick on Poark Rinds? What OTHER foods (or, ahem! activities) has truckers been stuffin' down while drivin??

HEY DOOM Gracious Man, whar has ya been so long?? Happy to see ya!.

Okay--promise, promise, a pervert's fetish from mah travels is a'comin', the first pictures from "travelogue wif' Aunty."

( Natcherly, ain't sayin that AUNTY is afflicted wif a fetish, that some who is will like the next post)

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

Better than choking on his beer. We know that only the highest quality pork rinds come from the site.

BTW, alcohol wipes are great for removing oily residue on triggers.

Jenny said...

Hey, I've been saying it for years,

Fat Kills.