Aunty Belle said...

frenzied mode round heah- somehow I never is ready when I has had months to consider the What To Pack question.

Does anay of y'all have travel plans fer the dawg days of summer?

Will try to git 'round to all yore blogs say Ciao!

Big Shamu said...

Travel plans?? I wish.

moi said...

Oh, Aunty, this looks like a terrific trip! You lucky ducky! I sooooooo want to know what you are packing :o)

R.Powers said...

Hey neat! I forgot you are going across the pond.

Bet Uncle is already packed and tapping his foot.

Don't ask me how I know.

Buzz Kill said...

Make sure you take a camera so you can get pictures of the FOOD. I was there 25 years ago and wouldn't mind going back. But until then, we all need to live vicariously through you. Safe trip.

Aunty Belle said...


Aw...having a staycation this year? Next year--fer shure.


Heh...one pair of shoes is no-no for Chickory, the Dreaded Flip Flops ( Eewwww!) But, they are haute so cute clear gellies, Stuart Weitzman's Jano's with jes' a festive amount of embellishment. Sorry, but it is JULY. Should git some of them gladiator sandals but worry it ain't age appropriate. BTW
his "Blog" pumps doan fit mah budget, sigh, an' his Iron Lady belted boots is got yore name on 'em! Or, mebbe them "jean" peeptoe wedges?


Howl...uh, Uncle be tappin' foot, but it is on account of his not goin' an wishes he could--somebody has to hold the fort (Like I done when he headed to Uruguay 2 years back). I is bein' escorted by a young clan member to insure I have enough fun to warrant MIA from the homefront.


Yes, go back soon as ya can manage!
ya know what? I has a wee netbook thingy--mebbe I should take it along to see if I can blog the food??

Back to the frenzy of gettin' ready to git ready.

Tell me yore summer relaxation plans.

chickory said...

aunty! how exciting! i could eat my weight in gelato there. please be safe and take lots of pictures. blog if ya can. xo

fishy said...

Blog! ( about architecture, the antique shops, the textiles. Not just about the food)

Jenny said...

Weeeeeeeeee. Ciao Aunty! I've had my trip for the Summer, but I'm glad to know you're going to spending some time in what looks like a very, very nice place.

I could eat my weight in Pasta, btw. And Gelato.

moi said...

Aunty, gladiators are ageless. It all depends on the style. I KNOW you could pull 'em off. Why not look for a fabulous pair in Italeeeeeee!?!

Sharon Rudd said...

Oh, wow, Aunty. Have a safe and swell trip. Bein' an armchair travelin' lover myself, I will be tickled to see any photos you're able to share and, of course, read any stories you might share :)

Don't know how long you'll be fortunate enough to be away. But jes' in case you can join in (or want to check out what others come up with), July Culinary Smackdown announcement is up on my blog. All are welcome!

Safe travels!

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

Doggone, I'm sorry, I missed you.

Have a great time!

Pam said...

If I hadn't just got back from a trip, I'd tag along with you! Looks like Italy to me, and we got close, very close indeed. Enjoy enjoy!

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