Machine Clutter

it's out of control

machines on bedside table:

land line phone
cell phone
cell phone charger

I does have real books--e-reader is fer work not fer fun. But mercy, y'all, what happened to the days of the bedside table landscape that included a small vase of flowers, a sweet smellin' hand cream, cameo photos of loved ones an' pretty blank book fer writin' down brilliant ideas in the middle of the night?

Does we REALLY need all these machines fer life support?


Aunty Belle said...

reckon iffin' I'se as smart as Fishy about decoratin' mah habitat I'd
find a pretty somethin' or other to stash all this gear.

But....what is on all y'all 's bedside table? is I the only one who machine clutter has run amok?

chickory said...

i went the pretty stuff route. i have my computer bedside though. no phones!

Big Shamu said...

The only machine I have on my bedside table is a clock and that's only because nearly every non-electric clock I've considered ticks too loud. Real books, magazines, pictures of the hounds, journals, and the remote to the tv. We won't go into the crap drawer of the bedside table because I could do a whole blog on the contents. Really, what's the life span of a throat lozenge?

I deliberately put the land line far away. It's an evil thing. The celly is closer but when you don't give the number out, hardly anyone calls. BWhhahahahhhahaah/

Buzz Kill said...

"Machines on bedside table" has a whole different connotation to this twisted mind. I'll go sit in the corner now.

Jenny said...

I guess I'm not as hard wired as I thought because I have a lamp and land line next to my bed, along with pretty objects and books. I re-did a room on the Island this weekend; vase/books/lamp. *sigh* a simple room that gave me a wonderful nap.

Buzz! Bad. Stay in that corner. I still can't look at my mosaic chair the same way after your last comment. ahahahahaah

Aunty Belle said...


youse got the better idea. mebbe I can reform n git mah pretty girly side back together.


the hounds huh? Yep-- I hear ya on the drawer. I'se afeared to look into it too deep. I would chuck thst phone, but wif' Granny still precariously perched a'tween this world an' the next, I doan dare.


uh, I'd suggest 40 lashes but I ain't tryin' to fuel yore imagination.

Aunty Belle said...


ya re-did a room--show us! (Or did I miss it?)

I think I know why sleep is eludin' me....reckon I better ban the machines--ain't never allowed no TV at bedtime, but what good is that iffin' youse got the dern computer? I Must REFORM--need to de-wire my nighttime.

HOW did this happen to me????

fishy said...

Well now Aunty I'se a tad confused.
Reckon I don't actually understand why some of those things MUST live on the top of your bedside furniture.
But if they must I can tell you the typical designers trick is to run cords between the interior frame of the furniture and through, or over, the back of the top drawer so that stuff isn't on the surface. You do absolutely have to make sure there is adequate ventilation space to prevent heat build up inside the drawer. This "trick" cannot be done with every casegood but many of them.

You suppose Mrs. Buzz just keeps a chair handy facing the corner?

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

No bedside table, the headboard is a shelving unit with a reading lamp on each side and a space for a book. Next to that a place for Tea and water cups. On the chest of drawers across the room, there is a clock radio and a tray I drop my cell in. That's it for electronics.

The bedroom is for R&R, leave the work stuff in the other room.

R.Powers said...

On my nightstand:
Gander Mountain firearms catalog.
National Geographic magazine.
Florida Wildlife magazine.
Smithsonian magazine.
Handyman magazine.
Aquatic Ecosystems Aquaculture Supply Catalog.
Steven Kings, "Under The Dome".

No machinery ... deys in d barn.

Wait ... there is a lamp. I guess that is a machine of sorts.

moi said...

Bwahahahahaha, Aunty, to your response to Buzz.

I used to shut off all phones before going to bed, but with an elderly step parent who once ended up in the hospital while I was incommunicado, I now have my cell phone beside the bed. However, I only allow his and his neighbor's ring at night.

Other stuff: Old fashioned alarm clock, a gazillion books, and family photos. S.B.'s bedside table holds another gazillion books, plus the white noise machine. Can't sleep without it.

Heff said...

I'm with Moi on the white noise machine !!

darkfoam said...

it depends on where i sleep. if i sleep downstairs the bedside table is behind the bed. i just have some framed photos on that one. the alarm clock is way on the other side of the room so i actually have to get up to turn it off.
if i sleep upstairs, i have no bedside table. i have a chest of drawers against the wall on my side of the bed which is presently a bit cluttered. i do keep the computer close by though regardless of which room i sleep in.

Aunty Belle said...

thang is, I'se an insomniac. There, the secret is out. Insomniacs collect other insomniacs. I get txt msg at 2a.m. sayin' "WHOA, has ya seen THIS " an thar' be some link to some worrisome frenzy somewhar' in the world.

the longer I knows ya' the smarter ya gits!


heh...why do I think you an Uncle would git along jes fine? Wait--except fer that handyman stuff.


white noise huh? Is your neighborhood noisy at night? OR is it SB?


youse a white noiser too? Who'da thunk it?


Oh now--bulls eye--I has dual beds too. One is the "library bedroom" whar all the gear is. Sigh--remember the "princes rooms" we all fantasized about last year?. It aint no princess room, more mah nocturnal office. But...

*The* Bedroom bedside table is books, lamp, photos, and yep, hand cream.

Aunty Belle said...

what about yore bedside table?

sparringK9 said...

i had a white noise machine once. but i could hear the "loop" and could discern the pattern. thus, as my mind waited to note the beginning of said loop, i never slept. i need a real black room, real quiet and dont anybody breathe too loud either. snoring? forget about it. i cannot hear it and sleep. so...you know, i live in the woods.

moi said...

No, we live in the woods, too, but you'd be surprised how many sounds there are in silence. Not to mention the dogs.

fishy said...

I came back thinking about that tube of Grace. I know a few people who surely could benefit from a good healthy squeeze of that stuff.

Insomniac? I am the opposite. I once traveled with relatives to far away lands and for years afterwards heard stories of my being soundly asleep in 30 seconds or less. Didn't matter if the lights were on, if the others were talking, if there were musicians and diners directly below our window. I reckon it's a gift. Or not. Think how much I am not learning or experiencing whilst I slumber.

Trooper Thorn said...

Remember when an office desk had a phone and an "in" basket and nothing else?

Unknown said...

Mrs. Belle, I do believe you could downsize that bedside table a bit.... Mine has nothing on it but a lamp, fabulous linen spray that reminds me of my beachy home,some amazing moisturizing body butter, and a candle. My phone stays on silent under my pillow because my alarm on my phone will sound regardless of the setting, and my computer is usually on the floor beside the bed. Generally I fall asleep either with book in hand or my tv (before it got fried in a recent series of storms) on with a movie playing really low for the white noise factor. Perhaps if you cleared your sleeping space of all that electronic, jet setting clutter your insomnia would take care of itself because you would no longer feel pressured to stay connected through the night... just a thought! Sweet dreams!

Pam said...

I don't do the electronic readers ... my bedside is a small lamp, the alarm clock and probably a cat. BUT, let's talk about that Amazing Grace lotion, do you like it? I've been wanting to try some Philosophy products but have held out for some unknown reason. Like price.