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Ain't been doin' much keepin' up wif' the yard. We had a couple of freezes and now we have lots a dead thangs in need of cuttin' back or diggin' out...but all the same, nature has still provided us'uns a spring show--yep, despite mah utter neglect of all garden chores fer the last nine months.

This is a "Queen's Wreath" but a clan chile call's it "Mary's Crown" an I like her name fer it best. Mah sister give me this lovely spreadin' semi-vinin' thang. It has been happy this year despite bein' ignored most of the year.

an' this lovely vine is rioting all over the neighbor's fence...an' from the living room windows it is a shure show-off.

The hibiscus ain't exotic or prized, but I doan care, she is reliable and lovely.

The snapdragons is 'bout gone now--they cain't stand the heat, but these remainin' few is showy, ain't they?

These late bloomin' azaleas is hard to find, an their name is even harder to pronounce: Sublancelota.

At Easter time they ain't no more wow factor than these lush amaryllis! I like 'em better than Easter Lillies.

Has ya ever seen such an intense blue? Cain't recall, but I think this is Anchusa--anybody know fer shure?

But it ain't all purty....here is a 18 foot tall ficus tree that took a hit in the freezes--an now we's gotta cut the eyesore down--and it's twin on the other side of the front door--what a bare spot that will leave!

Pots of mint are so reliable, so faithful!

The shady areas are difficult to keep colorful, but this "yesterday, today and tomorrow" never fails to froth up white an' lavender-blue blooms.

The winter birds is headed home....the days are warm an' sunny.

What's growin' round' yore place?


Nicolezmomma said...

I have Queen's wreath blooming like crazy too. I love the blue and the bees it attracts.

Caroline said...

The little blue flowers are lobelia, anchusa are the formal name for forget me nots.
I am so jealous of those lush looking tropical beauties, we had 6" of snow here on Friday, there weren't nothin' south about South Dakota. :o)

chickory said...

im surprised that real dark blue one isnt a lobelia. i love the hibiscus too - but i like the first ones best -although purple isnt my all time favorite. you dont have much in the way of yellow i see. whats happening on the food front? any thing growing in your veggie patch?

just a lovely round up of beauties in your yard. i remember your yard...its incredible.

how was your easter?

darkfoam said...

9 m0nths of neglect? the garden still looks lovely!

Aunty Belle said...


Welcome back! How ya been? I know your Queen's Wreath is gorgeous--it is a very spring-loving member of the garden, ain't it?


howdy do! Welcome to the Porch. An' since you knows the name of that little lovely blue flower, please doan be a stranger. Yes, lobelia! Thanky!!! C'mon down heah fer a visit iffin' it is still snowin' in SD.(we'll come see yore yard when ours is burnt up in the dawg days.)


youse right, accordin' to Caroline, I an looked it up an y'all is spot on. Love that color intensity. An thanky fer yore kind commets--but truth is, ain't got no veggies other than a few cherry tomatoes and the herbs. Ain't that sad? Gut on down heah an hep me some, li'l Pup! No, wait, lemme come up ter see yore artistic farm.!!


hey you! Well, it looks lovely if I'se selective about whar'I point the camera. We has plenty of sad lookin' ragged out pansies what' is dyin' as the days heat up. ever day. What's in yore yard Foamy?

Jenny said...

Love the blues and love seeing your garden.

My tulips are up! A few weeks early this year. I'm waiting for the perfect day to bring a few inside. Aside from that.... we're still in cold storage up here and will have to wait until the end of April to see much of anything else. Until then, I get to enjoy your bounty.


moi said...

I love amaryllis, but in my part of the world, we force them inside in pots as a Christmas flower.

I've neglected my garden terribly and was just telling Chickory today that now I'll be gone for work for most of April and it will only languish even more.

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

From where I sit your veiw looks lovely.

This winter was so hard on trees. Losing one in the front of your house is hard. Losing one of a matched set is even worse, without cutting down the other so hard to bring things back into balance. Best of luck with it.

The Osprey came back about three weeks ago and the Laughing Gulls showed up last week.

What's growing around here? Oak pollen, it's like the covering of greens snow.

fishy said...

So nice to have you back to the blogs, you have been missed. I hope this new posting means things are a mite better for you and Granny.

I just adore that "Mary's Crown"! And I agree with you, it's a fine name for that beauty. On a similar page, I was thinking the common name for those little blue flowers with the yellow centers are called "blue angels". One thing for sure is that blue color is inspired enough to get a holy label.

Sorry you is missing one of your front door pair. Round this part of the South that's a get the bourbon out for solacing event.

We have a pair of Natchez white crepe myrtles aside our front entry and they're right pretty. Thing I like about them the most is nothing bad much happens to crepe myrtles. They can be a bit messy with the shedding bark and the bloom drops, but I think it's worth the efforts.

Y'all have magnolias in your part of Florida? Those Little Gem Magnolias is a good scale round fronts cause they don't get too big. Another favorite around here is those tree form gardenias. Whooooeee those little flowers smell like a piece of Heaven. And, they are evergreen. They don't bloom all year but I bring plenty of those glossy green leaf sprays inside for the holiday decorating. Course when you go off to high dollar ornamental tree farms to fetch a matched pair of those about 7' tall, you best have you fat wallet with ya. Sigh, I don't have any of those tree form gardenias at the Pond, just regular bushes.

Seeing your hibiscus gave me a serious case of the angst. I had those same ones out by the pool at our old Florida cottage home. First year we came to the Carolinas when I went spring garden shopping? I rounded a corner in a greenhouse and burst into tears all because I was face to face with one of those orangy hibiscus. It was mighty embarassing for me to bust out like that in public. Mebbe more so for my Mom who was with me and could not figure out what it was that took me from chatty-cheeriness to hiccuping deluge in a nano second.

I hope you will be able to post about your replacement. Your garden looks beautiful and loved, not neglected.

Karl said...

Aunty Belle,

Regarding your problem commenting.
If you're using Internet Explorer and have multiple toolbars. Check each toolbars pop up settings, only one of them set to block pop up can cause the problem.

Hope this helps.

dianne said...

Aunty Belle, your garden is just so beautiful, blooming with delightful flowers and colours ... makes mine look very dreary indeed.

I have always admired wildflowers which grow in your country and in the United Kingdom,they are more spectacular than ours as the Australian climate is very hard on flowers with soft petals, therefore our wildflowers are small or very hardy to allow them to survive the dry climate and the heat.
I know your Winter's are harsh but your Spring weather always produces beautiful blooms.

I have a mix of native and exotic flowers and yes they do look pretty in Spring and Summer but I have to plant them where they are sheltered from the hot sun and heat.

Your 'yesterday, today and tomorrow' looks lovely, one of my favourites as the fragrance is heaveny; my brunsfelsia, same family is a creamy white and it is called 'white caps' the flowers look like little bonnets, it too has a lovely fragrance.
Looking forward to visiting your garden again. xoxoxo ♥

dianne said...

Aunty Belle, if some of the ficus is still alive, just cut off the dead branches and it should survive. xoxo

darkfoam said...

our azaleas are just now starting to bud..

LaDivaCucina said...

I can neither grow lobelia or find it here. I think it's too hot for Miami. And that bums me out cuz I used to love it's vibrant colour. Beautiful photos, I really, REALLY miss my garden!