Change of Pace

(Obama's Health Care army on Back Porch

CHANGE OF PACE: Creative Urges in two dimensions


h said...

Pretty cool. Need your thoughts on Florida agri-aqua culture at TTR.

Big Shamu said...

It's sad that the game geek in me recognized and enjoyed many of the games featured in the first video.
As for the second video, now I know why the French are so pissy with Americans, you start messing with their status of Winemakers to the World there will be a backlash. Maybe they could take up making better hamburgers to fill their time?

Buzz Kill said...

The Tetris Buildings were very cool. I've never seen that video before.

Until the French can keep up with Thunderbird and Ripple, they'll always be 2nd rate wine producers. Bwahahaha And who cares anyway, they're French.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Troll-man, bout time ya came a 'callin'...I thought yosue miffed wif' me or somethin'. I left ya an idea at the Troll-Place.


Game -Geek?? LOL. Youse talkin' to somebody who had a dern Commodore 64 in her house. Howwwwl! As fer the wine, doan'cha jes love it? Take that! ya stuffy hide bound French-Frieds.

BuzzK, hey hey...
Very cool, huh? I was transported by that clip to a week when I was insanely compulsive about Tetris. I never got good, but I think I was zombiefied fer that whole week.
Ain't it a funny video? I love Pacman eating the subway.

fishy said...

Very entertaining!
I loved the pixels gone wild.

Jenny said...

I'm sending the pixels to my nephew. Very cool.

I think Troll has been in "nookieville" this week.

moi said...

Love the Pixels video! I'm a HUGE Tetris freak, so I laughed out loud at that segment. Pretty clever!

As for the wine debate, I'm with Buzz. Although, I do like French cheeses an awful lot.

I'll visit the back porch tomorrow when I have more time. Actually, I DREAD visiting, but still, need to watch.

chickory said...

i love the pixels. and weirdly, its not too far from the truth is it? the final shot of the world as cube was a fabulous final commentary. i recognized most of the old skool video icons...even the orginal "pong" ha! have to come back later for the wine vid.

Kymical Reactions said...

those pixels are awesome. I'm gonna share that on my fb page. :)

I'm back now. I'll not be gone so long between visits anymore.