Mute Monday: Super(stition)


Aunty Belle said...

I ain't akshully superstitious...though I do think seein' a rainbow is a happy thang.

Does any of y'all have superstitions? How come? Mah MIL (God rest her soul) was a very practical lady...but she would NOT let you hand her the salt. Ya' had to put it down afore she would touch it.

Kymical Reactions said...

Well, I love this idea for super! It never occured to me to do superstitions as a theme. Excellent, Auntie! xo.

Pam said...

Oooooh, great theme for sure. Good thing I don't believe in that black cat superstition or I'd never be able to leave the house, since one crosses my path every day. All day long.

h said...

Luck is what other beings have. Clever interpretation. I think the Gators should have 17 TIME WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Ric Flair give a motivational speech the week of big games. But that ain't superstition. It's evaluating past results.

5 wins 0 losses when the Living Legend addresses the troops.

Whoooooooooooooooo Whooooooooooo

Jenny said...

Very clever. I'm not superstitious. I generally believe science can answer most worries.

Of course, I do believe in ghosts, so go figure.

I love the picture of the cat.

boneman said...

an elder warrior woman:
one crow sorrow
two crows joy
three crows a wedding
four crows a boy
five crows silver
six crows gold
seven crows a secrert never to be told

(your was five? Dang. I'de sure like that. Or two)
Happy Mute Monday.

Buzz Kill said...

My superstition is that everything I touch turns to crap. Look no further than the Superbowl. All the Colts had to do was win *shakes his head*.

I try not to touch lottery and raffle tickets when the Mrs has me buy them. What's the superstition behind Rosemary? I use it all the time, which may explain my superstition.

Happy MM!

Joanna Cake said...

Oh, nice! I saw a rainbow last week. It was the most perfect one I had ever seen, with a secondary a way above it, and the colours were stunning. I almost got run over because I was looking so hard. Nice take, Aunty! x

boneman said...

I can't believe I forgot my favorite joke here....

I'm not supersticious.
I'm only a little sticious...


fishy said...

clever as always. Nope, I doesn't much believe in superstitions but premonitions is a different thang.
You always find the best images to make your mute statements. I'm up.

R.Powers said...

Not superstitious at all.

Gee, I hope saying that doesn't jinx me.

Great job as usual!

LaDivaCucina said...

Hello Aunty,

What does an opal have to do with luck? If you break one you get bad luck?

I told my MIL I was going to get her son a santoku knife for a wedding present and she advised against it as in Italy/Croatia, it's considered very bad luck to get a knife or anything sharp for a wedding present. I suppose it WOULD be to those crazy-ass Croatians and Italians! haha! I say bad luck for the person not wielding the knife! Naturally, I ignored her warning and bought the knife, which I know he would never buy for himself but will love.

Ok, off to walk under a ladder and find a black cat....

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

You're right about rainbows, they just make you feel good.

I don't know about superstitions. But the ladder thing makes sense to me, from a Murphy's law point of view. Walk under a ladder and sure enough, the jerk on top of it, will take that moment to drop something.

Happy MM!

sparringK9 said...

no hat on the bed?

i never do that. or allow others to do so. i scream when i see it. and look how good my life turned out. no hats on beds. thats my secret.

happy MM!!
looking forward to reading your food post

moi said...

I'm pretty much Dr. Spock in this regard, but my mom had more than a few interesting, old timey superstitions. One of them being, no shoes anywhere but on the ground. If you just bought a pair of shoes and put the bag on the bed or the table, she would freak out. Same if you put your shoed feet up on a coffee table, chair or sofa, etc. To this day, I honor that. Feet. On. The. Ground. Other than that the only thing that scares me is flying and the gooberment. And with that . . . Happy Mute Monday!

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