Ain't gonna be no New Year's Resolutions

I know many of y'all is freezin' yore posteriors, an it ain't fair a'tall, but we had such a pretty few days. Oh we needed a fire fer a few nights, an the mornin's have been nippy, but high today was 64 (cold to me!) an the plant life is lovin it!

The flowers along the buggy path is showin' off....

an colors is so intense...

I doan mean to rub it in, folks, but thangs is really purty right now.

I'se gatherin' the seed catalogs and cogitatin' on what to grow this spring...I prefer this exercise to thinkin' how miserably I fail to keep New Year's resolutions--so I ain't makin' none. Not one. Zilch.

On the t'pother hand, a New Year's Revolution might a good thang.


Doom said...

Ha, New Year's Revolution. I liked that.

Never worry. I don't see what you are doing as anything like rubbing it in. I call it sharing. Now, perhaps secretly in your heart you are rubbing it in, but... I doubt that from reading here and I choose not to believe it even if it were possible. Thanks for a little green and bright.

It is cold here, according to the locals (not like Iowa, I try to tell them, but they don't listen). But I enjoy the cold, very much. The frost line on the trees in the mountains, the pristine glimmer of the powdered white stuff... it's a winter wonderland here. If one can bear the chill to obtain the pleasure, which I can.

R.Powers said...

40 delicious degrees out there tonight.
Your flowers look great. I don't make resolutions at New Years either.

fishy said...

My garden currently looks like black slime oozing down the sides of the pots. Except for the pansies and snapdragons which hold up in the cold. I LOVED seeing things growing, cheerful and colorful. Gives me hope that I will again have plants in place of slime.

Yep, you can assign me duties for the new year revolution. God knows we need one, all of Washington has run amuck and no longer even pretend to be representing the people.

darkfoam said...

happy new year, belle!
i do love seeing your flowers
i could throw a snowball your way if you want though. we still have snow on the ground.
i'm not making resolutions either ..
i'm just gonna get done what needs to be done and enjoy life when i can.

Jenny said...

Pretty flowers! I don't make resolutions either. I think a lot about the past year and always "resolve" to make things better for the coming year.

Happy New Year Aunty!


sparringK9 said...

lovely!! your colors are supreme. happy new year...i have some resolutions, but i am older now and know better than to announce them out loud. grherha

SophieMae said...

Chile, I wish you coulda seed how fas' yore pichers loaded! Lakk a house on far! Wooooooo!!! I's pertikerly fonda them blue'ns.

Sign me up for that revolution. (OK, I just backspaced over some words that might have been construed as having unkind feelings toward the inmates presently running the asylum...)

Anyhow, nex' time I manage to gas up enough for a run in yer direction, I'll certainly warn you in advance. I'm way overdue for tea and town-paintin'. 8-]

Have a JESUS-filled New Year! ^i^