Remembering makes the past present

Fire Dreams
by Carl Sandburg (1918)
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(Written to be read aloud, if so be, Thanksgiving Day)

I remember here by the fire,
In the flickering reds and saffrons,
They came in a ramshackle tub,
Pilgrims in tall hats,
Pilgrims of iron jaws,
Drifting by weeks on beaten seas,
And the random chapters say
They were glad and sang to God.

And so
Since the iron-jawed men sat down
And said, “Thanks, O God,”
For life and soup and a little less
Than a hobo handout to-day,
Since gray winds blew gray patterns of sleet on Plymouth Rock,
Since the iron-jawed men sang “Thanks, O God,”
You and I, O Child of the West,
Remember more than ever
November and the hunter’s moon,
November and the yellow-spotted hills.

And so
In the name of the iron-jawed men
I will stand up and say yes till the finish is come and gone.
God of all broken hearts, empty hands, sleeping soldiers,
God of all star-flung beaches of night sky,
I and my love-child stand up together to-day and sing: “Thanks, O God.”


Aunty Belle said...

Part of being thankful is preserving what we have been given by those who sacrificed much that we might prosper in freedom.

Have a blessed weekend!

fishy said...

I'se agree with you!
Down to your place do ya know the hymm ,
" Now thank we all our God, with hearts and hands and voices?"

I will be doing plenty of all three albeit most would prefer I keep my voice to myself. Least when it comes to singing.

Wishing you joy for this celebration.

Big Shamu said...

If I understand correctly, the Mayflower landed where it did (instead of Virginia where it was headed) because of bad weather and that the beer was running out, beer being safer and purer than ordinary water. So when you're watching the football game, hoist a brew to those hearty souls of the First Thanksgiving.
Happy Gobble Day Aunty!

Pam said...

Happy Turkey Day to you AUntie!

foam said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, belle.

TROLL Y2K said...

Happy Thanksgiving Aunty. Thank God there were no leftists among the Pilgrims.

Boxer said...


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. xoxox.

K9 said...

have a blessed thanksgiving aunty. im sure you will have the worlds most beautiful table and food. take some pictures! xo aunty

moi said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Aunty! And LOL to Shamu. But since I don't drink beer and we've got a long drive each way to boot, I will instead hoist a Diet Coke in salute. Because those Pilgrims, don't cha know, were also mighty FIT!

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Let us not for get to be thankful for the original inhabitants, without whose knowledge, assistance and benevolence, the Pilgrims would have never survived.

Moi: Switch to beer, that diet soda pop will kill you.