Blight upon the land! Poor Martha! (an' Troll's Poll)

Well, if ya read the New Yawk Times (that screed? yeah, sometimes folks send it to me via cyber links), mebbe ya heard how a dread tomato blight is rippin' through the northeast. The fancy pants restaurants is paying more than sushi grade tuna fer a heirloom tomato that the Long Island chi-chi- gardens all grow. (but they mighta brought it on theyselves by purchasin' from the big box stores--Walmart, yore name is mud) Doan suppose y'all knowed that a five acre patch of heirloom tomatoes and potatoes could pay the taxes on yore house at the shore did'ja??

( Yeah I know, I know that mah Black Russian 'maters could be mah ticket to wealth and a bigger patch to furrow.)

But stand back--even the doyenne of garden chic , Martha Stewart, has been smashed, blackened by the horrific blight.
Read all her woes.

One researcher called the blight--same strain that they claim caused the 1800s potato famine--a bubonic plague fer plants!

What bothers me in all the articles is the suggestion that it is the heirlooms what is ter blame--that they ain't got no resistance to the fungus blight.

Now wait. Wait a dern minute.

First, the frankenstein hybrid tomatoes is engineered by Monsanto (and others) to withstand pests and fungus--an' doan look too hard or y'all will see that them GMOs (genetically modified organisims) called market tomatoes ALSO kill bees and butterflies--buh bye pollination!
See Aunty on Food Security)

Next, think about this--no kiddin', now--sit up straight an' think on this:

Monsanto and their subsidiaries is makin' a ka-billion bucks by sellin' seed that doan re-germinate. This is EGGS-actly why folks like me an' K9 done started ourselves up on some heritage seeds. That means the kind yore grandmama saved after growin' Cousin Sally's shared seeds. The way nature meant it--a tomato falls to the ground and its seeds grow a whole row of new tomato plants. UNLESS it is a Monsato tomato --nope, when them seeds fall they DIE. THey's poisoned from the start--they is sterile, androgynous fake tomatoes, an' they doan make baby tomatoes. An' they's engineered that way so you cain't save seeds fer next season's crop. Engineered to make shure ya gotta go back to Monsanto every season jes' to have a patch of tomatoes. And now here it comes: They is engineered to ALSO withstand pests.

See whar' this is headed? I think--an I ain't the first to think it--that Monsanto might have helped get that dang blight fungus goin' --or hep spread it--why why why??


Cause then the growin' heirloom movement is dealt a cripplin' blow!

Aunty is madder'n a snake that been stepped on--I'se riled.

But I got me some good stuff (write to me I'll send ya some) to kilt whatever fungus they let loose on us--see? They want to shove us'uns in a corner and make shure we have to buy from them or starve (cause they kilt off the heirloom seeds). But I gotta fungus killer that is --heh--natural an' effective. Me an' a few thousand others is STILL gonna grow real food from real seed.

This is jes' a tip of the proverbial iceberg. What eese is engineered to wring the life outa us'uns??

Oh thar's a blight loose in the land, alrighty, but it ain't "late blight". It's MONSANTO.




Now fer lighthearted edification here's Troll's Poll:

Been arrested? NO
Kissed someone you didn’t like? NO
Slept in until 5 PM? NO
Ran a red light? Mebbe
Been suspended from school? NO
Experienced love at first sight? uh....
Totaled your car in an accident? NO
Been fired from a job? NO
Fired somebody? Yes
Sang karaoke? NO
Pointed a gun at someone? uh--Loaded?
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes
Kissed in the rain? Yes
Had a close brush with death (your own) Dunno
Seen someone die? Yes
Played spin-the-bottle? Yes
Smoked a cigar? NO
Sat on a rooftop? Yes
Smuggled something into another country? NO
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Yes
Broken a bone? NO
Skipped school? Yes
Eaten a bug? NO
Sleepwalked? NO
Walked a moonlit beach? Yes
Rode a motorcycle? Yes
Dumped someone? Yes
Lied to avoid a ticket? NO
Ridden in a helicopter? Yes
Shaved your head? NO
Made your boyfriend/girlfriend cry? Yes
Eaten snake? NO
Marched/Protested? NO
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? NO
Puked on amusement ride? NO
Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? Yes
Been in a band? No
Been on TV? Yes
Shot a gun? Yes
Skinny-dipped? NO
Ridden a surfboard? Yes
Drank straight from a liquor bottle? NO
Had surgery? NO
Streaked? NO
Taken by ambulance to hospital? NO
Passed out when not drinking? NO
Peed on a bush? Yes
Donated Blood? Yes an' it took two days--I'm done wif' that (see BOXER on this point)
Grabbed electric fence? NO
Eaten alligator meat? Yes
Killed an animal when not hunting? Yes
Peed your pants in public? NO

Snuck into a movie without paying? NO (is snuck really a word? or did somebody jes' need a word to rhyme wif' truck?)

Written graffiti? NO, it was a manifesto
Still love someone you shouldn’t? NO
Been in handcuffs? NO
Believe in love? Yes
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? Yes


Big Shamu said...

No blight here in the gardens of the midwest. A friend of mine has more tomatoes than he knows what to do with.
Except give them to me, hehe.

Buzz Kill said...

The Mrs doesn't have the fancy heirlooms but she does have 3 types (I know 1 is beefsteak) that are being affected by the "late blight" as its called in the local newspaper. I'd say we've lost about 25% of our tomatoes so far.

I was attributing this blight to the extremely wet and cool weather we've had this year (the worst I can remember). And its more of a hobby than anything.

I don't know about the genetic engineering. Unless you're smart enough to have your own seed stock and replenish it every year (which you are and I am not) there's not a while lot you can do. I guess I'll really be concerned when they mutate into those killer tomatoes they talked about in that movie some years back. I'll send the Mrs into the garden first, just to be sure.

We had some tomatoes with dinner tonight and they tasted great.

Susan Humeston said...

Where can I get heirloom tomato seeds? I live in South Florida and will be starting a backyard garden in the fall (our growing season down here). I don't want to buy none o' them Monsanto tomatoes!! I also want to plant other veggies. I'll start them from seed. Heirloom seed, if I can. What is the fungicide stuff you have?

moi said...

My tomatoes (heirloom Italian paste and beefsteak) got hit with blossom end rot (we also had wacky, unpredictable weather), and I'll be lucky to have more than a couple dozen once it's all said and done. I don't think it's this blight you're talking about, though, because one plant that I planted off by itself in a smaller pot is doing great – eight healthy maters and counting. But, yes, don't get me started on Monsanto and engineered foodstuffs. Oy.

Jenny said...

my BIL is getting 10 heirlooms(organic style, no evil seeds) a day and is begging for people to come take some from his huge bounty. But, the PNW has experienced FREAK hot weather and everything is hitting it's peak at once.

LOVE your MEME. Soooo glad to know that Moi and I aren't the only ones who haven't thought touching an electric fence was some kind of sport. xoxo.

Dani said...

I stay away from the genetic enginered stuff. Gives me the willies.

Aunty Belle said...

Big Shamu,
offer to turn that friend's tomaters into sauce if they doan share some wif' ya!


the Mrs knws how much she is loved and cared fer? heh. Youse hilarious.
On the genetic engineerin'--lemme tell ya somethin' mah fella human, it is literally monstrous. check some of the links in the post--or better, jes' google monsanto adn "terminator technology." Suddenly that hobby garden will take on real merit.


Hello and welcome--always nice to make a bew blog acquaintance.

Thar's a heap o' places sellin seeds--but one the best is friend to friend trades. TO git a wee start on it, visit:


But thar's a few unexpected sources too--like Colonial Williamsburg whar' they sell seeds grown by the forefathers.


really odd veggies and fruits from way back when:

Want some real Indian seeds?

Aunty Belle said...


oh why oh why ain't ya the presidentia????

Happy y'all ain't got the blight--jes' regular worries that all gardeners have--heh. post a pic of what ya make wif' your tomatoes? I'se always happy wif' a plate of a caprese!

As to Monsanto--RESIST!! Inform others.


Yikes! I heered how ya had 100 + weather --and NO air conditioing????

As fer the meme--hehehehe. Ain't enamored of shock therapy nor masochism--heh.


Hi hi. Yeah--keep to the natural stuff--doan it amaze ya how people go all gooey over the snail darter and the nine-toed lizard an' DEMAND a natural habitat be preserved so they git the right food? Then them same folksturn round an' praise "food" that is nuthin' short of human pesticide.

Oh my goodness I is riled up!

h said...

Aunty and I were the only ones who don't swill hooch straight out of the bottle.

We wuz raised right!

moi said...

Past tense of sneak is sneaked. The Americans have allowed snuck, but the Brits, never.

K9 said...

sure. create the problem then offer the solution.

we know that they work on bio terrorism weapons.
we know that they have and will poison the food.
we know that the richest of the rich have private organic gardens and we know that big agribusiness wants no competition.

my tomatoes were great. i grew some "mr stripeys" which we BIG and heavy and were eaten by mr bear monday night. as well as my small crimson sweet watermelens but that looks like a rabbit did it.

did i send you that list of seed companies that were bought by monsanto? you'll be shocked. park seed, stokes, many others. ive been getting my heirlooms from seeds of change and botanical interests. i have to say the tomatoes are very tasty but they are not big producers. thats fine though.

chickory said...

moi and buzzkill: you need a copper based spray for the blight. use it in the evenings after the sun is down. treat about every two days and cover the plant well but not dripping. you'll see improvement to late blight and blossom rot.

Big Shamu said...

Aunty I commend you on never been cut into by a doctor. How was the alligator meat?

Aunty Belle said...

plenty of my folks swills whiskey but some learnt that it tastes much better in crystal--heh.

I loves ya fer lettin' us know that thar's no dern word, "snuck". Congrats on yore tomaters.


yep--I likes Seeds of Change too. Even better is some ole folks in your own county--I mean, they have what will grow whar' ya garden! But pup, wow--how lovely yore own garden is, I is jealous!

On Monsanto, Dawgy Pup, right on sistah!!


heh--why no mam, ain't lettin' 'em cut on me lessen I is in dire dire straights!

As to the gator meat, well it doan taste like chicken as some say, No, it tastes more like pork. Now truly, a meal of roast gator tail an' sauteed swamp cabbage (hearts of palm), sliced home grown tomaters an' corn pone....oooh sugar pie, thas' some good eatin'.

R.Powers said...

So, do heirloom tomatoes do well in tomato hell/fungus heaven Florida?

I've always grown a mix of tomato plants, but none that are probably truly heirloom ... and when the pot says bred especially for heat resistance or blight resistance, I admit I usually try that one.

All of those heirloom varieties were genetically engineered by selected breeding just like the labrador sleeping at my feet. Humans have been doing this since the first plants and animals were domesticated.

The difference is, we can do it quicker now by moving genes around in the lab.

That is not by definition a bad thing, it's what you do with it ... what your engineering goals are that may be bad or good.

You can move genes around very slowly with a paint brush like Mendel or you can do it efficiently under a microscope in a high tech lab.

Again, it's not the process that bothers me, it's the reason/goal that is sometimes questionable.

Pam said...

I asked a wheat farmer friend about the Monsanto seed and he wasn't overly concerned. Maybe I should have him read your blog. Great answers btw, love the manifesto comment!

Pam said...

I asked a wheat farmer friend about the Monsanto seed and he wasn't overly concerned. Maybe I should have him read your blog. Great answers btw, love the manifesto comment!

fishy said...

Morning Aunty,
Just as a curious point , did ya contact ol Martha and offer up some of your no-blight potion?

On the other hand, I think it would be a fine idea not to be seeing ya on the Marthy Stewart Show, why no, I think there should be an Aunty Belles Wisdom Show instead. That way you could have Dani,Buzz, Moi, K9, Florida Cracker and mebbe even a Troll on to help folks understand the importance of the things ya tell us blog folk about. That's a fine mission Belle, but there is bigger audiences out there in serious need of informing.

Course,I have got a sly motive.

I'se more than a speck curious about ya Belle, so iffen you had that cable show I could confirm my suspicion you ain't in the mold of
Opie Taylor's Aunt Bea even with the batiste. Nah, I speculate you is one of those wise, informed hotties like an Ann Coulter or a Michelle Malkin. Course, iffen you saw fit to have Uncle on a time or two with the hunting information and maybe a tour of that pork rinds factory ...

Anonymous said...

Writing in from Vermont.
Just came across your blog. Fun reading!
I just started a garden after many years. Was about to buy some discounted tomatoes from a local large chain supermarket that were quite cheap. Decided to go local.
No blight so far. But slow growing.
Also, years ago in CT. Tried to grow tomatoes in a wet wooded setting and they looked exactly like the "blight" they are talking about. If the blossoms get wet early they will develop this. And there is no doubt that there has been record setting torrential rain in the Northeast. I would vote to chalk it up to "weather related"... who knows...

Aunty Belle said...

Hey FC!

Well, now. I hear ya'. In fact, I agrees wif' ya--ain't a dern thang wrong wif selective breedin'--that is the wise genius of mankind. I'se fer that.

What's got me near to panic though is somethang VERY different--the Monsantoization of agricultural science: transgenic modification.

It's one thang to cull out the runts of a litter and breed the healthy pups. It's jes' fine to save seed from your light blue mornin' glories and pollinate them wif' the darker blue ones to git yoreself a new color....

But when ya start puttin' penguin genes into a tomato plant in hopes hat the tomato will withstand the cold, now youse crossed not jes' species and genus,but phyla, an' on into kindgom! Mercy, can that be wise?

Besides the obvious, the t'other thang about that is such transgenic morphopods threaten the real thang--soon enough the real tomatoes ain't got a prayer. An The Monsanto wizards admit that is their game. Soon they and others like 'em, will literally be capable of starving the world or segments of populations at their whim.

FC, I'se got a jaundiced eye 'bout many thangs--I ain't no eco-freak, no Gore-gore believer. I think global warmin' is a hoax drivin' by political agendas (if a volcano eruption spills more garbage in the atmosphere than a century of men in gas guzzlers, reckon we can relax a bit on the global warmin' front). But this Monsanto Terminator Technology (which they patented!) is a shur-nuff horror loose on the face of the earth.

happy anniversary!!

Yep, ask yore wheat grower if his wheat seeds will germinate if he saves them. AN' if they won't --what will happen when ALL wheat that used to germinate is no longer grown, an' that variety of seed ain't available no more? THen MOnsanto an' the other Big Seed companies raise the price of wheat seed? Then raise it some more--

Mebbe he seen how the news made a big deal about the SEED VAULT in Norway? Wy ya reckon they's meticulously saving ole time seed in a frozen (heavily guarded ) vault on an iceberg? Because they KNOW we's killin' off most of the thousands of ole time plants--shure they say it is to preserve bio-diversity. But what they doan say is that it is to replant the earth's fields in the event that they have slightly miscalculated the pestilence of Terminator Technology.


Ain't sendin' Martha nuthin'--she will manage (tho I do think the FEDS made a example of her an' let the REAL bad guys go).

Youse a riot, Fishy. Let's you an me git up a TV show and give folks a laugh. What a pair of whackos we'd be.

ANON from Vermont.

Well, howdy do! Real pleased ya stopped in fer a spell. Sorry iffin' the cracker-speak is hardly decipherable. Reckon youse a smart Vermonter--avoided the mass produced plants? Please let us know what youse growin' in yore garden now--fer yore fall garden, I mean.

Jes' curious--how did ya find this blog? seems somethin' in the tags brought a bunch of hits--tho few stayed more'n a second or two--I wonder if they was seekin' a cure fer the blight?

Please visit often--always fun to make a new acquaintance.

SophieMae said...

Seems like everything to be said has been said. I refuse to buy anything but heirlooms. Our Mr. Stripey gave us some of the tastiest ever. And don't EVEN get me started on corn, what's so messed up, ain't none really fit anymore. I sure do appreciate the seed links. I'm about to start planning the fall garden.

NYD said...

My tomatoes are rockin!
Made some sauce the other day and got a kiss for my efforts. Anything more would have landed me in hot water with the missus. LOL

I might just post some pictures...

Bird said...

a pox upon Monsanto.

i love tomatoes - but so hard to find a good one at the market. i only eat 'em in season. out of season, i eat Muir Glen canned toms - they're pretty good and far better than the tasteless toms sold at the regular grocery stores. even the organic ones - when out of season, just don't taste the same.

the toms in italy were superb!

heirloom your fav, AB? I love Early GIrls and Romas.

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