Left Brain goes to the Grocery Store


Granny is still strugglin' an 'I is all tuckered out--not much time fer bloggin'. So I'se jes' passin along a funny thang a friend sent me fer a cheer-up when she heard 'bout how Uncle's been such a big hep.

An' Uncle has been such a big hep-- why he took up some lovely yaller roses to the hospital, an' has been ready to run whatever errand that needs runnin', includin' the grocery store. I mentioned that to my friend t'other day, how Uncle was figgerin' out how they ought to reorganize the market cause it ain't laid out they way HE would do it. She say, "Oh then youse gonna love this funny clip--jes try to overlook how it comes from the Church Lady Comedian an' that her audience is haute nerd."



Aunty Belle said...

Onc't again I wanna thank all y'all fer yore sweet, dear words of encouragement fer Granny an' me.

One night, I tole her how folks she din't even know was pullin' fer her--well, natcherly, she wanted to know who all I meant. So I run down the list of blog regulars-- an' fergive me iffin' I embellished yore images some until she had a great laugh thinkin' on what funny folks the blogosphere hurls together in cyberspace.

: )

fishy said...

Good Morning Aunty Belle,
Well, sure enuff I am pleased to see you have friends who will keep the humor medicine flowing fer ya thru the Granny struggles. Bless they hearts. Thanks for sharing this oh-so-Southern storytelling lady . She is so funny I near bout spewed my tea onto Blowfish's computer.
Had I actually done that y'all could have made 7-up cake and hung your heads about the pass of Fishy.

I find it a riot you entertain us on the blog with stories of Granny and now youse entertaining Granny with stories of bloggers! Well, tell you true, I would be proud of the contribution if any of the stories you shared about the Pond lightened the load for even the littlest bit.

I am sure we are all still praying for Granny and you. Godspeed Aunty and keep laughing.

Aunty Belle said...

Heh..well, Fishy ya can be shure that Granny got a giggle out a knowin' that I'se mixin' it up wif'
Trolls an' Gnomes an' Foams an' Fishys, Sophie-Cracker, Boxer Babes, Shamu whales and Rotweillers, Dooms an' Stiletto boot wearin' MOIs, Snake handlin' Florida Crackers,Okie gals, two Chicken Ladies (Dani, Chicory)an' BuzzKillers an a good dollop of gardeners (Edi Rex, Meems, FC, K9-Chickory, Dani) as well as dawg lovers of which Granny be's the champ--any cur can be a puppy at heart to hear Granny tell it.

She is comforted that the balance seems tipped toward Cracker folk, an honorary Cracker-folks, which is what she takes most of the rest to be.

moi said...

This was so funny, I had to share it with a few other people. Did you play the video for granny?

Boxer said...

did you make sure to tell Granny I was a woman? :-)

I'm sorry for your days right now. It drains everyone and leaves no time for those little joys in life. I'm glad to see you are filling your time with love and humor and honored that you've including all of us in your days at the hospital with Granny. Also glad (but not surprised) that Uncle is stepping up.

Hospitals are exhausting. xoxoxo to you all.

Floridacracker said...

I hope you get some much deserved rest and I am tickled pink to be in the crowd that helps to cheer Granny!

kmwthay said...

Hugs to you Auntie. You are always in my thoughs and I'm always sending well wishes your way. Proud of Uncle for helping you out!

NYD said...

If you told granny about me than she just might think I'm a Benedict Arnold goin over to the Japanese ..LOL