Mute Monday: Independence


moi said...

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth!

Aunty Belle said...

Mornin' Moi!

I did have a good Fourth, cause Granny is still breathin' after new transfusions.

I swear folks, medicine can kill ya'. Poor soul has an endoscopy this mornin'...she been bleedin' internally again. an now they's wonderin' if medicines been makin' an ulcer, so they's goin' in fer a look-see.

But the rest of the clan enjoyed local fireworks display, cooked on grills and plotted the overthrow of the despots. Heh.

What did al y'all do to celebrate?

pam said...

This photo is GORGEOUS. I hope granny is doing better and you are taking care of yourself. I'm still recovering from my sister's illness! ha. Happy 4th weekend to you and yours. God Bless AMerica :)

h said...

God Bless the Sovereign States. Great choices.

Happy Mute Monday!

Joanna Cake said...

I think I understand this... Is it cessation or something? Not too well up on my American history but I do recall mention in at least one of the novels I read/tv mini-series I watched of some of the southern states trying to stay out of the Union. Happy MM x

fishy said...

You nailed it Belle! We certainly need to minimize Washington and defend State Sovereignty to maintain our independence from the feds!

Blowfish and I went for an evening picnic boat cruise with fireworks finale.

Hope Granny survives the current round of doctoring.
Here lately i am having a bit of trouble deciding if the medics are the bad guys or the good guys.

Buzz Kill said...

Here in New Jersey we have always had a north/south thing going with the south (where I live) wanting to secede from the north to become the 51st state. Being less controlled by the New York Democrats of the north is a nice thought but I doubt it will ever happen.

I hope Granny was able to see the fireworks from her window. We had a perfect day with a family BBQ and fireworks at the local High School (although the wind was blowing in our face and we were showered with ash and debris).

Happy MM!

Gnomeself Be True said...

Happy 4th Aunty.
I watched the capital 4th celebration and for the first time I wondered if it weren't just a performance of the dance band on the Titanic.

chickory said...

right on! happy MM

Aunty Belle said...


thanky--take care of yoreself--own recovery may be a while .

ha! Knowed ya'd love this one--


Yep, youse on the right track--the South was sick ter death of the North's abusive taxes--thas' what Ft. Sumpter were about--it was whar' the Yankees collected tax on every thread the South imported from England--see, them Yanks had they own factories an' din't want US'uns to buy nuthin' from the English wif'out they (the yanks) got a cut. Pigs.


well now, a good Carolinian you is...the docs is mostly good guys--they jes' doan know ever'thang.

Buzz Kill!

Heh..South Jersey...I likes it!

Sugar, youse a scary-fyin' me!


Heh..grow girl grow!

All y'all:

IT's simple, really. Had the South won, Washington would be kept in its proper place--less big gubmint, more state's rights. State's wif' high degree of independence. That means local folks make decisions on local matters. AN now big gubmint to flirt around wif' the UN or Nafta...see? Independence.

What a sweet word that be.

Dani said...

Hugs to you and Granny! :)

Jenny said...

Yes, it's earned and RESPECTED. Nice Mute Monday and I hope you had a great Fourth too.

Doom said...

Very nice Mute Monday! I see Utah is not down for independence, yet. I might have to write some letters and at least see if there is any interest. Once I get settled.

Thanks for the cheer, in any case!

Bird said...

Howdy AB.

Only thing California's governator has ever said that I've agreed with was when he said he'd take the federal funds some governors are declining. Of course, Arnold wouldn't use 'em well, but what the heck. WHen you're going to hell in a hand basket ...

Drop by the roost - I think there's a few posts you'd like, especially the one about Saturday Mass at San Francesco Chiesa (I was in Italy for the whole month of June.)

Hope you are well and that you enjoyed your 4th of July.

darkfoam said...

sorry for what you are going through with your mama ..
i understand ..