Readin' in the dark room

While I wait on Granny to git outa rehab, or visit her in her darkened room whar' she be's sleepin', I'se readin'.

The book bag I'se totin' is crammed wif'

Country of Exiles: Destruction of Place in American Life

Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community by Wendell Berry

The Time of Man by Elisabeth Madox Roberts

and a half dozen journals....

Cain't y'all hep me out some? I mean--PLEASE suggest some fiction or travel, or gardenin' or cookin' yak that will lift me outa this too serious ditch I'se in. Thanky Sweet Darlin's --'preciate it so much.

Oh, an see the Back Porch for "No, It Ain't"


Aunty Belle said...

Thanky all y'all who has been so dear to send best wishes and sweet prayers fer Granny. She is slowly mendin'-- I has the grey hairs to prove it.

Boxer said...

bless you and yours Aunty for your devotion to your Granny.

I'm reading Barbara Kingsolvers's "Animal Dreams" and I love it.

take care of yourself too right now.

moi said...

So glad to hear Granny is on the mend! I hope you are feeling a little less "grey" yourself.

Most excellent piece of fiction: The Story of Edward Sawtelle by David Wroblewski.

Dani said...

That's such good news about Granny! :)

Aunty Belle said...

Boxer Babe,

I has loved BK's books too! One o' mah bookie groups fled to Kingsolver ( Bean Trees, Poisonwood Bible) as an escape from too much Dorothy Allison (Bastard out of Carolina) and Kaye Gibbins (Ellen Foster, A Cure for Dreams) I ain't got aholt of Kinslover's book about eatin' only what her brood could grow--or they neighbors grew--but I bet it is a riot!


heh...well now ya know mah ag--ancient! Some of the Brits is "grey," the yanks is gray. I'se been known to go wif' amoung not among, but I doan do colours. I does go fer dialogue cause dialog looks nekkid on the page.

I'se flipped. Yep. Rebellin'...still in nightgown at mid mornin' and peckin' at keyboard. There will be blood. (But later, now, I'se playin' hookie.)

Aunty Belle said...


Hey hey--thanky fer yore kindness, darlin!

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
getting Granny gray hairs are ya? Well least ways you'll be knowing you earned 'em doing somethin fine.

It's a blessing indeed to learn yore Granny is mending.

I've spent a lifetime reading every day. Specially at night to wind down my day. These days I am so whipped at the end of the day, I just am not reading much so have no suggestions for you. I fell asleep last night reading about Hydrangeas in the Wayside Gardens catalog.

My big fourth of July weekend plans? Go to the library, get a good book and spend a day in the hammock reading it from cover to cover ... except for time outs to play in the sprinkler.

fishy said...

Morning Miz Belle,
I fergot to mention that Carolina senator Jim DeMint has a fine book debuting this 4th of July,

The title is "Saving Freedom: how we can stop America's slide into socialism"

He started writing this book even afore the obamanation cause he was suspecting there is an entire generation or so out there which simply does
NOT understand the difference between freedom and government controls. I believe he also explains the importance of the relationships of
I've heard he clearly states the socialist imperative to devalue religion in order to increase socialistic practices.

Not relaxin reading for sure but it might do your heart some good . Hope you have time for an all American clan celebration this hoiday weekend. And, like all the others, hope your Granny improves daily.

Pam said...

Auntie if you are at the hospital coming and going at all hours of the day, you need something more mindless than Kingsolver and the like. Try some Maeve Binchy (great characters), settings are in Ireland, easy reading but good stories. And granny might like you reading them to her as well!

Aunty Belle said...

Sigh....meant to get up a beauty of a
Fourth post...alas, it done been yet another
Dash to the hospital fer Granny. so...

K9 said...

aunty: i am praying fro granny so much. with my own mama fading i shore understand. love to you.

on the book front? i got nuthin. but! i am excited to see a new wendell berry!