Public Eunuchs & Limited Government

As a y'all know, Aunty is fer limited gubmint. Less is always more. I'se a believer in local control, state's rights an' strict term limits.

Now I has a fool proof political model to achieve limited gubmint.

Iffin' youse male an' ya' wanna run fer office higher than Superintendent of Sewers then ya has to become a eunuch.

If yore desire for political glow-ry, control and power is drivin' ya to "serve the public" the price fer entry is yore gonads--pace Mark Sanford.

Oh, an' Jenny's middle name ain't Hillary. Hooray.

(btw, in general, wimmen ought not hold public office--they's got more important thangs to do.)


Aunty Belle said...

Granny is now at rehab center, makin' slow (painful!) progress. Thanky fer yore prayers.

darkfoam said...

thanks for the update on your mama. i hate to hear that it is painful though. that is so hard on them.

but anyway, i especially like the label for your post ..
public men are morons ..
didn't that news just make you roll your eyes?

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah Foamy--why cain't they LEARN?

An stooooooopid? emails????

Big Shamu said...

Too bad that the phrase "Hiking the Appalachian Trail" is now code for Hooking up with Venezuelan Hotties.

Jenny said...

At least they no longer make their wives attend their pathetic press conferences.

xoxox to Granny. She's in my prayers.

sparringK9 said...

grrherhahaha to shamu.

yeah those emails were very embarrassing. for me, personally, to have heard them. gak

Buzz Kill said...

You know, what happens in a politician's private life should be just that - private. Who Sanford has an affair with is between him, his wife and the other woman. That was Clinton's arguement. This is total liberal BS.

The problem here (as with Clinton) was the aside story that the liberal media glosses over or misses completely. In Sanford's case, he was missing for several days and no one (apparently not even his staff or wife) knew where he was. He could have been kidknapped, on a binge, gambling, whoring, whatever. No one was in control of the state and, until it was made public, individuals with this knowledge had power over his state. This was the same deal as Clinton only the individuals that knew (and rumor had it that Isreal was one) had power over the presidency.

Although a nice thought, cutting their balls off would only limit the security risk these guys pose - not eleiminate it. I think what it will take is life in prison for anything (legal or not) that poses a security risk. Regular people lose their jobs and security clearances for these offences, why souldn't politicians with way too much power go to prison?

Doom said...

hahaha *ouchies*

Ruh-rho! I think Democrats would be the only ones to run, as I see it, though. Most of them are already mentally feminized (NOW-ized anyway), so why not lose the rest? Heck, take it all so they can sit to pee too. They wouldn't even need a 'men's' room when visiting their favored constituents, so saving on costs. Urhm, or something like that. Now remember, generalities and all.

Well, Bawney Fwank might get in a twitter, but that is another issue.

Sometimes I am not sure if you are serious, half serious, or just taking names for the final revolution. *grins*

Aunty Belle said...


hee hee...same for "doan't cry for me argentina"

--oh no--not this woman--Hillary an' the zombified wife of gov.New Jersey, GAG. Jenny Sanford is cut of different cloth. She'd already sent him packin' a few weeks earlier.


heh. Uncle an' a friend got into a shoutin match at breakfast today--the other fella thinks every scrap of the feckless fool's tryst should be made public, Uncle shouts back that the facts are sufficient but sordid details ain't seemly fer public consumption,besides which it turns the public into voyeurs.

Whatever--the idjit man sounds like a ninth grader wif' a fantsy crush on his teacher.


yep, total irresponsibility to leave the state unattended--but mah idea about testiclectomy is a means of limiting gubmint
--ya know? Makin' the pay to play price so high few will do it, so we the citizens benefit from less gubmint!!

Mah idea too is a person who cain't keep one vow, woan keep another--so the oath of office is meaningless to these jerks.

Another problem is that the big fed makes our senators and congressmen into demi-gods--we need to LIMIT terms and scope such that you ain't no big shot snorfulin' up the goodies like a vacuum from the public purse.

Aunty Belle said...

Ya said, "Sometimes I am not sure if you are serious, half serious, or just taking names for the final revolution. *grins*"

Well, now....somewhar' in that list is the truth. Heh.

Gnomeself Be True said...

I'll give up mine when Hillary gives up her's.

sparringK9 said...

i want to know how a citizens private emails are public. who took them? did mark sanford give them his correspondence? is this what the libs meant about no more NSA shenanigans in the obamamatix?

Big Shamu said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the wife gave the emails to the newspaper, she sounds pretty PO'ed. Call it a Bobbitting by Media I mean, she finds out, throws him out and he STILL goes down to see the latin lover? Without telling his staff? Or leaving anyone in charge of state affairs...whoops wrong choice of word there.

Juan Peron said...

I did NOT have sex with that woman, Miss Evita.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Most likely he used his state email address. Anything sent across state servers belongs to the state and is part of the public record. He certainly should have known that. A gmail account could have saved a lot of embarrassment.
It's like the guy was committing suicide. Too many stupid things done by a smart guy to think it was an accident that he was busted.

R.Powers said...

Wishing the best for granny and your family.

moi said...

I was just remarking to S.B. this morning: It's one thing to schtupf your secretary every now and then; it's another to come up with these long, complicated, drawn out scenarios that take you around the world for, what? A little foreign nookie? THIS from a supposedly mature, educated, LEADER? Gah. Boys are weird.

Meems said...

My purse had been vacuumed!... Got little left to suck dry. I SECOND your pay to play price idea... there just has to be something that convinces the public they really mean to 'serve the public' when they run for (limited terms) office.

I was heart broken when I heard the news about Sanford. Not another one! As far as his policies go he had so much promise ... all down the drain for A WOMAN. Things just don't change with men.

The few minutes I heard of that first press conference were pathetic... all of his going on and on about how the affair was started and blah, blah... who cares? He is completely lost over this woman and obviously doesn't know how to find his way back to sensibility.

I am of the same mind as you Aunty... one oath is the same as the next... an oath breaker is an oath breaker is ...