Loafin' through small towns

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An' check out the preambles of the States' constitutions over on the Back Porch--some surprises thar' fer ya to ruminate upon.

A few weekends past I had an occasion to be meanderin' through three small towns that ain't on no Florida tourist's map. Sets me to wonderin' if we would have a better society iffin' thar' was no city bigger'n 50thousand souls.

None of these hamlets could boast that number--heh--no, but they had big ideas. And PRIDE. Pride in local whatever. Above is the only art museum in town other than a retail doll emporium that doubles as a doll museum. People were out strollin' along, the air was warm and ice cream cones seemed to be in every other hand. Ladies clutched chillen's ice cream sticky fingers and fellas lent an arm to their mamas.

A roadside junk market. Smart ain't they, to find a cross-road wif' a hunnert year ole tree fer shade.

The ubiquitous pink-purple wildflowers along miles of back country fencelines.

Need I tell more? This heah sign gives ya the flavor of the life in these blessedly ignored villages.


moi said...

I love meandering through small towns just about anywhere. Cities are where the action – and shopping – is. Small towns, though, are like looking at the country through a microscope.

SophieMae said...

I just love small town murals! And I'm thinkin' that feller has some junk I need! DS and I did a little meanderin' last week and just ooohed and aaaahhhed over all the roadside wild-colours. Never could get a shot to do'm justice.

Please pass on my - and Duller's - thanks to Uncle for sharin' his wild hog receipt! The fixin'll have to wait for the next grocery run. Sure wish they'd open up a Publix closer'n 25 miles.

And thanks to you for enquirin' after my peekidicity. Idano, Duller seems to be having similar bouts of woozies. Reckon we're both in need of more sleep or maybe we're just gettin' old. 8-}

moi said...

Aunty, do you not get Sno Cap out your way? Email me . . . and I'll get it out to you.

Floridacracker said...

What small town would have Navy Hellcats and Avengers from WWII on their walls?
Pensacola no longer counts as small ...maybe down near the Canaveral Coast? Hmmmm.
The roadside phlox is amazing up here this spring... set against fields of brilliant green rye.

Do ya mean Snow Caps like at the movies?
Some how, I think not.

Boxer said...

*sigh* I love taking drives out into far away (or not so far) little towns. So much more interesting. Many years ago when Mr. Boxer and I drove from Philadephia to Seattle, I insisted on getting off the main highway in order to experience the "real world".... off course, we ended up on a road that literally had water coming up to the tires and because of the ruts in the road we had to drive 15 mph or the entire car would shake... but STILL it was fun. AND I still have some cool things I found at local shops.

Great post Aunty!

Aunty Belle said...

Hey all y'all

thanky fer comin' by--ain't it fun to mosey through these towns--so quirky.

Whish't I could sit and chat--Granny in hospital now fer the weekend in preparation fer a procedure. I'se runnin'....I'll be back directly.

Anonymous said...

go back. steal that sign for me. i wanna hang it on my gate. well, i did shop on Etsy today. i bought some chicken juice glasses. no! really|? grherha

foam said...

i hope granny's procedure goes okay, aunty ..
anyway, i know all about small towns ..
i live in one.................................populations waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay under 50 000.

Pam said...

The older I get the more I appreciate the slow lane and these small towns. Reminds me of Mayberry and that show should be required watching for **kids today** ... how to learn morals.

kmwthay said...

I want to live in a town where you can walk to all the things necessary to live and all the fun extras along the way. I was driving through a historic neighborhood today and saw some little girls selling home made lemonade. I stopped for 2 cups. It just seemed so simple. My kind of afternoon.