Tea Party, Mad Hatters

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"Repeal or Retire!".

Orlando had a Tea Party today. It's the dress rehearsal fer the one planned on March 21. Pic posted on local website.

This is the message organizers sent to the Porkulus Congress: "Repeal this spending or we will retire you in 2010!"

St. Louis had one too--1000 people.

I sure hope this thang grows.


boneman said...

What? You one of those people with more money than God?
Even I, who really didn't want to see the bail-out, now understand its import on things.

Then again, are you thinking to turn your front porch into the back porch?

Aunty Belle said...

Only socialists like Obama think anyone with a five dollar bill is rich. The import of the porkulus is to CHANGE us to a failing socialist sewer.

basic economics:
you ain't never gonna git a job from a poor man.

poor people do not create jobs, take risks to open bidnesses, or invest in new processes / inventions.

Front Porch is light-er fare. A patriotic gatherin' in the home town is pretty light stuff.

fishy said...

Wonder if I can get one of them repeal or retire meetings going on in the streets here?

boneman said...

so, you'll be passing on that social security check in twenty some odd years?...
Thirty some odd years?

Anonymous said...
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Floridacracker said...

What social security check? There won't be any money there for Aunty or me.
The "Greatest Generation" got it all ... what a return on their investment!

Aunty Belle said...


from what I'se seen, ya can do it!!

does ya have a problem wif folks getting back --wif' no interest--what they PAID in under duress?


Hate that ya might be right! But I shure did enjoy yore cephlapods!

moi said...

I'm hoping to sip soon myself. This is OUR government. This is OUR money. And to protest against the utter filth into which our government has sunk and the crushing debt they are about to subject us and our children to is not a matter of politics or a matter of rich versus poor; it is a matter of doing the right and moral thing. When government no longer works for the people, get rid of it.

boneman said...

No mam.
But, that is one of many forms of 'socialism' as it were.

The thing appears to me to be a case of folks using words for the strangest things.

Socialism....which, while in the hands of a [pick any bad word] like hitler is a terrible thing.
But, here, during the late thirties when hundreds were starving to death, being handed down from the government (Roosevelt) (sorry...add bad words if you must) it was not only a welcome thing, but, just in the nick of time.
Communism under the hand of [please choose a really vile word]stalin was as evil as they got (having murdered more people than hitler) and yet, on many islands throuh-out the Pacific, it was the only way to survive and grow. No leaders sounds so bad when one says anarchy. No leaders was beautiful when they called it Hawaii (well, until white men came and dirtied up the place)
Republican, as my Ma saw them was Theodore Roosevelt, who laughingly threw out those who had thought they bought him. (HA! What a grand picture that must have been!)
But, my Old Man Knew President Nixon before he was president, and his opinion turned him into a Democrat. (sure. If you find the need to denigrate, go ahead and poke a word in there)
Gerald Ford/Nelson Rockefeller? Now there were a pair of Republicans!
and if Ford hadn't pardoned ol' hillmouse (yeah...that's what the Old Man called him) then they might have pulled off a win.

The name doesn't describe the nature of the thing, be it beast or angel.
(Guess I should have started with that, but, some have said i speak cryptically, as it were.)

Following one's faith, though, brings one glaring thing into focus.
Build or destroy.
A person chooses to do one or the other.

I guess I chose 'build'.
And I always like looking for others to do the same.

(even though we all stumble now and again. Even [sure. Go ahead. Pick a word] ol' boneman.

Anonymous said...

Boneman suffers from terminal class envy. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

For amusement


Aunty Belle said...

ya ' jes' live in another universe--it ain't rocket science: people stop working, stop taking risks, stop investing, stop all productivity when ya tax the livin 'daylights outa of 'em.

Obama IS A DESTROYER. Not a builder. On this we will--once again--agree to disagree.

Boxer said...

I think you are awesome.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Hello to the Boneheadedman,

Obama has FROZEN private capital, the ONLY funds that were still flowing in America. How can you not recognize the incredible swath of destruction this man has cut to the American bone in less than 40 days?

Beg your pardon Miz Belle, got carried away a bit with those who deny what is real and voted this destrutor into office.