I like clarity

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"I like clarity, and there’s a reason why," began the archbishop. "I think modern life, including life in the Church, suffers from a phony unwillingness to offend that poses as prudence and good manners, but too often turns out to be cowardice.
Human beings owe each other respect and appropriate courtesy. But we also owe each other the truth -- which means candor." (Amen! said Aunty) "....

For Christians," he explained, "hope is a virtue, not an emotional crutch or a political slogan. Virtus, the Latin root of virtue, means strength or courage. Real hope is unsentimental. It has nothing to do with the cheesy optimism of election campaigns. Hope assumes and demands a spine in believers (!). And that is why --at least for a Christian--hope sustains us when the real answer to the problems or hard choices in life is ' no we can't', instead of 'yes we can'."

Program note: Aunty will post a series of "hard sayings" on the Back Porch *periodically* during Lent. All are most welcome, but those of tender sensitivities may want to abstain.


boneman said...

Probably this is where we part ways when it comes to religion.
Religion versus Faith is such a hard course. While Religion wants folk to fight among themselves to preserve a peace, Faith asks that we believe that the outcome will be the correct course taken.

Jesus chose Faith. That's good company.

CHEF TROLL said...

Did an Arch-Bishop really say all that you have within quotes? If so, give me his name so I can make him an Honorary Baptist. Maybe even an Honorary Troll.

Boxer said...


I loved this post and I look forward to more.

Aunty Belle said...

I understand you POV.

yes, the archbishop really said that--and much more. Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, a gentle but firm man

On Fox News, Archbishop said that the Pope's words to Speaker Pelosi on abortion hit the mark

see it here:


More at www.archden.org


thanky!! Well, it will be lively, an' I hope ever'one will know that Aunty ain't against NOBODY, jes' FOR hard principles.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Holy Crap!
You mean there is a right and wrong? What a concept.
I don't think the country is ready for such a radical idea.

Anonymous said...

If "hope", "virtue", "courage" were regularly implemented we would not have crossed so many lines in this country.

Nice message for Ash Wednesday Aunty

K9 said...

me too.

remember you are dust and to dust you will return.

CHEF TROLL said...

Make this guy the new Pope! Did Pelosi admit that she lied?

kmwthay said...

This is a good post, Aunty. I do believe that hope is a way not to feel so crumby about reality. I think we want to live in a utopia and we have to believe that it is possible.

Floridacracker said...

Hope without action taken is just an excuse for doing nothing... much akin to "wishing".

Too many people handwring and hope instead of doing something.
Probably not a popular view here, but faith seems to be just another form of hope.

Aunty Belle said...

Gnome Self,

I miss ya--doan be no stranger--ya's jes' too funny an' Aunty likes yore wise(acre)dom


heh. Ya does have an ashy forehead tonight, right??


naw the hag spins it on out...But heh...Benedict laid her open in front of her "entourage".


howdy! Well, reckon it call comes to what ya mean by hope--but yep, some folks use it to hide from reality.


no no, darlin' yore views is WELCOME--Aunty ain't runnin' a "clones only" porch. An' as ya can tell, I ain't favorin' no wishy washy definition of "hope." Ultimately, faith ain't in things, or politics or people, but in Christ --who din't promise nobody a holiday from sweat.

Romany Angel said...

It definitely takes courage to have real hope for to have real hope means knuckling down and ensuring it's more than just a pie in the sky bout of wishful thinking. You have to be prepared to work for it. You know what they say...No guts, no glory.

moi said...

I am boycotting my religion, but not my faith. These words are awesome, thank you.

foam said...

my youngest came home yesterday from services with an ash cross on his forehead.

but, want i want to know ..
you're not giving us and your blog up for lent this year?
yay!! :)

Aunty Belle said...


good fer son!

Now, I is feelin' real guilty. I reckon I shoulda given up bloggin', as it is at least an very visible message about Lent!

I has already failed--badly. I gave up my snippy temper fer Lent, but yesterday an today I done lost mah temper!! I can tell ya, truly, it is easier to give up bloggin' that to be really really really good and never ever never ever get snippy or raise yore voice.