Mute Monday: (Creating) Creatures


The Java Junkie said...

Amazing creature-ations, Aunty! Happy Happy Sunday to you!

Jenny said...

I'm very interested in the reason behind how you chose your pictures. I like this MM, for that very reason.

Great pictures. Happy MM!

h said...

Those were awesome. I liked the last one best but they were all creaturific.

Happy Mute Monday!

moi said...

That water buffalo/pig/human creature with the babies is going to give me the creeps for the rest of the night!

fishy said...

Loved the tree Troll...is this a tribute?
I'm up at the Pond.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Java J!

Thanky so much, hope ya like the food creations.

Boxer Babe!

we's creatures who create!


heh, I admit I thought you'd have every Troll creature sighted in the last century up at yore place--so I only put one in my stack.

Moi, Dahlink!

heh--it is disturbing ain't it? That sculpture is named "WE ARE FAMILY" by Aussie artist Patricia Piccinini... whose artist statement points to biotech advances that might help the formation of loving families or destroy and commodify them.


ya se that fish? Jes' fer yore pleasure..and Troll's Tree is fer him--

Pam said...

i LOVE ALL THE creativity. Happy MM! The sand art always amazes me.

fishy said...

I DOES like that FishyArt Belle, and I thanky for the tribute of putting the best creature first!

sparringK9 said...

okay. that pig-dog person is very very wrong.
i cant wait to get home and crave up some vegetables. grherha
happy MM im up!

Anonymous said...

dig the reptile woman with caiman in hand

Anonymous said...

Those are amazingly wonderful! Especially that Eagle.


Happy Mute Monday my dear!