Trapped in The Shining

I heered the back porch door squeak open. No sound came again fer a minute or so. Then a male whisper, "Belle?"

I kept flappin' at the keyboard.

"Belle? Ya' here?"

The voice came from the kitchen door, what was open onto the porch. I knowed the voice. Jasper Hokum were leanin' in the doorway,an ' knowed his neck must'a been out like a crane lookin' this, then that-a-way round the house.

"Belle! It ain't no use pretendin' ya ain't in here when the house be wide open like this. Holler hello, woan'cha'? "

HELLO! I snapped.

Jasper shuffled on in the house proper an' leaned round the dinin' room door.

"Is ya' busy, Belle?"

I din't look up, "Well, Jasper, iffin' this ain't me busy at this computer, who is it?"

He came an' hovered over mah shoulder', readin' what I'se typin', till I finished and sat back in the chair.

His eyes grew wide. He drew back, suckin' in his breath till he whistled, then peered close again at the screen.

"Oh LAWD! , Belle, oh darlin' we gotta git you outa the house afore they come fer ya! Oh jeeeeepers! Aw no, this ain't right, Honey, we's gonna hep ya'.

CLICK the text to enlarge, then "relax" yore eyes, starin' off center -- an' see what 's hidden thar...Free Pork Rinds to the first person to leave the hidden message in the combox.


Bear said...

I've got it Aunty... but I don't want to write the answer here and spoil it for those who don't have a life and would like to waste their time trying to figure this out.


Anonymous said...

5 Angels

TROLL said...

I know the answer but I want more than pork rinds.

Aunty Belle said...

Bear! Heh.

Anon--mebbe so, but look again fer a message.

Troll, I'se more genrous wif' ya than youse been wif' Troll points: why shure--c'mon up heah wif hot chick an' me an' Uncle will feed y'all a gourmet gator tail and swamp cabbage supper. (Iffin' ya has the right answer)

moi said...

I lack the gene that allows me to do this. Remember those jumbled "paintings" people used to shill in the malls? The ones where if you stared at them long enough you'd see a dolphin or the Empire State Building or something? I couldn't see those either. So I'll come back for the answer. And just send you a shout out and hope you're not too snowed under. Or, actually, hope that you are :o)!

Gnomeself Be True said...

I only get it because I googled it.
Maybe someone can share their pork rinds with a cheater.

SophieMae said...

I seed it! Every time I'd just about get it, my eyes would uncross and start to focus. But I finally saw the message. OK, yeah, I need to stop wasting time and get a life, as well. 8-]

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Floridacracker said...

It's like those magic eye books ... plumb impervious to my visionality.

Romany Angel said...

Oh for heaven's sake someone say what it is. The suspense is killing me. It's no use me even trying because if I squint my eyes I will probably nod off at the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

those are either 5 angels or 5 madonna with child in the white spaces graphic between the type.
Don't tell me YOU don't see them!

Boxer said...

I'm with Moi and Gnomey. I can't do these things and I Googled it.

Very fun, however.

Do you tofu "pork" rinds?

Aunty Belle said...


mebbe youse nearsighted--heered they has trouble wif it.


cheating ain't gnomeselftrue, ya knows that! ( huh? The ANSWER is on web? Rats!)

Sophie Mae ,
heh...you an' Bear is visionaries!


ho! why, youse the fella wat can see under water an' know what critter luks there....

Romany!! Gypsy girl,

try agian. honey--you'll "see" the message.


Really? Reckon mah vision ain't keen as your'n.... gotta work at to see what yore seein'.

Aunty Belle said...

Boxer Babe!

Yes, oh yes, tofu Pork Rinds is yummy.

I'se almost outa shinnin' territory--I might even recover my fried brain. Heh.

fishy said...

Yep, near sighted and those are definitely angels in the white spaces....how can an Aunty not see what I see and I can't see what you want me to see. It's like speaking greek to a Mexican; very frustrating!

pamokc said...

I can't see anything but the words! Please enlighten! I'm blind now from staring at it so any effort to Google the answer will be wasted!

Aunty Belle said...

Heh heh...now y'all, did'ja click your mouse on the letters and enlarge it?

Iffin ya stare at the image an' sorta let yore eyes slide off center--as iffin' ya could see something a'tween yore face and the print, then messages come floating out separate from the background print...and it say,

Stop wasting your time
get a life

still huntin' fer angels...

I reckon it's a good question--about seeing. Some see what others almost see, some are able to show others how to learn the trick of seeing, others have eyes with a shape that make seeing this stuf impossible--like folks with a genetic make-up who can tast certain bitter chemicals the rest of us cain't taste at all---

mah thought on this exercise that the hidden image is a reality, yet fer some of us it is difficult to see or impossible to see--but the message is real.

In life, what can this mean for us--when there is pattern that some discern, but the rest of us has to look extry hard for or learn how to look to see it? We's tempted to reject messages or patters we cain't see easily.

Jes' ponderin'.....

Aunty Belle said...


Youse the Winner!! Email me yore snail mail address and a bag of Pork rinds is on its way to --yikes!!--Australia.