Fighting wif' hard headed editor


I'se tryin to wrestle a hard haided editor to the ground, so I'se busy.

Mebbe ya' got somethin' to say? Happy talk or deep thoughts? Jes' a personal gripe or two or ten? What ya' bought at the Circuit City bankruptcy sale?

Review the last book ya read or HA! I got it--what book does ya WANT to read? Comin' soon to a porch near you: "Title for the Book I Want to Read Next" contest.

Heh, oh yeah, this might perk thangs up.

Talk to me, please! Distract me.



moi said...

Go Aunty! Wrestle that editor. And that's coming from someone who on occasion serves as one :o).

My biggest gripe these days is the subject of my last post. So instead of elaborating, I will say that today is a beautiful, warm, and sunny day and I'm going to appreciate it and be thankful I'm not in charge of the universe.

moi said...

Just finishing up Shadow of the Wind. Really like it. Sort of Daphne du Maurier meets Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Book I'm most looking forward to reading next is The Story of Edward Sawtelle.

TROLL said...

"True Confessions: How we in the media conspired to win elections for the democrats."

Author: An Insider who participated and provides documentation.

Yes, I know Bernie Goldberg has made a cottage-industry out of SOMEWHAT similar books. But he's an OLD guy and worked at a network a LONG time ago. And he wasn't a participant.

There's no doubt in my mind that the situation now is MUCH worse and the leftist "reporters" work DIRECTLY WITH democrat campaigns and George Soros MUCH more closely than in Goldberg's day.

Hell, Soros wasn't even a media player back in Goldberg's day. And the inter-web was in it's infancy.

Floridacracker said...

You can take him/her Aunty. Go for the pressure points.

I'm reading "Blasphemy", by Richard Preston right now.

Big Shamu said...

Like this is even a contest? Aunty in Round 2 KO.

Just finished re-reading Lonesome Dove. Currently reading Sauces: Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making by James Peterson (updated version).

Would love to read the Illustrated History of Frogs, Butterflies, and Birds and Bird Eggs.

Aunty Belle said...

@#$%<>:"?"{^&*()__)(*&^%$#$%^&*()*&^%$#@!#$%^&*()(*&^%? : : $#@!#$%^&*()_)<>?"{P:><>:(*&*()(*&*]]+()[[(*&^%$#@!#$%^%$#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#@#$%^&*()*&^*&*&*())*&^%$#@$%^$#$%^&*()_(*&^%$#$%^&*()*&^%$#$%^&*()())*&^%$<>?"{>>:

Round 2 in progress--will be back, er, I hope!

Keep yakkin' at me....

Alphonse DeLaTourettes Bouchardeneux Junior said...

Boudreaux died and was on his way down to Hell. In anticipation, the Devil turned up the thermostat to make it extra warm for Boudreaux. When Boudreaux arrived, the Devil asked, "Hey Boudreaux, how do you like the heat down here?"
Boudreaux says, "Mais, it's just fine. It reminds me of Bayou PonPon in July."

That made the Devil mad. That night, he turned the thermostat up all the way it could go. Man it was hot! When Boudreaux woke up, the Devil asked him, "NOW how do you like it down here?"

Boudreaux says, "Mais, it's fine. It reminds me of August on Bayou Lafourche."

As you might expect, that made the Devil all the more mad. Well, that night, he turned the thermostat down all the way it could go! The whole place frosted over. Icicles started forming from the rafters. When Boudreaux woke up, the Devil asked him, "How you like it NOW, Boudreaux?"

Boudreaux, shivering, through blue lips, says, "Mais cher, I'm one happy Cajun!"

The Devil was infuriated! He yelled, "What do you mean you're one happy Cajun?!!"

Boudreaux, still shivering says, "The Saints done won the Superbowl!"

Boxer said...

Oh, Aunty you go get 'em! I'm working on a new video, so I've read nothing but the instructions for my movie making project.

I feel very boring. :-)

foam said...

eh ..
you know what they say about editors..
can't live with 'em,
can't kill 'em ..
but you sure can stand your ground when they try to make your life miserable ...
you go for it, aunty..

lez see .. what's the last thing i read .. besides these blogs here, of course ..

a meme from my boss ..

sigh ..

i have got to do better then that..

fishy said...

Hey Belle!
Well, I 'spect you can holt yer own wif them dem editoors but iffen you need a mite of hep, I can share wif you my Daddyfish's best advice to all hissn tadpoles:

1) Can't no body step on you unless you lay down:

2)There is enormous power in the word "no"

3) If you have somethin in the crosshairs, best be intending to take it down.

I'se shared my best knowledge wif ya, now I will get to praying to some of my favorite saints to hep your editors lissen a bit better.

On to books I would like to read:


How the Great Fishy's Became One of America's Most Influential
Philanthropic Families With Their Mega Multi-State, Mega Super Lottery,
Mega Multi-Hundred-Millions Winnings.


2010 The Year Emerging Socialism Was
Defeated in the USA

Best New Authors of 2010:
AuntyBelle, Moi,Boxer,Troll,K9,Fishy


Aunty Belle: The Story of Good Prevailing Over Evil

Do The Math! Spending $300 Billion to create 3 Million Jobs is Costing Americas Future! A timely warning from a primary school arithmatic teacher.

Designed By Fishy! The ultimate designer's notebook on how to have a
fabulous pond!

K9 said...


"Anti-Christ" the Rise of George Soros and the Collapse of Liberty" by Weer Fuched

"Stickin' it to Tyranny: How the American South Successfully Seceded from the Ununited Socialist States of America" by Pat Triot

"Last Stand" a great book about a smallish woman who holds the land-grabbing Feds at bay for days with sheer brilliance and ammo and escapes before they firebomb her cabin

"The Diary of Nancy Pelosi" an autobiography of a woman went from speaker of the house to inmate 00000666 at the Northwoods Fema Detention Center.

kill 'em with kindness aunty. offer it some oleander tea.

chickory said...

grrrrrrrherhahahahahahaha! to FISHY!! do the math! i love it. grrrrrhahahahaa

frazzled video editing rotty said...

er....wrong avatar....

The Java Junkie said...

Put on your boots and kick some editor butt, Aunty!!

I'm currently reading "A Return To Cooking" - fascinating. Just finished "Why We Suck" (still laughing...)

Aunty Belle said...


Mai oui! Youse a smart young Cajun! I'se hearin' ya, Darlin'.


heh...ya 'bout lost yore bet, but ...huff puff, whew! I did manage to hold the line--mostly. Had to give up a syllable or so. But--I is exhausted.


heh, on yore rec I bought Shadows--what an apt description. I onc't wore the hat of an editor -onc't bein' the operative word.


howdy...I'se intrigued, an will check out Preston.

oh honey, I wish't I could make a movie--ya know how much MORe hold a visual image has on folks than a book? Youse on the right train.


Sweet thang, heh, git that pine head, er no, a Pinetop swamper to take you to the local book emporium. I bet ya offer to show Piney yore etchings , doan ya?


whoa, them's wise wise onservations--yore DaddyFish musta been some fish. Love yore list of book titles--heh. Good luck wif' Design by Fishy.


HOWWWLLL! ROFLOL!! THat Last Stand, I will hep ya "write" that one.


Ha! I'se bruised and tattered, but I got to keep most of my original in tact--sometimes I think idioters (editors) jes' mess wif ya so you'll think they's workin'.

Ya'll is mah heroes--love each of ya!

Whata title--doan ya love seein' what others read? Now I got a whole new list.

pamokc said...

Aunty, my money is on you to come out on top in the rasslin' match.

Right now, I'm flipping between two books. A Tale of Two Cities (haven't re-read this in ages and I'm really enjoying it, almost like reading for the first time) and a new Dick Francis novel (English horse racing mystery).

What I'd like to see as a title for a book one day: Pam's Post-Winning Lottery Diary.

Aunty Belle said...


I Wanna read that book too!

Dani said...

You go Aunty!

fishy said...

Bravo!Belle for besting beastly idioters!