Doll Children

Yes, ya eyes ain't foolin' ya none. Grown women in Japan toting around baby dolls. Why? Cause they ain't got no real chillens, thas' why.

Japan is the most rapidly aging nation on earth--Russia is next. Thar's a craze sweepin' over the globe--a doll industry that caters to adult women. Pitiful. Bizarre. Sadder than words.

Of course, Japan is also the place whar grown women dolls (not baby dolls) are popular wif' men. Robotic dolls programmed to murmur sweet nothings an' never ask hubby to take out the trash.

I doan know what else thar' is to say other than we homo sapiens have a death wish.


Anonymous said...

Oh my that is very sad isn't it? I really don't know what to say either except if I lived in Japan and I wanted more kids I think I'd be hot tailing it out of there.

Thankyou for expressing concern about me on The Theme Park Aunty. Thankfully I am not near the fires. They are in the next state to the East. Unfortunately we are not out of the woods yet and it's still a very dangerous time for the next 6 weeks or so for both Victoria and South Australia where I live. Fingers crossed we'll be ok.

Dani said...

Very creepy!

NYD said...

Hey there Aunty. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

I can tell you from personal experience that the women who carry around dolls and pretend they are children are disturbed,Even regular Japanese folk find them creepy. I met one in an elevator once and it was all I could do to not laugh my ass off while I was talking to her. Of course I complimented her on having such a beautiful "baby". As for the guys who buy the lady dolls well they are nutty too. The dolls cost a fortune!

fishy said...

A society which cultivates psychoses in their populous ?
Oh Bummer... what is next?

kmwthay said...

Yikes! This is wrong on sooo many levels. Someone needs to tell these ladies to get a dog!

K9 said...

Dear God aunty. super creepy and yet the perfect imagery for the culture of death. i spent last evening reading a section of the health care proposals in the boondoggle nation destroying stim pack. i will reduce it down to a sentence: attention old folks: the US Gov will tell doctors who does and who does not qualify for medical treatment; as an old timer you need to accept the fact the nation cannot afford to keep you alive. ta ta!

no. seriously.

i guess add them to the list of useless eaters.

open war on the human race.


Aunty Belle said...

Sugar, Aunty is relieved ter hear youse okay--fer now--please keep us'uns posted.


creepy is the word. An' jes' so so pitiful. Mercy.


Hey handsome thang--I'se hopin' youse comin' over to let us know 'bout this -how often does ya see this? An', well, do the Japanese jes' accept this? I mean, accept women carrying around dolls? DO they think it's a fad or do they think to git the poor soul a doctor? I mean....gracious. On tha men buyin' big lady dolls-- I ain't even old enough to know of such thangs.

Fishy Icthy! Howdy.

Doan even ask "what's next." (see Dawg's coment?)


yep, this is beyond weird and all the way to jes' so sad. But the thang that worries me is a society that will act this is normal??

Dawg, Sweet Pup,

I'se gonna read that thang too--but I knows whas' comin' on account of in the UK some duchess done said tight plain that Brits of a certain age or sickness has a "Duty to die " so that the nation woan have to deal wif' 'em. Ain't eggageratin' one bit.

SophieMae said...

DAWG! That's plain sad... and sick. And wrong on so many levels.

Re the 'duty to die' stuff, I've known for years it was coming, but hoped it wouldn't be in my lifetime. Dash any hope that our society will recover the nootion that elders should be honoured. Reckon we'll be witness to the fall of the Roman... er, American Empire. He who forgets the past...

pamokc said...

When my dad was in a nursing home for a brief time, there were several little old ladies in their wheelchairs holding their Cabbage Patch dolls. They loved them. If it brings them comfort, why not? The nurses said it really helped them out by keeping the ladies calm. I guesst that nurturing instinct is very strong.

Now, grown women out and about on the street ... that's another thing! The grown men ... I can't even comment!

CHEF TROLL said...

I'd be willing to sell California, Oregon and Washington to the Japanese and let mass numbers of them migrate their if they choose. Neither they, nor current residents, would be allowed to vote in USA National Elections, of course.

Russia's low-birth-rate is probably a pathology. Japan's, I'm not so sure. 100 million-plus on a relatively small and relatively resource-poor Island.

Anonymous said...


Boxer said...

What's worse? Holding a fake doll or paying a Doctor to force your body to gestate 8? Are we getting crazier by the day on this planet? Or does the Internet just bring the crazy to us?

K9's right about the future Culture of Death. So are you.

moi said...

And all those unwanted children in foster homes just waiting for a family . . .

foam said...

i've read about this before ..
it definitetly is odd.
i do know adults here who collect dolls..
but i don't think they carry them around and pretend they are babies.
..at least i hope not..

Aunty Belle said...

Y'all, the worrisome thang is that increasingly we see aberrations in women at both ends of the baby issue. The octuplet thang, this baby dolls fer grown women thang...

What do this mean? How has we gotten so far off kilter on the matter of babies? These stories ain't cmoin' from "disadvantaged" societies. What has gone wrong in the minds of "modern" women?

fishy said...

Now there IS a terrifying thought .... women so devalued and overburdened by a system their psychotic behaviors become the hallmark of the "modern woman".
Oh great, the new minorities shrieking for fair treatment will no longer be about sexual perversion.

Instead marching on the avenues for the TV cameras will be the moms of litters and the moms of dolls and the moms of monkeys, dogs, hens and vipers all vying for acceptance and recognition and their piece of the financial redistribution package.

I can see it now...government will let human babies be aborted and starved while government redistributes the wealth to the disturbed so they can dress their dolls.

This is seriously horrifying ... so much so I can feel hysteria creeping up on me .

THIS is what we are leaving to Mermaid's
generation? The horror ...