Deckin' the halls:Florida Style

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I'se far behind.

Yep, the mantles and such is bare. No stockin's is hung by the chimney wif' care.

I got all kinds of excuses--the work in the buggy barn fer example (see two posts back).

Partly I'se distracted by how purty thangs is wif the weather so mild.

Ain't the lettuce comin' along? An' thar's grape tomotoes too...

In the far side of a chimney wall thars a tangle of vines wif a forgotten sentry...

Our kumquat tree is producin' righjt on time

hangin' baskets by the gate have the bluest blue flower I ever did see!

and looky how the turtle is makin' time across the sundial!
This is the new closet in the Buggy barn that Uncle took from me--I'se stashed some of his stuff in it...heh. Reckon he figgerd I'se akshully riled up 'bout this so he tried to make nicey-nicey by haulin' home lots of gorgeous Florida greens fer deckin' the halls...

The Florida Holly is fat an' lush this year--

how Christmasy it will look in wreaths and table arrangements, tucked into the pine boughs draped over mantles...

An' see how fine the pine cones is??

Woan they be a handsome addition ...jes' wish all ya'll could come hep me lavish this bounty on doorways an' windows....
Tell me how ya do up yore hearth fer the festivities!


Anonymous said...

Just take a look at all that bounty. I love your garden Aunty, it's so lush and green. My poor old garden is looking very dry and without life as much as I try to keep things going. We need some rain and soon.

My daughters have decorated the family room with tinsel and Christmas ornaments and of course the tree. It's starting to look very Christmasy. Now I just have to try and adjust my mind set for the festivities to come. It's kind of snuck up on me this year.

darkfoam said...

we're behind too.
no tree.... as of yet.
no tinsel ..
just a few decorations.
we need to get a move on though since we're hosting a progressive dinner for the youth at church pretty soon.
but i have to say .. your place looks mighty lovely and alive and inviting. i might just haul all of us down yonder.

h said...

Beautiful! I don't do much decorating. The Christmas Cactus bloomed early and pinkish this year. Hope the buds stay through the holiday.

More importantly, the goings on in the Peoples-Republic-Of-Illinois over the last few weeks would make great Aunty Belle Back Page Fodder!

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
I would love to come play at your house. Youse got good stuff fer decking the halls!
I mite be a wee green with that ol envy bug cause a couple of nights with temperatures in the 20's turned everything in my garden to somethin lookin like black slime. It's a pitiful site.

I tries to do the ol Williamsburg natural decorating and am blessed to have lots of evergreens, hollies, magnolias and wisteria vines , fat WHITE! pinecones and such right here around the pond acre. Blowfish and me are gonna tree and deck this weekend. Maybe I'll send ya some pics. Great Post!

R.Powers said...

Great stuff Aunty.
Your lettuce is way ahead of mine and we have not put out the first decoration, having only recently removed tools and remodeling debris from the porch.

Did get a tree though.

Jenny said...

out here, it's rain, dark and moldy. But it's cold enough for a fire and last night I heard the rain hitting the roof and I had an urge to start pulling out the Christmas boxes. I was going to take a break this year with all of the things going on in the family (MIL) but now I'm thinking it's worth the effort.

And.... that is one pretty garden. Oh my.

Aunty Belle said...


Doll BAby, those sweet urty girls of yours will git thangs done in a shake! I wish I could walk ya arounsd showin' ya the funny little corners of mah world.

Foamy!! Darlin'

youse welcome to come--iffin' yore crew comes down this-away, YOU MUST let me know & we will have a Howdy-DO!

Hoo-whee Troll-Man!! What done broker loose up in corrupt Chicago?? We ain't all that surprised, is we?


I shure do wanna see yore WIlliams burg natural CHristmas--upload them photos fer us!


ya' gits a kitchen pass--er, a fireplace, no wait, a floor pas, hmnnnn...well , a DIY pass. But ya have the TREE!!


Sorry about yore MIL....but celebrate Christmas -she wants ya to. And, hey, What has ya done to poor ole IAMNOT??

YA'll, Granny had another hospital procedure--outpatient--today. She is pretty well , jes tuckered out. But we have to try again in a few days cause this time the doc put the thang on hold until her labs look better...so if I seem sporadic in visitin' and answerin' blogs--this is the reason.

Jenny said...

I'm glad your Granny is on the mend and come over... I have a little tribute to our Iamnot.

And yes, I'm going to put the effort in - for many many good reasons.

h said...


I'm hoping if you attack the subject that you'll go beyond the banal corruption. And get to what's truly venal up there.

sparringK9 said...

last night i dealt with christmas lights. midway i took a valium. not to worry, just a little 5'er. oh the stress and misery of christmas lights. have you ever thrown out a tree with the lights on them? grrrrrrrrrrhdhahahahaheherhahahaha. man your lettuces look so fresh and crisp! what a lovely garden you have. i guess you grow year round, huh?

Pam said...

Gorgeous photos! Lots to feel like the season, even if you do live in sunny Florida! I've become one of those ladies who barely put up a tree. One box of decorations and that is it for me. Except for some lights in the big tree outside the front door!

darkfoam said...

best wishes to your mom, aunty belle ..
i'm taking my mom for oral surgery on monday ..

moi said...

lol to K9. At Moi's house: Tree's up. House decorated. Lights hung. I'm a Christmas Decoration Geek par excellence.

Regarding your still producing garden. I don't know what I'd DO with a 365 day growing season!

Aunty Belle said...

AB, Sweet Pea,

good decision!

heh.. more whar' that came from too--we'll stay tuned. Chicago MUST be the most termite riddle place in the country after San Fran.

K9, howl!
Dawg...oh dawg, what is we'uns gonna do wif' ya?? YES, in truth, I has thrown out trees wif lights still on 'em. (since lights is jes 2 dolla a box after Christmas why does I need to spend two hours of mah time unwindin' the ole ones?)

Pamokc, Hey Sugar,
.....paring down some? I hears ya! But I bet that front door tree is cheery!


aw, yore poor Mama has had a time of it--an' you too. Best to her and wow! Yore halo is shiny darlin'!

Moi, Mon Ami,

how did I somehow KNOW youse gonna be The One Who Has Christmas Under Control?????? Hop a bird an' come hep me some!

Meems said...

Aunty, It's finally coming together over here. The tree is up- the left over branches are decking the tops of every buffet and desktop (wish I had a mantle- but we make do with other surfaces). The pinecones are spray painted silver, copper and gold. My centerpieces are made. Now don't you know I would love to get my hands on all that great greenery Uncle rounded up for you and help you make every nook and cranny of your house look fabulous!

Hey, your garden looks scrumptious... and those blue, blue flowers are loving this cooler weather!

Meems said...

Oh, I meant to say I'm sending up prayers for Granny!

Helene said...

I really miss the pinecones! Fl has the fattest biggest ones ever!!

Your yard looks lovely and it makes me really miss my Fl home!!!!! I am happy to be visiting this weekend though so I will get my fill then... hummmm perhaps I will swipe some pinecones and carry them home with me on the plane!

Big Shamu said...

It's very comforting to come here and look at tasty lettuce, beautiful lobelia (I think that's the deep blue flower)and all sorts of garden goodness while in my own backyard there's a thin layer of snow and I'm thanking my lucky stars I got my gutters cleaned out before any big snow hit.
I'm especially lovin' the metal plant stand with what looks like a Florida emblem.
Can you dig any pine nuts out of those pine cones?