Sign of the Times

Huffin' an' puffin' in mah buggy, I stopped at an intersection in city center an' seen--huh? Sandhill Cranes? In the middle of traffic?

These big birds (7 ft wingspan) breed in the far far north--as in North Canada or Alaska! They's smart 'nuff' to come south fer the winter--but not this early as I recall. Not sure on that point but I ain't neve seen 'em this soon. But, looky, this one seems right at home...

then around the corner, this sign.

In case any of ya'll is lookin' fer a deal on a house ...wif' history.


h said...

They're loud critters. I've seen them in November before.

Nobody's voting #4 in the Troll Poll. You're the last hope!

Joey B said...

When I was visiting home back in July, we stopped in Deltona on our way over to Disney. (My daughter has a tiny bladder) We saw three sandhill cranes in an Albertson's parking lot. One was injured, but the other two wouldn't leave him.


We called animal control to see if someone could come down and try to catch him, but his wing looked pretty bad. I doubt it would ever fly again.

I miss the sound of sandhills out across our lake... nothing like it.

Meems said...

Aunty: We have Sandhill Cranes down here in the Tampa Bay Area all year long. Just took some photos of them sauntering through my front yard yesterday. There is a breed called Florida Sandhill Cranes... Here's an article I found interesting when doing a little research on them in the past.

They are gorgeous creatures aren't they? I do love the unmistakable rattling call they make when they fly overhead.

Got a big kick out of your cracker post, too.

Dani said...

Sandhills are so cute! We once helped a momma with her two little fuzz butts cross a busy street. Those babies were the cutest things I'd ever seen!

darkfoam said...

i love the sight of cranes. it is kind of funny that these big birds would plop themselves down right in the middle of civilization..
but then again. they are birds. smaller birds do this all the time.

Aunty Belle said...


yep, they's loud--an' not shy about their voices!

Joey B?? Hey hey you!

cool link--thanky. YEs, the sounds of them in flock---so FLorida! But I hates to hear of an injured bird--we have a bird lady near these parts--she takes in all sorts, an' somehow most make it under her care.

Meems! Lady I'se happy to see ya!

I'll go check that link--thanks!! How's that heavenly garden of
yores? Bet yore Thanksgivin' menu is a marvel of good thangs.

Dani, Sweet Thang, hey,

ya know. I'se never seen a baby crane.


Ain't they a gangly bit on land, then poetry in flight?

Gnomeself Be True said...

It's going to be record breaking cold this year...the cranes know.

moi said...

One of the most beloved annual events in these parts: The Festivals of the Cranes at Bosque del Apache.

R.Powers said...

Great shots Aunty. This is a bird who has proven very adaptable to human activities.

That sign is too (sad?) funny.

Big Shamu said...

WOW!!! You get to have all the fun. All I got is squirrel butts.

Jenny said...

My dogs would not know what to do with the big bird. Pigeons are all they can handle.

What a face, though. Cutie.

Unknown said...

We have them down here in Big Cypress National Preserve, ... but only a few in passing. Not a major population. Really interesting "for sale" sign. I've never seen anything like that.

Aunty Belle said...

Iamnot, Sugar Pie,
iffin' that cold gits too much, brang them young'uns down this away.


That is terrific link--an 'such a fine festival--we oughta follow yore lead, I thinks.

FC, Hey Cracker-Man!

Ain't that shot wif' the traffic light a hoot? But, yeah, sigh...the house fer sale sign--mercy. Sad sad. Iffin' they'd wait a bit, I 'spect their troubles would smooth out.

Big Shamu, hey hey!! Happy to see ya!

Whas' the biggest bird that comes callin' up yore way? Somethin' to put some fear in the rodent residents.

A.B. Baby Doll,

isn't the red face somethin'? Give a rush to yore PAco I bet.

Rob V! Hey there--

have not seen ya in a coon's age. Ya have 'em too? Then they sure ain't endangered I reckon. An the for sale sign...hate to see it.

Odd thang was, another man was also snappin' a pic an' say he planned to blog it too--doan know him, of ocurse, but funny that we's both thinkin' that sign was blog fodder.

fishy said...

Aunty Belle!
Glad you liked learning bout the Carolina Dogs over at my pond, they's somethin!
About these cranes, we don't get much more than a overnight flyby in the Carolinas. But I did come down my driveway once to find a bird picking thru the last of the offerings on the crabapple tree and was shocked to be face to face with a bird that was big enough to look me in the eye. I'd never seen one before and had to look up what it was. Blowfish said it was a good thing we had a tennis court cause a bird that size needs a big runway! Fun post Aunty, youse a stitch!

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy, fancy ichthy,

"blowfish"? Is this yore pond mate?

fishy said...

tweren't to hard to figger huh?