Funny Names!!

Ya'll, Granny is holdin' court up in the Ritz-Cardiac.
Reckon she is goin' to be OK when they git thangs arranged jes' so.

But it has me runnin'...so I cain't post a real post, but share wif' me yore favorite tongue-in-cheek name along wif its context, like this:

"How I was born when mama fell down in the pig sty," by Anita Bath

"I'se 32 years old an' never been kissed," wailed Ann Chovie.

( barely naughty is okay, but please keep poor Aunty's tender ears in mind, Sweet Thangs)


R.Powers said...

Hope Granny feels better soon!

Jenny said...

I'll be back, but just wanted to say do "OMENS"!!!!

Gnomeself Be True said...

Not doing funny right now.
Hope Granny gets better soon!

sparringK9 said...

i cant think of one! love to yore granny.

Anonymous said...

The flamer in the red dress came on stage to be introduced as "Miss Behavin"

The "Ritz Cardiac"? Granny is up there "holding court"? She must be sumthin, guest we all knows where youse gets it Belle. Spect she'll be better directly.

fishy said...

" These children are out of control!", shouted the principal Peter Pan Demonium.

" New York City has gone to the dogs!" declared Senator Frank Furter.

Okay, it's definitely past my bed time. Hope Granny gets outta the ritz cardiac soon.

SophieMae said...

Blessings to Granny-Belle! And prayers for a quick recovery.

Doc says I'm lookin' a little pale today. - Al Bino

'Please don't make me do it', begged Ida Juana.

Stupid car keeps leavin' me stranded. - Iona Ford

'Aw, man, this job is the pits!', complained Phil Graves to his brother, the deep thinker, Doug.

Left you an award here. 8-]

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Anonymous said...

hey belle,
sweet thang!!!
honey chile!!!!!
sugar dumpling!!!!!
sweat pea!!!!!!

come sit on my lap for a bit. these old bones need warmin'

hope granny gets better soon....!!!

now where'd i put my cane?

Dani said...

Sending good thoughts for your Granny.

Aunty Belle said...

Tee heee hee...ya'll is makin' me chuckle! Ya'll's a bucket of fun!

I'se off to the horse -pital an 'cain't yak to each of ya', but I is so charmed that ya'll send yore best wishes--I knows Granny Belle Cracker will be DElighted.

Thanky ...sincerely.

NYD said...

I'd love to reply but I'm busy makin a salad- Hedda Lettuce.

Geeze the water looks funny today- I.P. Peculiar

What the hell is Amendment 8? - Ben Dover.

Man! I'm out of Viagra. Mydyck Hurtz.

moi said...

After NYD and Sophie, I'm left with . . . nuthin.

But hugs and prayers to you and your granny.

ThursdayNext said...

Love to Granny Belle...xoxoxo.

Anonymous said...

Belle's Granny is in the Ritz- Cardiac,
Worrying's making our Bell an insomniac
We expect Granny will be better soon
Way before, say .... next June?
So don't worry for the ol' brainiac.

Bear said...

I got no jokes for you Aunty, but I do have many best wishes for you and a speedy recovery.

Coincidently, I was at the Emergency Room last night. You see, what I did was try Viagra for the first time and I was very hesitant about swallowing it... and ended up with a stiff neck.


Jenny said...

Good thoughts and prayers to your family. xoxo.

sparringK9 said...

grrherherhaha to NYD, sophie, jerry atric and rye ming (that was a stretch!)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you and yours Aunty and I hope Granny gets out of the hospital right quick.