It were early fer the real blaze in the mountians--but the upside of missin' the leaf peak is that here were fewer folks around and that is real fine wif' me. Uncle an' me is home safe, makin' rounds of the clan to check on all...how's ya'll all been?


R.Powers said...

Welcome back Aunty and thank you for that glimpse of autumn.

Anonymous said...

Hope youre "leaving" was restorative...this was a fine week to take a break from the chaos!

The Java Junkie said...

That is absolutely lovely, Aunty!

Meems said...

Welcome home, Aunty. Love all the vibrant autumn colors. I'm with you... we don't go up to the Carolinas at peak in order to avoid the crowds. We miss the biggest show of leaves but enjoy the visit so much more.


..................... said...

i kind of live in it ..
any minute now the whole leaving kit n kaboodle will land in our yard ..
or so it seems ..

Jenny said...

Aunty! While you were gone I burned down my blog and changed my name and photo.

YOU went on a glorious trip to see the leaves changing and I'm quite jealous. :-) Glad you're back.

Karen said...

Those pics are just stunning Aunty. We are in the throes of spring right now so we have blossoms on the trees and the flowers are out in bloom. Isn't Mother Nature wonderful?

moi said...

So pretty, thanks for sharing! Although we don't have as many deciduous trees out this way, I managed to get in a hike last weekend to see the aspens change, and soon the cottonwoods along the bosque will do so as well.

While you were gone, I was doing what I always do: bitching about fashion and the gub'ment.

Big Shamu said...

There's nothing like fall to make one understand that the greatest painters in the world got nothing on Mother Nature and her fall finery. The only thing that comes close is Kodachrome slide film. Which either is being hoarded by some souls who will mourn it's eventual demise very deeply and those who find digital photography very offensive.
Waiting for the peak here in the midwest.

h said...

I like it better when there's just splashes of color too. Glad y'all are back safe.

Anonymous said...

can't believe youse went ter hikin in ter woods wifout takin that handsom, brick eating, black lab or yourns! Nice pics, glad you had yourselves a gitaway spell.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey hey!! Ya'll I did miss ya!

No connections up thar' so I tried readin' on that hand held thang Uncle has now (he doan what to do wif' it 'cept make a phone call and use the GPS), so I'se BLOG-STARVED...meanin' I'se readin' backwards on yores to see hwat folks is up to, down to or rolled over on...heh.

FC, I already been over to say hidy-do.

Fishy? Hey you--when' yore own blog gonna be up and goin"?

JJ!! Thanky...I'se comin' by directly. (AN' doan despair..yore snail mail is a'comin' soon)

Meems! Hey you! funny hhuh? I'd pass up a few flamin' tress fer more of peaceful pace and low density humanity.

Foamy LAdy, when ya gonna invite poor ole Aunty up to yore paradise? IS Mayden near ya? Can we have a mid Atlantic blogger summit??

AB Furry thang, I seen yore new blog!!Whoo-hoo!!

Gypsy -Gal, honey, yore spring must be somethin' else. I hope to make it down under one day--Unlce is real anxious to come over thar' How's ya been?

Moi, my Presidentia!! Level wif me--did ya hike in them high heel boots??? I'se comin' by to see what ya fired up.

Big Shamu, hey hey! Yep, mama nature knows her stuff! The kodachome thang, well, I ain't no professional, but I has heard of the hoardin'....why is that do ya think? Me? I'm gonna hoard the regular light bulbs since them blue white jobbies makes a girl's color look positively porphyrical.

Troll-Man, youse a happy Gator-man today!! Tiger gumbo served up in the Swamp!!HEH.

Anon--howdy do. Oh ya like that Brick gnawin' Lab does ya? Heh. That fella is a riot. Ain't figgered out he's a dawg. Thinks he is a man wif four laigs. Heh.