Jes' Peas, please.

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A thunderstorm passed through in late afternoon, scrubbin' the air clean. I love that. It leaves what we'uns call The Green Light. I stood on the back porch lookin' at the green air hoverin' over the shrubs and the bird feeder. The back gate clanged so I knowed someone was comin' round back.

"Hey theah Belle!"

It were young Raleigh Jenkins wif'a bushel of acre peas what had been shelled already--an' thas' gold! I'd be half the night blanchin' and freezin' these beauties. Ain't talkin' about cow peas, or purple hull peas, but them itty bitty white acre peas--thas' akshully light green.

"Oh, Darlin' youse a Prince Charmin'!! " I bubbled.

We doan even imagine a Thanksgivin' wif' out them peas. Cooked wif' ham hocks of course. Not many outside the South knows of these wee peas. Lordy, thanky fer makin' us'uns Southern!!
(I is sorry ya'll is so underprivileged...really.)


Anonymous said...
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Gnomeself Be True said...

Purple hull peas!
Haven't thought about them for years. Just about everything I miss about the South involves food.

R.Powers said...

Love em.
Corn bread for dunkin and you got a meal.

Aunty Belle said...

Iamnot, only the food? Nooo Baby Doll, what about the folks? Doan ya miss us too? Come on home fer a visit, why doan'cha??

Hey FC! Yep, thas' the ticket--corn bread. Bet'cha have a killer cornbread recipe. Share iffin' ya will....heh.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh, and I meant to say--some folks call these peas "lady peas" and some
calls 'em "field peas." But field peas is a tad bigger and brown-ish.

Main point is, if ya see some BUY them!

Gnomeself Be True said...

I'd come for a kind word and gracious manners...two things far too scarce in my world.
Add a Sazerac or three and you might not ever get rid of me.

sparringK9 said...

they are so damn good. it means thanksgivin to me

h said...

Granny Troll used to make Hoppin John with those precious little peas. You say "Hoppin John must be make with black-eyed peas?".

I say, "If you tell Granny that, you better duck then run".

Curious if others did that, and found THIS in a search. Good stuff.


Jenny said...

Green sky! Wow. I love the idea that storms scrub the air.

Oddly, I was just thinking about peas this morning... I was planning a salad in my head as I was cleaning parts.

Now I want FRESH peas. :-)

darkfoam said...

luuuuuuuv em!!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Delish! I love them too :) A friend of the family (well, he is family- via marriage!) made some for me a few summers ago- and it's hard to explain how wonderful they are! I will only add that my precious 9 yr old loved them too- so you know they had to be good :)

I need to leave a comment on the back porch...but I'm beginning to wonder if the RUSH-man reads your blog- he was making the same points on Friday. Hubs and I had one of the most interesting conversations we've had in a while- thanks in no small part to you, and El-Rushbo :) Hugs for that!