Ruela's Meme: 8 Last Things

Ruela, mah Neo Artiste friend done tagged me fer a meme.

These are the rules:

enumerate 8 things that you want to do before dying and pass the challenge
to 8 blogs .

Whoa...this is a blogger Bucket List, I reckon.

Okay ya'll, here goes--mah 8 thangs (in special order) is:

1. Write and publish a riveting political thriller novel.

2. Exit number 24 Avenue Faubourg Saint Honore in the Fall of the year wif' all the orange bags
I can carry.

(this ain't me, but I knows what she is feelin'! )

3. Spend a week viewing the enormous collection at Hermitage

(this heah is the Tsarina's carriage--ho!)
Or jes' look at all them amzin' paintin's they have in the Rooskie Moosem
While I'se theah, mebbe # 4 is

4. Make Vladimir Putin an offer he can't refuse...heh. (he can share mah offer with the Dinner Jacket.)

5. Fly in a Raptor

6. Spend a month at St. Catharine's Monastery in Sinai studying ancient manuscripts

7. Learn to speak, read and write Arabic (like mah Lebanese Grandmere!)

8. Have a private mass and breakfast with Pope Benedict XVI.

I'se taggin'

Anon Boxer
Doris Rose
I amnot
Thursday Next


darkfoam said...

so you wanna shop
see art
fly really, really fast!
cool list ..
i could go for all of those too ..
except that raptor ride..

ps: yes, and okay .. i'se doin' it..

Karen said...

That raptor ride looks awesome. Thanks for the tag Aunty. Hopefully I can do it justice but it sure won't be as ambitious as your list. Arabic??? My brain is WAY past those days.

h said...

I'm with Gypsy but without the hopefullness. Yours was very ambitious, creative and Europeanish. I don't even like foreigners let alone have any grand plans to visit them.

Gnomeself Be True said...

I've been ignoring this things for some time...but for you, I'll give it a shot.
If I'm surly, it'll just be a list of women I'd like to sleep with or men I'd like to kill.
We'll see.

I like some of your choices, but I don't think I share any of them.

Aunty Belle said...


Ya's sproutin' a new avatar?? Whoo-whee! Wha'? Ya' doan like to go fast?? But, it will git us to the Hermitage and all that art real real fast!

...Gypsy Girl!
Well, the Arabic is mostly wishful thinkin''-sorta a joke pegged to the back porch. (grin). I cain't wait to see your list--imagine it is a lot more fun that Aunty's ponderous list.

Chile', Aunty is still LOL over how cute ya is...ya' know, I sorta THOUGHT so--I mean, youse a GATOR after all, thems the best lookin' fellas of all. Europeanish? Oh, the shoppin' trip --well, jes' tryin' to keep Franch econ from sputterin' so bad they go totally socialist. But looky, I was at Sinai --no credit fer that??

...IMANOT, Puddin',

Youse goin' do this fer me..well, I is proud. Thanky so much. What part did ya like the best? I like your proposed list--go half n' half.

Ruela said...

it's your front porch nÂș3? ;)))

cool meme.

sparringK9 said...

how interesting!

fly the raptor, the breakfast with bene16..the art...love them all! interesting about the arabic...i can see the logic of that for you. too bad you will die before you can use it (according to the meme, grrrherha)

i like your tag choices and look forward to seeing theirs.

darkfoam said...

i've been feeling kind of lighthearted lately ..
hence the new look. okay, i might try that raptor if it can get me to art real real fast .. i just might need to be peeled out of it and propped up once the ride is finished.

Anonymous said...

Conflicted much? The list doesn't add up to the blogger who writes about roses.

moi said...

Aunty in a Raptor with her Bottega Veneta bag! Love it!

NYD said...

Well I have completed the task, but I'm afraid I didn't come up with anything as cool as a fighter jet.

h said...

I'm UP. Are NYD and I the only people who responded?

Tazeen said...

private mass with the pope ... now thats creative

Gnomeself Be True said...

Ok Belle,
I'm up with my 8.