Keepin' My Promise

I loves all ya'll bloggers!

Y'all entertain me and make me laugh an' think, and even worry fer ya' heah an' theah..

Ya'll is creative and funny. Aunty is fond of one an' all.

So....I'se gonna keep my promise an' this FRONT PORCH is fer lighthearted exchanges, jes' like it say on the Blog header.

That means, I ain't gonna talk no politics on the Front Porch. I though we might keep it fer yakkin' about the REST of life. Cause I really does wanna know what ELSE is on yore mind.

Iffin' ya's feelin' political, or wonderin' what Aunty is up to durin' this election cycle--check out the BACK Porch--but fair warnin', Sweet Chicks, it is definitely high octane back theah.

* * *
Uncle an' me is on a clean up kick--havin' the place pressure washed, windows cleaned an' Uncle is in a FOUL mood on account of he has to get a dumpster over heah and throw his half of the buggy-barn in it.

No kiddin', after years of wedded bliss ( well, at least mostly) I can tell ya what makes a happy marriage is his and hers garages.

These ain't ours, but ya gits my drift.


butterflygirl said...

Yep, Aunty, got your drift!

Jenny said...

ahah- I'm cleaning my garage out this weekend, but not for My Mister, but for ME. I think he thinks we live in a condo..... (we don't)

I love going to the dump... especially with his stuff. :-)

..................... said...

i also believe in his and her bathrooms if it is doable.
i've recently taken over my mother's bathroom. the first time i haven't had to put up with his stuff since we've been together.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Did my garage and storage unit last weekend.
The satisfaction is short lived.

ThursdayNext said...

Garages are creepy if they are that neat!!!

Aunty Belle said...

Butterfly girl--Sweet Angel, how are you???

Anon Boxer, I'll be thinkin of ya as I slog through all this yick.

Foamy--YES!! his and her bathrooms is the luxury of all time!

Iamnot. puhLEEZE doan tell me that--I is hopin to never face this mess again.

Thursday, Puddin' I think youse right--a clinically clean buggy barn is a sign of a sterile mind or a sadistic mind. Same fer a perfectly clear desk.

Scarlet said...

His and hers garages...that'll work for me!

Bird said...

thank goodness - my desk is perfectly unclear and unkempt. a sign of - a fertile creative mind? or just sheer laziness and lack of order. hahahaha!

that garage floor looks clean enough to eat off - there's gotta be a law against that.