What Would Ya'll Like to Tell me?

NOTE: Big Idea on Back Porch

I'se thinkin' of a blog make-over.

Thangs git stale when ya' jes' git over comfortable wif 'em.

So I'se hopin' ya'll will hep me wif' research.

This Front Porch is whar' I will still wanna keep it mostly light hearted. And even a wee bit gossipy. Tell a story or two. Natcherly, folks will be free to speak they minds (no R-rated lingo though!).

But what does all ya'll like / not like about the set up? I'se been happy enough wifout comment moderation, an' like to make the flow as easy as possible.

How often do ya check blogs? if a post is changed ever few days or jes' onc't a week--do it matter much? After ya make a comment, does ya look back to see if thar's a response from Aunty or others?

What about length? if a post is mor'n a few paragraphs is that a deterrent? Does ya hate post that doan have no photos of imagery?

Mebbe ya noticed that I changed the background color, but so far, thas' all. I'se prolly gonna keep the template, cause it is real simple. But are there widgets or gizmos that oughta be used? eliminated? Font size? Colors? Ease of links?

Some folks come and never come back--a few wrote to say that din't care fer the Cracker -speak. (Aunty doan much care about traffic count--I'se more interested in a good exchange, but iffin' the dialect is a major irritant mebbe is could be moderated some.)

Reckon I oughta say that my idea ain't to build no New Improved Porch. Jes' wanna check to see iffin' some rearrangin' of the furniture will make a more hospitable place fer folks.

What does ya'll like best? Wish was changed most?



Gnomeself Be True said...

Layout doesn't mean much to me, as long as the blog is "readable."
I monitor blogs with bloglines and visit almost every blog I monitor, every time it is updated.
Longer entries can be a problem if they make me think too much when I don't have time to think...otherwise, I like them.

Karen said...

I like the "cracker" speak. I didn't realise that's what it was called but I actually read it with a Southern accent. It's gorgeous.

I try to get to everyone through Google Reader as soon as they post but it's not always possible. I don't mind long posts as long as they are interesting and hold my attention. The important thing in the end is the writing and it's content. Layout, colours, pics and photos are all just bells and whistles.

I love hearing about the lighter side of yours and Uncles lives. You rock Aunty....:)

h said...

1) You definately need a Blog-Roll on your side-bar and mine should be on top of the list.

2) I think a moderation of the Cracker-Speak would be appropriate, especially on longer posts.

Jenny said...

I like your blog - it actually has a personality to it and that's what draws me to it. I also like/need large font, so thanks for that too.

Troll is correct in that sometimes I'm working to read The Cracker-Speak and can miss content. But that's more my problem, than yours! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanky to ya'll for yore insights...and I'se still interested in whatever suggestions any might offer. I will moderate the "cracker-ese" somewhat.

Have a safe weekend!

darkfoam said...

largish font is good for us bifocally folks..
i like the 'cracker' talk ..
it's where i live. and my folks in MS speak like that anyways.
but, of course i'll still visit if you change it.
i don't have a blogroll. i check at random and i also check to see if a post has been answered usually on the same day, but not always.

moi said...

I check all my favorite blogs once a day. I guess I could subscribe to Bloglines or something, but I don't. I just click on my Blog-Roll. If I leave a comment, I check back for a response.

I like the large type, too, because I don't have to haul out the cheaters. Cracker speak is fine with me since half the people in my life talk that way already. Although, it might be a deterrent to new readers.

I like the division of light, story telling on the Front Porch, more serious topics on the Back.

The only thing that would make it better is if you served snacks :o)

Bird said...

Greetings AB:

Long posts vs. short posts: someone made that general rule of thumb - that people don't like to scroll- the Internet is a medium meant for small bytes -but I don't buy that. If a post is well-written, or is exploring a topic of particular interest to me - I'll scroll.

And yeah, the medium lends itself to visuals and multi-media, and I love that stuff - but only if it adds to the message and doesn't take away.

I used to, as ya know, swoop about quite a bit and comment regularly, and come back and see what else had occurred - check on additional comments, and talk back. I don't do that so much anymore (kinda miss it though). I think that's the beauty of blogs - the town well syndrome -the gathering hole. We come, we splash, we leave. We come back later for another splash and to see who has come by now.

I like both your front and back porch. I don't visit the back porch much - don't like to get needlessly riled up these days with folks whose opinion I will never change and who will never change mine -why bother? But I remember well when it did mean something to me - so keep it going AB.

Change the look and feel - but stay true to you and your persona and keep the content as is - that's my two cents.